Ring of Honor – May 3rd & May 10th, 2017


We’re behind AND we’ve got a busy week ahead with the War of the Worlds PPV on Friday! Time to get caught up!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

Ring of Honor TV – 5/3/17

Highlights of the 8-man tag a few weeks ago that led to the foursome that were victorious facing off tonight. Tonight, it’s a Fatal 4-Way to determine the next challenger for Christopher Daniels!

We are TAPED from the William J Myers Pavillion in Baltimore, Maryland! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana.

And we’re going to start with tag team action, as we hear the music of Coast to Coast! Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni (going by the sobriquet ‘LSG’ nowadays, apparently) make their way out as Colt and Ian welcome us to the show, with Cabana confirming that the title match at War of the Worlds will be a 3-way dance between tonight’s winner, Cody Rhodes, and Daniels. Up next, we’ve got the still bitchin’ music of the Kingdom, as Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia make their way to the ring, along with a still on crutches TK O’Ryan! This is your annual reminder that I don’t like Marseglia for absolutely no good reason. He’s wearing a jacket that Hiromu Takahashi would probably find a touch too loud.

Let’s hear from the Kingdom! Vinny: “We lost our titles, our friend is hurt, our damn heads are falling off….” Okay, that’s enough of that. Shut up, Marseglia. He tells Coast to Coast that they’re about to star in their very own horror film, and they’re the victims!

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali)

Code of Honor is followed, surprisingly enough…..and the Kingdom launch the sneak attack right after. That’s more like it. They tee off on LSG and Ali with uppercuts and headbutts against the ropes (Marseglia making sure to punctuate each one with a silly shout beforehand), double Irish whip, LSG and Ali hook the top rope and catch Taven and Vinny charging in, then hit stereo dropkicks. Double-team on Taven now, with a double hiptoss into a double flapjack and both Kingdom members are on the floor. Ali off the ropes, tope con hilo takes out both guys! Ali holds up Vinny and Leon goes for a tope con hilo of his own; we’ll be generous and say that he grazed Vinny while nearly wiping out his own partner. Regardless, it’s been almost a minute and a half of thrilling in-ring action, so we better take a break to watch the following thrilling ads!

We’re back and the situation has changed, as Taven is standing over a fallen Ali in the ring as Shaheem crawls for the tag, Taven grabs him by the leg to stop that. Vinny comes in to try to help, but Ali kicks off both heels and dives for the corner, and it’s hot tag LSG. Damnit Vinny, you had one job! LSG springs in and ducks a clothesline from Taven, right hand, chop, right, LSG with the Irish whip, reversal by Taven, LSG ducks a spin kick and springs off the second rope with a crossbody! LSG with a blind charge in the corner on Taven, Matt with the alley-oop to the apron, LSG hits him with a kick from there and springs back into the ring for a somersault into a lariat that turns Taven inside-out! Vinny back in now, LSG blocks a bicycle kick and Ali comes in from behind and flapjacks him. They hang Vinny in the tree of woe and go for the Coast to Coast double dropkick, but Ali misses as Marseglia bridges up and Taven hits LSG mid-air with a superkick. Well, that didn’t go very well, did it? Taven with a bulldog driver on Ali, Marseglia with a swanton to follow that, 1, 2, MARSEGLIA interrupts the count? Oh, he wants more punishment. Well, that always goes pretty well. But in this case it does, as Taven hits Angel’s Wings on Ali (he has a title shot coming up, so I get it) and that’ll do it. 1, 2, 3. (The Kingdom over Coast to Coast, pinfall, 4:44)

WORTH WATCHING? – I think there’s something there in Coast to Coast, as I like both guys even though they’re super green. But the commercial break just killed the flow of the match completely and what aired was decent but not great. Give this one a NO, you can skip it.

Post-match, we see replays of the Angel’s Wings from Taven, as it’s pointed out that if he is successful against Daniels, he’ll have held every title in ROH. Well, not the Pure title, but that doesn’t exist anymore, so what can you do? Either way, Taven wants da belt!

