Revolution Pro Wrestling – Live in Orlando – March 31st, 2017

March 31, 2017

From the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Andy Quildan and Gilligan Gordon


Quildan kicks off the show and thanks the fans for making the RevPro debut special and they will be making history together. He dedicates the show to Kris Travis, who passed away one year ago. He then says they will honor his memory with a great night of wrestling.


Sami Callihan vs. Jay White

Callihan immediately attacks White to start. White comes back with a dropkick but spills outside after missing an attack as Callihan flies out with a tope. White gets rolled inside but Callihan takes his time and allows White to fly out and hit him with a tope. White hits a few running uppercuts on the outside but Callihan reverses and returns the favor. Callihan spits on his hand and chops White hard a few times then grabs a chair from the crowd and then runs around the ring to crush White against the guardrail as he jumps off of the chair. He tries again but White chases him then reverses direction and catches Calihan as he lands some chops. White hits a brainbuster on the apron, dropping him safely as he delivered it standing on the floor, then rolls inside. Callihan just beats the ten count, even though the ref counted to nine twice, and heads back inside to apply the Muta Lock. Callihan breaks it with a fishhook then they trade strikes until Callihan trips up White, who falls into the corner. Callihan facewashes White a few times but White pops up and chops him down. Callihan comes back with a Death Valley Driver into the corner as both men are down. Callihan is up first and boots White in the face then knocks him down with an elbow smash but White floats over on a powerbomb and hits a back elbow smash. He hits a pair of suplexes but Callihan blocks a third attempt and they work a reversal sequence until White suplexes him into the corner for a nearfall. White applies a crossface now but Callihan reverses to the stretch muffler but White reverses that and puts on a Rings of Saturn until Callihan reaches the ropes. They are now slapping each other from the knees but White ducks an attack and hits a flatliner then a release German suplex but runs into a clothesline then Callihan hits a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall and goes for the stretch muffler. Callihan pulls White to the middle but White breaks the hold with a kick to the face. Callihan stomps White and tries it again but White rolls through and applies a Boston Crab and gets the win (12:04) ***. The announcers hint that White will be in championship contention with this win.

Thoughts: Good opening match. White is really good inside of the ring but still struggles to connect with the crowd, something Callihan does very well. With the relationship RevPro has with NJPW and the fact that White has wrestled on quite a bit RevPro shows, him going over makes sense.


Martin Stone vs. Jeff Cobb

Stone wrestled as Danny Burch as part of the WWE UK Tournament from earlier this year. These two start off on the mat and end in a stalemate. They go back at it again as neither man can gain an advantage as Stone is able to keep up with the former amateur wrestler. Cobb catches Stone and with one hand hits a stalling suplex as he had Stone ready for a scoop slam as that gets two. Cobb then follows a back suplex with a standing moonsault and shooting star press as that gets two. Stone catches Cobb with a boot then hits a missile dropkick for two. Stone kips up and shows off his athleticism then hits a clothesline for two. Stone beats on Cobb for a bit but Cobb fights back then catches Stone with a sidewinder suplex for a two count. They go back-and-forth again until Stone hits an Ace Crusher for two. He then is able to catch Cobb with an exploder as he came off the middle rope and that gets two. Stone puts on a crossface but Cobb crawls over near the ropes then cradles him for two before hitting a crazy wheelbarrow suplex as both men are down. Stone sidesteps an attack then hits the London Bridge (Draping DDT) for the win (10:37) ***1/2.

Thoughts: This was a pleasant surprise. Stone had a great match and is one of the more underrated wrestlers in the world today. His offense looked crisp and he was able to sell Cobb’s power-based offense well and even hang with him on the mat. One of the biggest wins I’ve seen from Stone too as Cobb is a credible opponent.


Lord Gideon Gray heads out to the ring. He reintroduces himself to the crowd then says bringing Colt Cabana back into his life as turned him back into a joke then states that he is “midget hunting” and calls out Swoggle.


