“What If?” Re: The Sale Of WCW

Hope you are well. Do you believe if Fusient

> Media had purchased WCW instead of the WWE in 2001, things
> would’ve turned out much differently? I.E.-They would’ve
> been at least a successful No.2 worldwide pro wrestling
> company indefinitely, or do you think it would’ve eventually
> folded in short order anyways? Thanks again for your
> time.

OK, one more time: The death of WCW had zero to do with who owned it at the end. Whether it was Vince or Fusient or TBS or Turner himself swooping in from the heavens to buy it, once Jamie Kellner cancelled Nitro and the TBS shows, the property was worthless. All that would remain is exactly what Vince bought: A bunch of old tapes and rights to a name that no one wanted to use. Had it been allowed to remain even on TBS as WCW Saturday Night, the company would probably still exist today, doomed to walk the earth like a zombie ala TNA. It might even be the same people running it today that ended up running TNA, who knows. But without those TV deals, it was nothing and doomed.