Let’s take a look at some still photos of the Bucks/Hardys at Supercard of Honor. Sure, why not?

And that music can only mean one thing, as we’re about to be joined by the Ring of Honor World tag team champions, as Matt and Nick Jackson make their way out! Ian: “Fans, you just saw highlights of what some are calling the greatest ladder match in wrestling history!” WHO THE F--- IS SAYING THAT? I mean, it didn’t suck, sure, but come the f--- on; ROH has had a better tag ladder match within the last calendar year, for f---’s sake! Alright, alright. Let’s hear what the Bucks have to say! Matt: “Oh my God, Nick, all is right in the world again today!” Matt hits the ‘greatest ladder match in history’ line, so that’s the narrative. Got it. In a related note, the throbbing in my head has returned. They got both the ROH titles and the Superkick titles back! Nick says that not everything is right; Adam Cole tried to fire them from the Bullet Club! Matt says that they’ve talked about it in the back with Adam, and everything is cool with the Bullet Club, okay? Man, they’re going to turn on Cole in spectacular fashion. Anyway, there’s no one left for them to wrestle, because they’ve beaten everyone in Ring of Honor! So, they’ve decided to have an open invitation; any tag team in the back that thinks they can beat the greatest tag team of all time, well, consider this a challenge! That means you, Demolition! That means you, Rock and Roll Express! It sure as hell doesn’t mean the Revival, though!

Oh, f--- off.

How about Billy and Chuck! Matt stops Nick and grabs the mic, but he gets interrupted by…..the Squad. Oh, boy. Mikey Mondo and Kenny Doane make their way out, still in their old Spirit Squad gear, and claim that they’ve been capturing titles all over the country, all over the world, and now they’re in Ring of Honor to take the Bucks’ tag titles! They want an open challenge for next week? Well, we don’t have to wait until next week! They hit the ring…..and promptly get superkicked into next week by the Bucks. The Bucks take their leave as apparently next week, we’ll get this mouthwatering tag team title match! Yay? Up next, Matt Sydal! But up next for real? These fine ads!

We’re back with Ian and Colt, who recap what just happened, then segue into talking about Matt Sydal’s return last week and his challenge to Marty Scurll for the ROH TV title at War of the Worlds! Well, that match is official and should rule the earth, so I’m a happy fan.

And there’s the music of Matt Sydal! He gets a bit of pyro, because he’s awesome. His opponent is already in the ring, and it’s Flip Gordon! I’ve seen a bit of Flip’s work and I kind of like it, so cool. Let’s see what happens here. Colt is cracking me up on commentary, talking about Sydal being gone a long time, getting the chance to sit by himself and think, and having a vision of challenging Marty Scurll for the TV title. Man, Japanese prison reference and a drug reference in the same breath! Double word score, Cabana!