Lord Gideon Gray vs. Swoggle

Gray slaps Swoggle around but gets caught with a stunner for a nearfall. Swoggle then bites Gray in the ass then the ref does the same to Gray, who comes back and pie-faces Swoggle down. Gray misses a charge in the corner as Swoggle follows with rolling Germans then bites the ref’s ass but turns around and gets his eyes raked and then Gray hits the Fifty Shades of Gray for the win (2:08) 1/4*.

Thoughts: I’ve seen worse comedy matches involving Swoggle. It was brief and different than everything else on the show so for that reason, I have no problem with it at all.


Marty Scurll vs. Ricochet

Ricochet tags Scurll down with a leg sweep as the crowd is jacked. They trade holds on the mat and end in a stalemate as the crowd applauds. Scurll cheap shots Ricochet but Ricochet kips right up as Scurll is pissed. Scurll then wants to try and kip up and does a handspring as the crowd sarcastically starts a “holy s---” chant. Scurll offers a handshake then they have a mini dance off  before a handshake but Ricochet blocks the cheap shot then uses a headscissors and sends Scurll outside before teasing a dive. Ricochet puts Scurll in a modified Gory Special then rams his head into the turnbuckle before dropping him down. Ricochet hits a soccer kick bu Scurll comes back and thumbs the eye but runs into a spinebuster. Ricochet follows with the People’s Moonsault as that gets two. Ricochet is about to hit a brainbuster but someone in the crowd said something he could not hear as the other fans rag on the guy and that lets Scurll reverse the hold. Ricochet dodges a super kick and sends Scurll outside but misses a moonsault off of the apron then Scrull takes him down with a running soccer kick then flips off a fan as the rest of the crowd applauds. Scurll wants the front row to move out of the way and teases tossing Ricochet over the guardrail but instead rolls him back into the ring. Scurll hits a slam then teases the Villain’s Elbow but ends up stomping away. Scurll struts around but Ricochet fights back and they trade chops until Scurll starts raking him. Basement dropkick gets two for Scurll as he now applies a strangle hold. Ricochet flips over and backs Scurll into the corner then sidesteps a charge and hits a 619 and follows with a springboard uppercut before flying outside with a spaceman plancha. Ricochet gets a nearfall with a standing shooting star press but Scurll ducks a Benadryller then they trade running strikes until Scurll hits a brainbuster for a nearfall. He sets up for the Chicken Wing but took too long. They have a fast-paced reversal sequence that ends with Ricochet hitting a German suplex as both men are down. They trade strikes from their knees then continue when they get on their feet. Ricochet hits a knee smash and an enziguiri then heads up top but misses a shooting star press then Scurll hits a piledriver for a nearfall. Scurll breaks the fingers then hits a short piledriver and puts Ricochet in the Chicken Wing but Ricochet is able to get to his feet and hit the Benadryller but tries for a handspring Ace Crusher and gets caught in another Chicken Wing and after a little bit has no choice but to tap out (16:42) ****.

Thoughts: Started off slow and with a lot of comedy but it ended up turning into one hell of a match. Scrull was incredibly over here as the fans love his heel antics but at the same time, he does play up to them a bit too much.


After the match, Scurll grabs the mic and says whenever he steps into the ring with Ricochet they make magic. He says matches like this and crowds like we have tonight are the reason he loves pro wrestling. He also loves companies that have grown like this one before accidentally calling Ricochet “Trevor” and offers him a rematch whenever he wants before dedicating the show to Kris Travis. He leaves as Ricochet puts over the company and thanks Quidlan then the crowd before saying where ever the future leads them, they will be in the lobby at intermission with merchandise and to take pictures and thanks the crowd for enjoying wrestling.


Interim British Cruiserweight Championship Match: David Starr vs. Josh Bodom (c)

