CM Punk Reality TV Show Villain?

Jesse, you’re part timer/ratings bringer with the most, checking in.

While watching MTV Classics (which deserves more love for the way that it encapsulates the awesomeness of what MTV was before it turned to unsalvagable dog shit in the last decade) and I caught a promo for the The Challenge and saw that this season, as part of their "Fame Whore vs Athletes" theme, they have CM Punk on the athletes side.

Can I assume that this is the bottom point in CM Punk’s career? The freaking Challenge? A show so horrible that Road Rules cast members refused to continue to appear on it, forcing MTV to have to import non-RR/Real World fame whores into it to keep it alive?

Did Punk losing like he did in his first UFC fight drop his stock so badly that he’s having to do a reality TV challenge show on MTV? Or did his personality "quirks" so piss off casting people, that MTV Challenge was the only work his agent could get him, as far as him only being able to land TV work playing the "asshole" reality TV show cliche?

​Having never seen the show and not having any information on the situation, I’m gonna say "Probably".​