Matt Sydal vs Flip Gordon

Code of Honor is followed. Circle and a lockup, as Ian tells us that Flip used to a be a school mascot, Cecil the Cardinal, in Idaho. Colt: “I didn’t know wrestlers CAME from Idaho!” They’re a pretty fun team, I must admit. Sydal with a go-behind into a headlock takeover, Flip rolls him over for one to break. Back to it and it’s Gordon with a headlock now, Sydal breaks with an overhead wristlock, Flip (ahem) flips out of it, but that just lands him in a regular wristlock. Gordon does the Ospreay kip-ups to break, then keeps doing them after Sydal releases, which is pretty funny. Crowd chants for Flip and even Matt seems impressed before he kicks him. Snapmare attempt by Sydal is countered by a Gordon cartwheel, then Flip repays him for the kick with one of his own. Snapmare attempt by Gordon, Sydal counters into a small package for two. Beautiful dropkick by Flip follows. Cross-corner whip by Flip, reversed by Matt, who follows him with a back elbow. Spinning heel kick by Sydal! Another kick to the thigh from Matt, chop from Sydal, knee to the gut of Gordon against the ropes, Irish whip by Matt, Gordon ducks a clothesline and springs off the second rope with a Sling Blade! Back up, Sydal goes for a kick, Flip catches it, Sydal ducks a kick from Gordon, Pele from Flip! Running forearm in the corner from Gordon, snapmare, running knee into a standing moonsault from Flip! 1, 2, no! Crowd is actively chanting for Gordon now. He goes up, Sydal makes it back to his feet so Flip somersaults off the top, then ducks a jumping knee from Matt, but he goes for a kick and Sydal catches the foot on the shoulder, then nails him with a head kick and hits his own standing moonsault. 1, 2, NO! Sydal goes for a pumphandle, Flip reverses to a Fireman’s carry, they trade a few more and Flip hits an enzuigiri! Gordon takes too long to follow and walks right into a flying knee from Matt, who goes up. Flip hops to the top rope, balances himself, and superkicks Sydal off the top! Awesome! 1, 2, NO! Gordon charges Sydal in the corner, but Matt gets the boot up and Flip runs right into it, and Matt wastes no time going to the top and hitting the Shooting Star Press for the 3 count. (Matt Sydal over Flip Gordon, pinfall, 5:46)

WORTH WATCHING? – This is about as good as 6 minute matches can get. YES, check this one out. Gordon got over by the end of the match just through his work, while Sydal got to show off a slightly more aggressive side heading into his title shot against Marty. This was the type of job that ends up earning a guy a job, if you catch my drift. It’s worth 6 minutes of your time for sure.

Post-match, Sydal celebrates, but here’s Scurll with the attack from behind! Chickenwing attempt, but Matt blocks it and hits a kick to send Marty to the floor! He poses and puts his hands around his waist, because he wants da belt! Perhaps there’ll be some belts for sale during the following great ads!

We’re back! “Bullet Club. Bay-bay!” Oh my, that can only be the music of Adam Cole! Indeed, the former Ring of Honor world champion makes his way to the stage, and it appears that he’s got something to say. Ian is there for the interview, but Cole grabs the mic from his hands. “Shut up, Ian! There is not a single soul that wants to listen to you, everybody wants to listen to me!” Now then, who’s ready for Storytime with Adam Cole, bay-bay? I would like to say that I, indeed, wish for that to occur. Take it away, Cole! Well, the question that is on everyone’s mind, really, is what is the state of Bullet Club? Well, back in Las Vegas, Adam said some things he didn’t mean, like firing the Young Bucks from Bullet Club; but he’s happy to report that they’ve smoothed things over and Bullet Club is stronger than ever! Oh man, this turn from the Bucks is gonna be awesome. And they’re going to prove that next week, as Cole and Cody will be taking on Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels! Bullet Club isn’t just the strongest faction in the wrestling world today, they’re the strongest faction of all-time! They’re putting every locker room in wrestling on notice, and that’s just too sweet!

Let’s take a look back at Supercard of Honor again, this time to see what happened with Christopher Daniels and Cody Rhodes! Well, Cody laid him out from behind, that’s what happened. Daniels called out Cody on our last episode, and Cody responded, saying that it would be crazy if someone from outside ROH, like, say, Cody, came in and won the ROH World title! What would happen then?

And we’ve been joined now at the commentary table by the Ring of Honor World champion himself, complete with appletini! Cabana warns him not to drink on set, but Daniels is undeterred, saying that he forgot to bring Colt a diet Pepsi as Chris takes a sip from his beverage.

Main event time! The last real man makes his way out, as Silas Young heads to the ring. The Bullet Club music is next, welcoming Adam Page, and he’s followed by Jay White; man, if they had done a decent job building up White, he’d be a real dark horse to win this match. And bringing up the rear is Jay Lethal, who is clearly going to win this match. But he’ll only win it after the following great ads!

We’re back!

