WWF Superstars of Wrestling – December 9th, 1989

December 9, 1989

From the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, IN

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

In action this week are Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, Brutus Beefcake, and the Bushwhackers. Plus, Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan as guests on the “Brother Love Show” and a special report on the “No Holds Barred” PPV.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Todd Becker

Becker slams Jake but misses an elbow drop as Jake takes control. We then see Jake in an insert promo holding up the newest copy of “WWF Magazine” that features himself on the cover as he tells Ted DiBiase to read the article and find out what will happen to him. Back to the match as Jake remains in control and hits the DDT for the win (2:14). After the match, Jake puts Damien on top of Becker.

Thoughts: More hyping up of the Jake/DiBiase feud here.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This is about the No Holds Barred PPV. We get some clips from the Survivor Series that hyped up this match, including the locker room attack by Macho King Randy Savage & Zeus that started off with Sherri providing a distraction. This is the first time clips from the Survivor Series has been shown on TV.


Hart Foundation vs. Al Burke & Brad Perry

Neidhart slams Perry then knocks him down. Burke tags in and gets tossed across of the ring as Bret is in and hammers away as the crowd cheers. Perry is back in and soon after that gets put away with the Hart Attack (2:02).

Thoughts: You can really tell now just how much Bret is the star of this team. The crowd popped huge when he tagged in and starting to give his glasses to a fan is also getting over quite well.


An ad for the No Holds Barred PPV airs. They are selling it as a Christmas-themed PPV in an attempt to have kids beg their parents to buy it for them.


Rick Martel is once again modeling clothes on the interview platform as Lord Alfred Hayes gives commentary. Martel tells us he will donate his services as a model to raise fashion awareness in the WWF.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center for tonight’s Boston Garden show. We hear from Mr. Perfect with The Genius as he tells Hulk Hogan by wrestling a steel cage match against Savage & Zeus after he beats him is a terrible idea. The Bushwhackers then call out The Bolsheviks for disliking the United States and yell a lot to hype their match and what a feud that turned out to be.


Clips of Big Bossman cuffing Dusty Rhodes to the ropes and beating him with the nightstick until Brutus Beefcake makes the save to sell the Coliseum Home Video Release of the Survivor Series.


Big Bossman w/ Slick vs. Larry Lawson

Bossman destroys Lawson as we hear him in an insert promo saying he is happy to what he did to Dusty at the Survivor Series but it will be nothing compared to when he puts him in the ball-and-chain. We see Dusty’s superfan in the front row yelling at Bossman, who puts Lawson away with the sidewalk slam (1:55). After the match, Bossman attaches the ball-and-chain to Lawson. Slick jaws at the female Dusty fan and gets slapped as Bossman comes to yell at her but gets chased away by Dusty, who is holding a nightstick. Dusty then brings the woman over the guardrail as they dance in the aisle and walk backstage together.

Thoughts: This feud remains strong as Dusty bringing his fan backstage with him signals we will see more of her than just sitting in the crowd.


Back in the Event Center for more hype of tonight’s Boston Garden Show. Hogan calls out Mr. Perfect for destroying the Title Belt as he is wearing the new one across his waist and promises to run wild on him.


Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. Alan Reynolds

Martel is in an insert promo calling Beefcake stupid for getting into the cage against Savage & Zeus. Beefcake takes control of the match after Reynolds lands a few shots then puts him away with the sleeper. After the match, Beefcake gives Reynolds a haircut (1:59).

Thoughts: More hype for the No Holds Barred PPV and for the Beefcake/Martel feud over who looks better.


Brother Love Show with guests Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan. Brother Love is upset over Roddy Piper humiliating him on his own show as we get a clip of that. Heenan tells Love to surround himself with people who really love him, like the Heenan Family. Rude goes off on Piper over humiliating him at SummerSlam then having some “Bimbo”tell the word he has bad breath as he calls Piper out to face him right now as they all cannot wait for Rude to humiliate Piper. Rude cut a damn good promo here showing off his hatred of Piper.


Cleo Reeves & WT Jones vs. The Bushwhackers

Jesse refers to the Bushwhackers as the “marching morons.” Butch licks Luke’s head before the match. The Bushwhackers take control early as The Bolsheviks call them out in an insert promo for being ugly and disgusting as well as terrible wrestlers. The Bushwhackers hit Reeves with the battering ram then put him away with a double gutbuster (1:59). After the match, The Bushwhackers let the fans rub their heads.

Thoughts: They got over all of the Bushwhackers’ wacky antics here as they are feuding with The Bolsheviks.


No Holds Barred Special Report with Gene Okerlund. We hear from Savage, Sherri, and Zeus to hype the match.


Jim Evans vs. Mr. Perfect w/ The Genius 

Evans hammers away but Perfect knocks him down and starts beating the piss out of him. We hear from Perfect and Genius as he says Hogan’s match at No Holds Barred will make his job easier as he puts Evans away with the Perfect Plex (1:33).

Thoughts: Perfect’s offense looked awesome here as he has been booked as a dominant force leading up to his matches against Hogan.


Mooney is back in the Event Center to hype tonight’s Boston Garden show. Greg Valentine & Jimmy Hart call out Ronnie Garvin for not being hurt and should not have a shinguard as Valentine promises to snap his leg with the figure four leg lock. Dusty Rhodes then promises to put Bossman in the ball-and-chain then throw away the key to hype up their match.


In action next week are The Rockers, Dino Bravo, Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes, and Roddy Piper. Plus, the Brother Love Show with guests Macho King Randy Savage & Zeus and more!


Final Thoughts: This show was all about selling the No Holds Barred PPV. They did highlight a few other of the more popular feuds too but the PPV was the main focus here.


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