Why Not Jinder?

Hey Scott–

With a few weeks to get over the initial shock of "they’re pushing Jinder Mahal to the main event?!?" I find myself asking, "why not?"

Is he/has he been promoted as deserving of that spot? Of course not. But does anyone want to watch Randy Bore-ton sleepwalking through his job while holding the strap?

The WWE championship ceased being a draw of any kind a long time ago. It is simply a prop to advance storylines, so let’s use it to advance a storyline that isn’t "Randy beats Jinder so we have something to do in the month of May. Next."

Jinder uses he goons to win the belt. Put him in multiple-man matches with the likes of Styles and KO so we can do some b------- finishes (and maybe even get some Honky Tonk Man heat on him) and then let Nakamura slaughter him for the title at SummerSlam. Done and done.

Besides, with the show being in Chicago, the fans will probably turn Jinder face when they’re not chanting for CM Punk.

And since Jinder has two goons already, can we get him a fourth so he can form the Hindi Four Horsemen? I wonder if Great Khali is available…

I personally am just amused that Orton’s title reign is such a tire fire at this point that people are like…