Jay Lethal vs Jay White vs Adam Page vs Silas Young – #1 Contender’s match

Tornado rules, so everyone is legal at all times. Good. Big ol’ brawl to start, with Lethal pairing off with Page and Young taking on White. Couple of collisions in the middle of the ring leads to a series of rollups going nowhere. We do a symmetry spot as everyone catches each other’s legs on kick attempts, and that’s followed by White and Page superkicking Lethal and Young. Page goes to work on White, choking him against the ropes as Daniels is playing total babyface on commentary, saying that ‘all of these guys are going to be tough’. Yeah, sure. Page with a kneelift on White, White fires rights and goes for an Irish whip, Page reverses it and they run the ropes, with White getting a back elbow to drop Page. White goes corner to corner on Lethal and Young with uppercuts as Daniels points out that he’s already lost to Jay White twice, a fact that no one remembers because ROH failed to push it as a narrative before right now. White dodges Lethal coming out of the corner and Lethal clotheslines Young into the buckles, White is waiting on him and drops him on top of Young with an uppercut. Single-arm suplex to Page on top of Lethal and Young, that gets two. White chops at Young in the corner, but Young goes over the top of White and hits a dropkick. Lethal back up now, and he hits a kick to the gut of Young, he goes for the Injection, Young ducks it and hits a backbreaker, Lethal dodges the clothesline and rolls through, Young rolls through that for two and hits Lethal with a cutter. That sequence was really well-done. Page back up and he boots Young to the floor, now White cuts him off with a chop, Irish whip is reversed by Page, White hooks the top rope and alley-oops Page to the apron. White runs the ropes, Page tries to flip in with his somersault lariat, White ducks that and goes for a German suplex, Page lands on his feet and goes for a superkick, White catches that and they trade reversals before Page drops White with a lariat. Page runs Lethal into the buckles and puts him on the top rope, superplex attempt is cut off by Young, who runs up to the second rope to try to suplex Page. Lethal fights off both guys and tries to go over the top of Page, but Adam catches him and looks for a top rope Rite of Passage, which is batshit insane, but Lethal slips down as White and Young climb back up, and we get a spot that probably sounded better on paper than execution, as Lethal powerbombs Page while Adam superplexes both White and Young. Took WAY too long to set that one up. Everyone is down, and that includes me, because I’m down for some great ads!

We’re back with White and Lethal battling it out. Lethal wins the slugfest, but comes off the ropes and gets smacked in the face with a dropkick from White. White stomps at Lethal, then slaps him in the back of the head. Lethal no-likey that, and he retaliates with some nasty chops and uppercuts, Irish whip, hiptoss into a seated dropkick from Lethal. Lethal signals for the Lethal Injection, but Young comes in from behind and tosses him over the top rope. Young and White throw forearms in the middle of the ring, Young stops it with a kneelift. Cross-corner whip by Young is reversed by White, but a blind charge hits boot and Young goes up, backrake off the top rope by Young! MY GOD. Young hangs White on the top rope, then springs off with a clothesline. Page back in and he goes nose to nose with Silas, so Silas does what comes naturally and spits on him. Page looks down at his chest, wipes off the spit, PUTS IT IN HIS MOUTH, then spits it back at Silas! They slug it out and Young hits the knee again, but tries to come off the ropes and Page nails him with a forearm. Page off the ropes now, but Young follows him in and smacks him with a back elbow. They are stiffing the S--- out of each other in there. I approve. Fireman’s Carry plunge by Young, he goes up and stands on his head on the top buckle, and that gives Page enough time to superkick him there. Page runs White into the buckles and chops away, kick by Page, he sets White on the top, White fights him off and hits a missile dropkick. Lethal and Young fight it out on the apron in the meantime, then drop both White and Page before Lethal kicks Young to the floor. Page knocks Lethal off the apron to the floor, and White sends Page out with a clothesline over the top. White runs the ropes, tope hits Lethal and Page! White goes to the top, dive onto Lethal and Page! And we’ll take this opportunity to dive into our final commercial break!

