WWF No Holds Barred: The Match, The Movie

December 27, 1989

Gene Okerlund is your host. The announcers of the match are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This was a pay-per view event that featured the “No Holds Barred” film and a tag team steel cage match of Macho King Randy Savage & Zeus vs. Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake.


Okerlund runs down the show then kicks it down to Tony Schiavone at ringside as we see the steel cage being constructed. Schiavone says unlike the construction happening behind him, we will be seeing deconstruction inside of the cage tonight. The rules are that you can win by either pinfall or escape and the match will end once both members of the team are eliminated. Schiavone also talks about the dangers of the match then Okerlund introduces us to the movie. I’m not going to review the film but will say that Kurt Fuller was the star of that. He’s great.


After the movie ends, there is a brief ad for the Royal Rumble PPV, which will take place on January 21st at 4pm EST. They even show us the competitors in the match which includes: Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, Ted DiBiase, Tito Santana, Canadian Earthquake, Bret Hart, Rick Martel, Hercules, The Widowmaker, Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect, Dino Bravo, Koko B. Ware, Randy Savage, Jim Neidhart, Warlord, Marty Jannetty, Ax, Smash, Rick Rude, Roddy Piper, Honky Tonk Man, Bad News Brown, Dusty Rhodes, Barbarian, Akeem, Jimmy Snuka, Haku, and the Ultimate Warrior. A few things here. First, Koko B. Ware is back in the company now after being fired during the European tour in October. Also, The Widowmaker was still billed as returning after having a cyst removed from his chest but his brother and father got arrested as part of a counterfeiting scheme and he ending up quitting. The Red Rooster replaced him in the Rumble match.


We are back to the arena now as Sean Mooney enters the steel cage and tells us you cannot help feeling the awesomeness but also feel confined. Mooney says the participants will feel like caged animals and will fight for their lives once the bell rings. He also says the steel cage will not feel any pain when a person hits it but the person will feel pain.


Okerlund introduces us to a video package on the Hogan vs. Zeus feud.


Another ad for the Royal Rumble airs. Then after it ends Okerlund tells us to call out cable companies and let them know you want to see the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and other events. For those unaware, the WWF made notice they would stop distributing their PPV’s through Viewer’s Choice and Request and would offer them directly to the cable companies but get 10% precent as the WWF felt they were not bringing in enough to justify that but in doing so, the WWF risked losing clearance in half of the homes with the ability to get PPV. They worked out a deal prior to the Rumble PPV with Viewers Choice though, which makes all the attacks against the cable companies, and they happened constantly on this show, a bit childish.


Schiavone is backstage with Savage, Zeus, and Queen Sherri. Zeus promises to kill Hogan and Beefcake. Sherri tells Hogan’s time has come and he will bow to the feet of Savage when the match is over. They head to the ring then we hear from Hogan & Beefcake. Hogan tells us Hulkamania is running wild and asks Beefcake, who is the #1 Hulkamaniac now, to leave Zeus for him and take care of Savage. Beefcake says he will not stop until he takes care of Savage and that they will end the reign of terror Zeus has started.


Macho King Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri & Zeus vs. Hulk Hogan & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

This match was filmed at the 12/12 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Nashville, TN. Hogan is about to enter the ring after Beefcake but Sherri slams the door on him and he falls off the steps as Beefcake is left alone in the cage. Savage then reaches through the bars to choke Hogan as Sherri locks the door. Savage walks away but Hogan reaches in and trips him up then climbs inside of the cage. He knocks Savage down then starts fires away. He rams Zeus into the cage as Beefcake beats on Savage. Beefcake and Savage fight up top as Beefcake brings him back in then Sherri climbs up from the outside as Beefcake rams their heads. However, Savage cuts Beefcake off then helps Zeus beat on Hogan as Sherri chokes out Beefcake. Zeus chokes out Hogan on the mat as Sherri stirs up the fans. Zeus & Savage try to climb out but Beefcake & Hogan cut them off as all four men are down. Sherri then slams open the cage door and knocks the referee off of the steps and hands the chain to Savage, who heads to the top of the cage and tries a double ax handle but Beefcake punches him in midair. Beefcake takes the chain and climbs up the cage with Savage as Hogan starts hulking up. Beefcake knocks Savage down then climbs outside of the cage as Jesse notes that could be a mistake as it leaves Hogan against both men but Beefcake then yanks Savage out as Hogan is alone with Zeus, which is just what he wanted. Hogan slams Zeus and rams him into the cage a few times. He hits another slam and follows with three straight leg drops and gets the win (9:27) **3/4. After the match, Beefcake and Hogan pose in the cage.

Thoughts: I thought the work here was pretty good but the match was relatively short and the showdown at the end between Hogan and Zeus was underwhelming. They basically wrote off Zeus here. Savage & Sherri were both excellent, per usual, as Hogan will now go on and presumably feud against Mr. Perfect. Jesse also slammed the cable companies after this match ended too.


We close by hearing from some of the Royal Rumble participants. Piper tells us he wants to be #1 because he’s never been #2 while Heenan guarantees a member of his family will win the match.


Okerlund then brings in Hogan, who said he predicted how his match would go down. He is then asked about the Royal Rumble and said no matter what number he draws, he’ll be ready but hopes it’s #1 so he can prove to everyone how he can wipe out all 29 men and prove to the world that Hulkamania is at its strongest. Someone then hands Okerlund a note to remind us that some cable companies might not have the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania VI available on PPV and to make sure to call their cable system and cast their vote to want to see the show as Hogan said the little Hulksters already “placed bets” that he will win the Rumble and need to see it happen and closes by saying they have to band together and call the cable companies as Hogan promises that Hulkamania will run wild on the cable systems. This was ridiculous and grandiose.


Final Thoughts: Overall, an underwhelming PPV. For $11.95, it wasnt that much but renting the “No Holds Barred” movie at the video store cost only a few bucks and the cage match was under ten minutes long. They did hype the s--- out of the this PPV starting at the Survivor Series and it drew a 1.6 buyrate, which was a bit lower than expectations but nothing you would consider a flop or anything. The tag match is good but unless you are curious about this event, I wouldnt bother watching the show.


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