Jinder Mahal, from the perspective of a Punjabi

Don’t know how this experiment will translate in terms of success but it’s the most curious I’ve been in quite a while.

"Why was I all-in at the very beginning? Why was I so emotional over a scripted result? It’s simple. I’m Punjabi. I’m an Indian-American who’s family lineage started in Punjab, India. There is a guy that’s on TV that’s actually representing Punjab. That’s a big deal. Not just because there’s literally no representation out there for Punjabi’s in American media, but he’s actually representing minorities and people of color as a whole."


The issue has never been with Jinder. If you want to push him, wonderful, go nuts. But PUSH HIM, don’t just decide three weeks before the show that he’s the new guy and give it a halfassed build. Why did we even bother with the Bray title switches if Jinder is where you wanna go? Did anyone give a s--- about the Orton v Wyatt match at WM just because it happened to be for the title?