We’re back as White hits Page with a Flatliner, then a bridging German suplex! 1, 2, Lethal breaks it up! Lethal sends White to the corner, but eats a boot on a blind charge, White charges now and Lethal hits the Lethal Combination! 1, 2, NO! Lethal goes up for the Hail to the King elbow, but Young shoves him off the top, then sends Lethal to the barricade. Mounted punches by Young and then Lethal gets sent back to the barricade. Meanwhile in the ring, Page flips back in and hits the lariat this time on White. Rite of Passage attempt, but White sunset flips him for two. Young back in now and he levels White with a big boot, then hits Page with the backbreaker into a clothesline. He hits the Fireman’s Carry plunge on White, then does the handstand into a split-legged moonsault! 1, 2, Lethal in to break it up! They slug it out and Lethal kicks Young in the knee, Irish whip is reversed by Young, but that’s not a good idea, as Lethal comes off the ropes with the Lethal Injection! 1, 2, 3! (Jay Lethal over Silas Young, Jay White, & Adam Page, pinfall, 13:07)

WORTH WATCHING?YES, this one is a keeper. They were firing stiff shots out there and made it seem like the match actually meant something; it seemed like they all really wanted to win. What a concept. The match would have been a lot better if the winner wasn’t basically preordained, and there were a few too many ‘slug it out’ spots, but they worked hard, kept the match moving, and finished well with decent nearfalls in the final few minutes before we finished up. This was pretty okay.

Post-match, Jay poses in the corner and tells the crowd that he wants that title! And now, Cody Rhodes comes out wearing Christopher Daniels’ shirt and stares Lethal down, pointing at the word Destiny on the shirt as Daniels raises the ROH title from the commentary booth.

Promo for War of the Worlds takes us out, and we’re done for the week with ROH TV.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: A decent main event and some fun stuff with Sydal and Gordon this week are the highlights. The Bucks and their nonsense with the Squad was what it was, and the opener wasn’t anything to write home about. Still, they did a good enough job to move the posts towards the PPV, so good job on that front.

Let’s move on!

Ring of Honor TV – 5/10/17

We are TAPED from the William J Myers Pavillion in Baltimore, Maryland! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana.

And we’re wasting no time this week, as that’s the music of the Young Bucks! The ROH World tag team champs make their way to the ring for what will surely be the most grueling title defense of their careers! They pose on the buckles as the streamers fly, but from the crowd, it’s the Squad! Mikey and Kenny attack and this match is on!

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs The Squad (Mike Mondo & Ken Doane) – Ring of Honor World tag title match

No Code of Honor. The Squad tosses the Bucks to the floor and pose with the title belts before giving us a bit of cheering. Yeah! Back in now and they attempt to whip the Bucks at each other, but the Bucks give us a bit of do-si-do into a pair of superkicks for those dastardly cheerleaders. They hang up Ken on the middle buckle in the corner, then hit Mike with a kick to the back of the head/running forearm combo. Nick goes up as Matt holds Mike in place, Nick comes off with a double-stomp onto Mike’s chest then somersaults across the ring to hit Ken with a lungblower out of the corner, and the Bucks rule the ring. Rise of the Terminator time, as the Bucks hit the double tope onto the Squad on the floor. Back in, and Kenny catches a kick, which allows Mikey to flatten Nick with a clothesline. Matt comes in and fires rights, but comes off the ropes and gets caught by Ken in a fireman’s carry, then tossed into a gut check from Mike. That gets two. Ken with an elbow to the top of Matt’s head and a slam. Tag to Mike, who Ken flips into a moonsault on Matt. Stomps by Mikey as he spells his name for the crowd, then covers for two after that’s done. Speaking of things being done, this segment is, as we need to check out some great ads!

