Mid-South Wrestling – September 9th, 1982

September 9, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop

Tonight, we will see Junkyard Dog vs. One Man Gang and Mr. Wrestling II vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Also in action are Ted DiBiase, Buck Robley, and Dick Murdoch.


We are shown clips of last week’s Tag Title match between JYD & Mr. Olympia and DiBiase & Duggan. Mr. Wrestling II was the special guest referee and he was talking before the match about the rules but another Mr. Wrestling II runs in and destroys him. The first Mr. Wrestling II runs away then the other one starts talking about hating someone posing as himself then reminds Watts of the impostor of him in Georgia that he ran out of wrestling. Watts doesn’t know which one is the original as he yells about how he never ran in his life and Watts says after looking at his eyes, he knew this was the legit Mr. Wrestling II. Well, they told us about a second Mr. Wrestling II before telling us the result of the Tag Team Title match.


Now, the final moments of that tag match are shown as Duggan tries to spear JYD but accidentally hits Mr. Wrestling II instead. The fake Mr. Wrestling II came out and attacked the real Mr. Wrestling then loaded his boot on the apron and kicked him again before going inside after DiBiase punched JYD out with his loaded glove and counts the pin. Watts says matchmaker Smith refused to recognize DiBiase & Duggan as the champions or book them in any title defenses. Mid-South President Charlie Lane reviewed and said since the guest referee who started the match did not finish it, the decision has been reversed and JYD & Olympia are still the champs. Crazy ending to that match but even with the decision reversed, this feud appears far from over. Also, they are implying that the imposer is The Grappler because of the way he loaded his boot on the apron.


Billy Starr vs. Dick Murdoch

Murdoch beats on Starr to start and stays on the attack until he puts him away with a brainbuster (1:30).

Thoughts: Murdoch completely dominated this match from bell-to-bell as he is pissed over being cheated in his match against DiBiase from two weeks ago.


Ron Cheatham vs. Mr. Olympia

Olympia takes Cheatham down with a pair of armdrags then connects with a dropkick. Olympia takes Cheatham down a few more times and hits another dropkick after a criss-cross sequence. He stays in control and gets two off of a slam then shortly after that catches him with a sleeper and gets the win (2:49).

Thoughts: Easy win for Mr. Olympia as he remains a focal point of the TV shows as one-half of the Tag Team Champions.


One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Junkyard Dog

JYD beats on Gang to start. He hits a clothesline then the powerslam but Akbar gets up on the apron so he drags him inside and hits him with a slam. Killer Khan runs in and JYD slams him too then JYD slams Gang again and Olympia runs in to dropkick Khan as JYD wins the match (1:26).

Thoughts: Now this is how you book someone as a dominant force. JYD was pissed over last week’s match and took it out on everyone that got in his way.


We are shown clips from two weeks ago during the Murdoch vs. DiBiase match when Duggan helped DiBiase get the win.


Ted DiBiase vs. Tim Horner

DiBiase overpowers Horner to start as even Roop praises JYD for what he did tonight. Horner takes DiBiase down with a crossbody that looked all sorts of f----- up. He hits a headscissor takedown and tries it again but DiBiase hotshots him then hits the powerslam and puts Horner away with the figure four (2:18).

Thoughts: Quick win for DiBiase but a poor showing from Horner as he had some timing issues in this brief match.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Mr. Wrestling II

These two go back-and-forth to start. Duggan bails to avoid the power knee lift then heads inside where Mr. Wrestling works a headscissors on the mat then switches to an armbar. Duggan tries to go for the mask but that just angers Mr. Wrestling, who continues to out-wrestle his less experienced opponent. Duggan finally gets some offense after attacking Mr. Wrestling during a break as he starts hammering away. Duggan gets two with a slam but Mr. Wrestling manages a backdrop then sends Duggan outside with the power knee lift. The ref prevents Mr. Wrestling from heading out as DiBiase is at ringside. DiBiase rolls Duggan inside but Murdoch runs out and chases DiBiase up on the apron. Duggan goes to spear Mr. Wrestling but misses and takes out DiBiase then Mr. Wrestling hits him with the power knee lift and gets the win (6:31) **.

Thoughts: The match wasn’t much but a hot ending. Mr. Wrestling seems to be getting pushed so him winning makes sense as did Murdoch preventing DiBiase from interfering and get a bit of revenge on Duggan, who cost him his match two weeks ago.


The Grappler vs. Vinnie Romeo

The Grappler beats on Romeo to start as the announcers mention that he was likely the one impersonating Mr. Wrestling II last week. The Grappler stays on the attack but Romeo starts fighting back. He dropkicks the Grappler but ducks his head for a backdrop and Grappler picks him up like a backbreaker submission then drops him down flat on his back, almost like a Razor’s Edge of sorts. The Grappler then uses the Mr. Wrestling II power knee lift and gets the win (2:48). After the match, Mr. Wrestling II runs in but Grappler bails as Roop tries to stir things up by saying The Grappler could actually be Mr. Wrestling II in this situation because of the power knee lift.

Thoughts: The action was fine but the real story is the Grappler/Mr. Wrestling II feud and finding out if in fact The Grappler was the impostor. Its a new, hot midcard feud for the company.


Buck Robley vs. Tony Anthony

Anthony is in fact the Dirty White Boy. Robley slams Anthony then gets his knee up on a charge as Roop lets us know Anthony just had a good run in South Africa. Anthony starts fighting back and gets two with an elbow smash but Robley boots him in the gut and fires away. Robley kicks Anthony right in the face then drops a forearm smash for the win (2:17).

Thoughts: Easy win for Robley as there was no tension between Akbar’s army and himself on the show.


Pierce tells us Skandor Akbar will wrestle next week and that Kelly Kiniski will make his return after a two year absence.


Final Thoughts: Overall, it was a solid show. They are setting up storylines and while the action here was forgettable, there was a lot of stuff going on that made it exciting enough for the fans at home.


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