Trigger Pulled Earlier


You’ve mentioned a couple of times before that you feel Shawn Michaels’ 1996 title win was right but also too late,that it took too long to get there. When would you have had him win it? Mania XI a year earlier? SummerSlam ’95?

Which other title runs do you think should have been sooner too?

Yeah, I think Summerslam 95 would have been ideal. Shawn losing at WM but then winning the King of the Ring to earn the title shot and beating Diesel in the rematch could have made bank and would have been the right time for the change, plus then you could do the Diesel turn with Shawn playing the Bret Hart role.

As for others, I think they stretched out the Batista win in 2005 a bit too long. He was RED HOT with the Evolution turn, and as much as they like to peak guys at Wrestlemania, I think they should have just said "f--- it" and had him win the Elimination Chamber. That would leave John Cena to have his big moment against JBL all to himself.