We’re back with the Squad still in control, as Mikey stomps on Matt and applies the chinlock. Matt elbows out, but gets yanked down to the mat by his hair as Mikey tags in Ken, who drops elbows on Matt. Big stomp from Ken gets two. Delayed vertical suplex by Ken gets another two. Piledriver attempt by Doane, backdrop by Matt, sunset flip by Ken, Matt rolls through with a dropkick on Doane as the announcers are STILL pushing the idea that Bucks/Hardys was the greatest ladder match of all time. Seriously, this is beginning to get annoying. Riccaboni is a talented enough guy at this, don’t saddle him with that crap and make him sound like Tony Schiavone. Matt with a double sledge on Mikey, but Ken prevents the tag and tags in Mikey himself, and Mondo drops some elbows before covering again for two. Mikey pulls the straps down, then runs Matt into Ken’s boot in the corner. Kenny does….something as a taunt, although it really just looked like he was pointing out his own small dick, allowing Matt to fight out with rights. Kneelift from Kenny stops that, and a tag to Mikey sets up another gut check. Matt stops that and lands on his feet, then ducks a clothesline from Kenny that Mikey takes. Superkick to Kenny, and there’s a hot tag to Nick. Kick to Mondo! Kick to the gut for Kenny! Elbow for Mikey! Spinkick to Kenny! Running knee in the corner to Mondo, then a bulldog/clothesline combo to take out both Squad members! Kenny rolls out, so Nick goes to the apron and goes down the line with a kick to him, then a shoulder to the midsection of Mikey sets up a facebuster on Mondo before Nick flips back out with a moonsault onto Kenny. Nick goes up now, Swanton misses and Mikey catches him with a snapmare driver. Tags on both sides, Matt comes in with a shoulder on Kenny, Kenny reverses an Irish whip and hits a big ol’ tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Matt. He dares to briefly celebrate, so Nick comes back in and superkicks him for his insolence, sending him to the corner and a tag to Mikey. Mikey in and he catches the first kick from Nick, hits one of his own, then goes for a whip that is reversed into a stepover forearm and a kick from Nick. Nick gives us a ‘suck it’ and comes off the ropes, but Mikey plants him with a spinebuster as Doane goes up, Alabama Jam misses! Matt takes Kenny out with a superkick right after, then a double superkick drops Mikey before Nick goes flying over the top rope with a corkscrew on Kenny. Meltzer Driver finishes Mikey back in the ring right after. (The Young Bucks over The Squad, pinfall, 9:41)

WORTH WATCHING? – I did not hate this match. Let me repeat, for those of you who know how I feel about the Bucks in general, I. DID. NOT. HATE. THIS. MATCH. Say what you will about the Bucks (Lord knows, I have), but they carried the Squad to a pretty decent tag match here. There was absolutely no drama, as the Bucks clearly weren’t losing, but they gave Kenny and Mikey much more than I thought they would, as I was sure that this was just going to the Bucks showboating for 5 minutes before getting the win, but they decided instead to try to put these guys over a bit. YES, surprisingly, I say watch this one. The Squad is nothing to write home about as workers, so watch the Bucks’ carry job in this one and marvel at what they did.

Post-match, Matt’s got a bit of blood going on his face as the replays play, then the Bucks pose. You know, the ROH tag division used to be a huge part of the company as recently as last year, with teams like reDRagon, War Machine, the Addiction, along with Roppongi Vice showing up more…..they really need to restock and step up their game.

Let’s hear from Matt Taven! Well, let’s not, as it’s about his ROH World title match with Daniels in Michigan, which already happened, isn’t on TV, and Daniels won anyway. Let’s just move on…..to these great ads!

We’re back with the Briscoes! Mark: “Now what you’re looking at right here, right now, is two-thirds of the baddest six-man tag team on the planet!” Along with Bully Ray, they are the ROH 6-man tag champs! They’ve got a big match coming up against these Rebellion boys, Caprice Coleman, Rhett Titus, & Shane Taylor! Jay says he’s looking at you boys, he’s seeing you all look back – what you looking at, Shane Taylor? Last time the Briscoes were in the ring with Taylor, they ran his partner out of the company! Bit of shade for Keith Lee there. But it don’t matter who it is that Taylor is tagging with – bring it on, boys!

Back to the desk, as Ian confirms that next week, that match will happen, as the ROH 6-man tag titles will be defended on ROH TV!

