Flash Season 3

Would love to hear your thoughts on the finale and the season…weakest season and ending yet IMO. I feel a disconnect from the entire team at this point and the whole "Don’t let anyone know Barry is Flash but let everyone into STAR Labs" can stop as well

Two very mitigating factors for me this season:

1) They totally lost me with this Savitar s---, repeating the Iris "death" week after week while no one communicated on Team Flash and Barry continued to brood and plot to f--- with the timeline. Seriously, UGH. I was tuning out a few episodes ago and there was nothing that compelled me to get back in.

2) More importantly, CTV cancelled the show and moved it to their "CTV 2" channel mid-season. You know whose cable provider DOESN’T have a "CTV 2" station? MINE. So that meant I really had to go out of my way to find episodes after the fact, and again, I couldn’t be bothered past a certain point.

3) I’m mostly chuffed that they didn’t use my "HR is secretly Abra Kadabra" theory. CHUFFED I TELL YOU.

Also, Supergirl was pretty damn aimless for the end of the season and finally picked up again with the last couple of episodes. Mon-El was GREAT for a while. Now, not so much. And I really love Chris Wood.

But hey, next season, fresh start. I’ll probably catch up on Flash once they dump the season on Netflix in the summer and be all excited to start again in the fall.