Mid-South Wrestling – September 16, 1982

September 16, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, we will see Johnny Rich vs. Ted DiBiase, Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia defending the Tag Team Titles against Killer Khan & One Man Gang, and Mr. Wrestling II vs. The Grappler


Watts lets us know a few new wrestlers are on the way to Mid-South. We get a video package on Kamala as he is walking through the “jungle” as a narrator puts him over as being 6’9 and 385 lbs. Not exactly world-class production values showcased here.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Jesse Barr

Barr uses his speed to his advantage to start. He then catches Duggan with several arm drags as Duggan bails and paces around the ring. Duggan stomps in the corner and goes after Barr again but gets dropkicked then heads back outside. Duggan re-enters then boots Barr in the gut and hammers away as Watts talks about Duggan & DiBiase complaining that the Board of Directors stole the Tag Team Titles from them. Duggan spears Barr then picks him up and rams him into the corner a few times then hits a backbreaker for the win (3:38).

Thoughts: Solid showcase for Duggan against a decent worker in Barr. Duggan is being heavily pushed at this point and the crowds are responding well to him as a heel.


Ted DiBiase vs. Johnny Rich

Rich is billed as the cousin of Tommy Rich. He also teamed with Davey Haskins as Party Patrol in the late 80’s for the Fuller’s promotion. They trade off to star the match as Watts said DiBiase and Tommy Rich were close friends in Georgia. DiBiase bails then hears it from the fans before Rich slingshots him back into the ring. Rich gets a nearfall with a small package as DiBiase is pissed then finally regains control with a shot to the head. DiBiase hammers away in the corner then takes Rich down with a back elbow smash before getting a nearfall with a backbreaker. Rich boots DiBiase in the face and makes his comeback. He hits a pair of backdrops then cradles him for two before botching a reverse rollup. DiBiase goes into his tights in the corner and loads his glove and decks Rich as that gets the win (4:20) *1/2.

Thoughts: They gave Rich some shine here but the match got a bit ugly towards the end. Shocked DiBiase had to cheat to get the win too.


We hear a pre-recorded clip from Akbar as he makes a wager with Robley as he puts up $1,000 that he can beat his opponent quicker than Robley can do to his. Akbar accuses of Robley for always losing money at the race track and puts himself over as a former North American Champion who still hasn’t lost a step.


Skandor Akbar vs. Tim Horner

Akbar attacks Horner from behind before the bell then continues to rough him up. Horner fights back but whiffs on a dropkick as Akbar now stomps away. Akbar takes Horner down with a knee smash then soon after that cuts off another comeback attempt. Akbar hits a backbreaker then puts Horner in a Camel Clutch and gets the win (2:03).

Thoughts: Decent enough as we now know how long Robley needs to beat Kiniski by to win the money.


Buck Robley vs. Kelly Kiniski

They are saying that Akbar won in 2:10 so Robley must beat that time. Akbar stalls by talking to Kiniski so Robley dropkicks Kiniski into Akbar then drops a forearm smash and gets the win (0:21). After the match, Akbar grabs the money from the ref but Robley stops him from leaving and hits an atomic drop as the money goes up in the air. Robley then tosses Akbar outside and grabs the cash.

Thoughts: Good end to a fun angle that saw Akbar get his comeuppance. It also prolongs the feud they’ve been having.


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: One Man Gang & Killer Khan w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia (c)

Gang beats on Olympia to start. Olympia comes back with a crossbody for two then Khan tags into the match. JYD is in too as he beats on Khan. Gang comes in and attacks JYD but gets clotheslined down soon after that. JYD works the arm but Khan is able to reach in and tag as he hammers away. Khan gauges JYD’s face after knocking him down then tags out as Gang targets the back and then tries for the piledriver but JYD counters with a backdrop as both men are down. JYD tags out as Olympia fires away until Gang catches him with a slam. Olympia is in trouble as Khan hits a backbreaker as that gets two. Gang is back in and hits a slam then he distracts the ref to allow Khan to come off of the top with a knee drop but he missed as Olympia tags out. JYD takes on both men then catches Gang with a powerslam as the fans go nuts and that gets the win (5:16) **.

Thoughts: They have really been putting JYD over strong the past few weeks. This is also the second consecutive week in which he pinned the One Man Gang. Anyway, all roads seem to be leading to a rematch between DiBiase & Duggan and the champs.


The Grappler vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling works a side headlock on the mat to start as Watts and the fans notice the man as The Grappler appears to be an imposter. Mr. Wresting stays in control and keeps it on the mat for the most part. He works a front facelock then uses a single leg takedown as he goes to work on the leg until The Grappler fights back. The Grappler targets the back but gets hit with a knee lift then goes after the mask and tosses out the referee. Both men collide as the ref is outside then another Grappler runs in and loads his boot but misses the power knee lift as Mr. Wrestling takes him down. Both Grapplers are in as Mr. Wrestling clears the ring as the fans are behind him (5:49) *1/2.

Thoughts: The action was on the dull side but they are getting the storyline with their being two masked Grapplers over well. For those unaware, the Grappler wrestling here was Tony Anthony under the mask. Both he and the original Grappler, Len Denton, would later go on to become the Dirty White Boys.


Larry Clark vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe works the arm as Watts tells us if we have enough time, we will see footage of the Mongolian Stomper and his manager Don Carson as they will be coming into Mid-South. Clark lands a few shots but Sharpe fights back and puts him away with the piledriver (1:49).

Thoughts: Brief match to put over Sharpe, the current Louisiana Heavyweight Champion.


This is a clip from Championship Wrestling in Florida as The Stomper beats Jim Jones with a sleeper. We then get some wacky closeups and freeze frames of his face with generic music in the background.


Watts talks about enjoying Buck Robley getting the best of Akbar the most out of anything today. He also said Johnny Rich proved himself and will be back then closes by telling us that next week, Robley will face the One Man Gang in a Lumberjack Match.


Final Thoughts: This was an enjoyable show. They have some interesting angles and storylines going on in the promotion plus the addition of newer talent is always welcome. Things are starting to come together for Mid-South now.


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