Nash shooting on Thunder

Has there ever been anything more ridiculous than Kevin Nash being on commentary during his last day as a booker for WCW in October 1999, where he basically was shooting the entire broadcast? The Old Glory Joke throughout the night was hilarious, but my favorite was the skeleton joke with Luger.

Basically Luger and Rick Steiner had jumped Bagwell and La Parka came out, and the heels bailed to set up the main event with Luger/Steiner vs Bagwell/La Pakra (?). Nash said that Luger was afraid of skeletons, and than later on during the Horace Hogan/Brian Adams match said that Luger wasn’t coming out because Horace had skeletons on his trunks. Had me dying. Thoughts on the whole thing?

​Nash has always been hilarious on color. It’s just when he’s pushing himself to the World title that I had problems with him.​