Before the match, Bodom does his own introduction and puts over his muscles and sex appeal then gets in Starr’s face but pays for it as Starr takes him down and hammers away. To give you some backstory, Bodom won the Interim Cruiserweight Championship as that was created when Will Ospreay, who was the champion, was unable to defend it for a few months due to his NJPW commitments. They will be facing off at the 4/13 Epic Encounter show. Starr ducks his head for a backdrop then Bodom tosses him down and beats on Starr in the corner. Snap suplex gets two as Bodom whips Starr into the corner as he continues to target the back. Starr fights back and hammers away but runs into a forearm smash. Starr comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam as Bodom rolls outside then Starr flies out with a pair of topes then panders to the crowd and flies back out with a plancha. Starr kicks Bodom in the back of the head from the apron then puts Bodom on his shoulders but Bodom floats over and knocks Starr off of the apron then heads up top for a somersault plancha to the floor. Back inside, Bodom hits a pair of kicks then gets two with a standing shooting star press. He heads up top and rolls through a dive as Starr makes his comeback. Bodom cuts him off with a bicycle kick but Starr fights him off on the apron. Bodom comes back with the Bodom Breaker (Powerbomb Lungblower) for a nearfall then the two trade strikes but the ref goes down as Bodom was on Starr’s shoulders and kicked him in the face. Bodom hits Starr with a low blow then grabs a piece of metal but the referee takes it away and Starr rolls Bodom up for two. Starr hits a brainbuster on the knee then a super kick but Bodom is just able to kick out. Bodom lands on his feet after getting hit with a German but Starr knocks him off the apron. Starr goes for a dive but Bodom slid back inside then hits Starr with the Bliss Buster for the win (12:26) ***.

Thoughts: These two had a good match but being the first match back from intermission made for a quiet crowd and I thought the ref bump spot was unnecessary too. Bodom winning was the right call as he will be facing Ospreay in two weeks. The Bliss Buster is one cool finisher and for those unaware of what it is, you can see Bodom perform it here


Rey Fenix vs. Will Ospreay

Both men shake hands before the match. Surprisingly enough, these two start out on the mat. They end in a stalemate after a fast-paced reversal sequence then Ospreay fakes out Fenix and puts him in a headlock. Ospreay dropkicks Fenix as he was in the air then they head outside where Ospreay roughs him up. Back inside, Ospreay stretches out Fenix then tries to toss him outside but Fenix spins himself back in and takes Ospreay down with a hurricarana. Fenix flies out with a spaceman plancha then rolls Ospreay back in and gets two with a Swanton Bomb. Ospreay tries for the handspring Ace Crusher but Fenix hits him with a cutter in midair as that gets two. Ospreay cuts Fenix off on the top and tucks his head between the turnbuckle and hits a super kick then hits a springboard dive for two. Ospreay hits a super kick then things get a bit messy and they end up on the mat after trading inverted hurricaranas. They get up and trade kicks then Ospreay knocks Fenix outside and hits the Flying Space Tiger Drop. They head back in where Ospreay hits the Essex Destroyer and goes back up top but Fenix cuts him off but Ospreay knocks him down and gets two with a Phoenix Splash. Fenix blocks a springboard cutter then rams Ospreay into the corner and hits a kick to the face from the middle rope as that gets two. He follows Ospreay with a Canadian Destroyer for two then they have a reversal sequence until Ospreay hits a knee smash then puts Fenix away with the Oscutter (12:42) ***1/4.

Thoughts: The match itself was good but considering the competitors, it was a bit disappointing. They hit a rough patch in the middle and there high-flying was not as crisp as usual. This is Fenix’s first match for RevPro as he was brought in to put over Ospreay.


