Ortons title reign

Ortons reign has got to rank as one of the WORST of all time. Not only is ratings down but hes on a hot streak of bad to average matches. Is Ortons potential one of the most frustrating things ever? I mean hes a solid in ring wrestler. If he chose to just broaden his offense, imagine how good he could be. I think Cena even pointed that out once on Ortons dvd. He coasts on his same match routine and promo style with no care in the world to change it up.

​Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. A lame duck title reign for literally no storyline reason done to pay him back for the Lesnar injury. Killed off Bray Wyatt’s one shot at being a top guy AND competed in the surefire Worst Match of the Year. Plus, as noted, ratings are in a freefall. Certainly the last part can’t really be put on Orton, but the whole thing is just epic badness that’ll probably lead to the Chicago crowd shitting on the main event of Backlash. They might as well just put Jinder over at this point.​