Unbreakable F’n Machines vs. Ryan Smile & Shane Strickland

For those unaware, the Machines are Brian Cage & Michael Elgin. Smile tries to get Cage to go for a test-of-strength then ends up attacking him and uses his speed to his advantage. Cage comes back with a clothesline then hits Smile with a 619 and after that they trade dropkicks and dodge standing moonsaults before ending in a stalemate. The crowd chants for Elgin now as he is in there with Strickland as the crowd chants “Big Mike.” Strickland mocks him with some dancing but Elgin pops the crowd by doing the worm as Strickland heads up the aisle. Things settle down as Elgin and Strickland are back in the ring. Elgin runs over Strickland but Strickland fights back as he works over Elgin with his partner. The action heads outside as Strickland jumps off the top and springboards off of Elgin, who was standing on the apron, and hits Cage with a moonsault in a spot that was terribly convoluted. Back inside, Elgin beats on Smile. The Machines overpower Smile for a bit but he comes back to hit Cage with a missile dropkick as both men are down. Smile makes the tag as Strickland runs wild on Cage then dives out with a tope on Elgin. Strickland gets two with a crossbody on Cage and takes him down with an enziguiri after a reversal sequence. Cage gets double-teamed in the corner and almost put him away but Elgin makes the save. Elgin takes Strickland off of the apron with a bicycle kick then the Machines almost put Smile away after he was powerbombed on Cage’s knees but Strickland makes the save. Strickland gets tossed back outside and makes the save on another pin attempt but gets tossed around then Elgin hits a Super Elgin Bomb on Smile then Cage hits the F5 but Smile still manages to kick out at two. Ridiculous to the point the crowd did not even care and I’m not so sure Strickland missed his cue to break up the pin, either. Strickland comes back in to hit Elgin with a step up enziguiri then takes Cage down with an inverted hurricarana. Elgin hits Strickland with a forearm then Smile pushes his partner out of harms way but ends up eating a spinning back fist. Elgin has Strickland on his back while holding Smile and tosses them both. Elgin sets up for a superplex but Smile gets up and cuts him off then Strickland kicks Elgin a bunch of times until they take him down with a powerbomb/stomp combo. Strickland flies out with a Fosbury Flop then Smile puts Elgin away with a frog splash (16:18) **. Wow, a frog splash gets the win here but dozens of other crazy moves do not?

Thoughts: Man, this was something. It started off well enough but evolved into a series of random moves without any substance behind them then it became eyerolling when Smile kicked out of a Super Powerbomb and an F5 as even the crowd chanted “b-------” at that. And to make matters worse, he was the babyface and that was supposed to get him over but it ended up taking the crowd out of the match.. Smile seemed pissed about that as he bolted backstage right after the match where Strickland slapped hands with the fans. Strickland can do some nice stuff but does not appear to have much of a grasp on psychology. Elgin was over with the crowd and I’m shocked he ate the pin here since he’s a fairly big name in NJPW. Cage is like a power-based version of Strickland. Anyway, the purpose of this was to elevate Smile & Strickland, who had an upcoming title match, and it failed here.


Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship Match: Penta El Zero M vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

These two circle the ring for a minute before locking up. Sabre takes Penta down and taunts him as he works the leg. Penta comes back and works a surfboard as he pulls back Sabre’s head. They pick things up and trade armdrags until Penta takes him outside with a super kick. Penta kicks out Sabre’s leg then chops him hard as the crowd applauds. He tries again but misses and hits the arm as Sabre attacks that in an aggressive manner. Sabre rags on the fans as the ref checks on Penta’s arm then he knocks Penta down. Back inside, Sabre mocks Penta before stepping on his arm. Sabre stays on the attack until Penta comes back with a pair of sling blades that gets two. Sabre gets out of a package piledriver attempt and works an Octopus Hold briefly then hits a half-nelson suplex and follows with a Penalty Kick. Sabre takes a breather then Penta comes back with a lungblower for a nearfall. Penta tries again for the package piledriver and fails as Sabre then hits him with his own move and locks on an armbar. Penta is able to make it to the ropes then crawls out on the apron. Sabre heads out but Penta fights him off then hits the package piledriver onto the apron. He rolls Sabre inside but plays to the crowd instead of making a pin attempt. He lands mounted punches as the fans count along in Spanish. Sabre fights Penta off while perched on top and comes off the top with a Canadian Destroyer then puts Penta in a triangle hold then stretches both arms back as much as they can go as Penta has no choice but to tap out (15:41) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Good match that was much slower-paced than anything else on the show. Different from their match at PWG 2015 Battle of Los Angeles too. Since RevPro works with NJPW, Sabre was a heel as the announcers expressed disgust that he joined Suzuki-gun. Anyway, it was a worthy main event.


Final Thoughts: Overall, I thought this was a good show. However, I will say that the PROGRESS show was better and I also thought the PROGRESS regulars did a better job at getting themselves over. This was still a fun time but the crowd did seemed burned out after the intermission and the tag match sucked the life out of them. I still enjoy the RevPro promotion and they did set up a lot of stuff for the next few weeks but this was more of a show featuring big names than it was a show with high stakes.

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