Hey, it’s the music of Punishment Martinez! He makes his way out to the ring for this next match and awaits his opponent, who happens to be the Beer City Bruiser! He’s out with his cigar, his keg, and Silas Young. This might actually be fun.

Punishment Martinez vs The Beer City Bruiser (w/ Silas Young)

Bruiser turns around as the ref calls for the Code of Honor, and Martinez promptly kicks him in the face. Okay, that’s a ‘no’ right there. Jumping elbow in the corner from Martinez, he gets a running start and hits another one, then just nails him with a right. Punishment goes for a suplex, but the Bruiser reverses to a modified Falcon Arrow, then a running shot in the corner. Cross-corner whip, Bruiser fires a right hand and sends Punishement off the ropes, but Martinez ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody for one. They run the ropes again, this time it’s the Bruiser who comes off with a crossbody for one! Hee! Bruiser charges in the corner, but Martinez moves out of the way, then springs off the second rope with a Superman punch. He goes for a chokeslam, but Bruiser spins out and hits a clothesline, then a basement dropkick (eh….kind of. The thought was there!) to send Punishment to the floor. Bruiser goes to the apron and cannonballs off onto Martinez! And that’ll send us off to watch these great ads!

We’re back and the Bruiser is going to the top, but Martinez drops him with a spinning kick that sends him to the floor. Martinez gets a running start and jumps over the ropes for the dive…..and MISSES, going splat on the floor as he clearly misjudged the distance, as the Bruiser tried to move forward enough to catch him. Jesus, that was terrifying. Punishment sits right up, though, so I suppose he must be just dandy. Martinez goes for the apron powerbomb, but Bruiser sends him to the post, then ducks a kick and suplexes Martinez onto the apron. Back in, and the Bruiser goes for a running senton that misses, then Punishment comes off the second rope with a somersault senton of his own that wasn’t half-bad! 1, 2, no! Chokeslam attempt again from Martinez, Bruiser fights him off and shoulders him to the corner, then drops him with an elbow. Bruiser comes at Martinez in the corner and splashes the buckle that was near Punishment’s head, then hits a cannonball onto Martinez in the corner. Again! 1, NO! Punishment kicks out at one! They trade rights and the Bruiser comes off the ropes, spinning heel kick by Martinez gets one. Bruiser off the ropes with a dropkick as the match is starting to drag a bit. Spinning Bossman slam gets two for the Bruiser. Bruiser goes for another cannonball in the corner, but Punishment moves and hits him with a superkick. Sitout chokeslam by Punishment hits, and we’re done here. (Punishment Martinez over the Beer City Bruiser, pinfall, 6:57)

WORTH WATCHING? – This one overstayed it’s welcome in the worst way. The first few minutes were pretty fun, but almost everything after the missed Martinez tope was slow and amateurish, with blows barely connecting and the guys looking tired out there. I’ve seen better from both. NO, take a pass here.

Post-match, Punishment just leaves for the back as the Bruiser lies there.

Let’s hear from The Villain himself, Marty Scurll! “Matt Sydal! I have no idea where you’ve been but now you’re back!” Well, Marty, Matt was taking some, (ahem) forced time off there. Anyway, Marty isn’t surprised that Sydal would come after him; Matt is just an insignificant toerag crying for attention! Well, Sydal, you have Scurll’s attention now, but you’ll never have the Ring of Honor World TV title! But you could have something from the following great ads!

We’re back with Adam Cole! “Take a look at this (pointing to his shirt). Bullet Club. We are stronger than ever!” They’re not looking back, they’re looking forward! Even with dissension, they were the best, and now that they’re all on the same page, no one can touch them, and that starts tonight, as he and Cody will take on Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels! Anyone who gets in their way will pay, and that includes the two of you!

Oh man, they are REALLY setting Cole up for a fall here. I wonder if he loses to Tanahashi on Friday and gets turfed out right then and there?

“Bullet Club, bay-bay.” It’s main event time! Here comes Adam Cole as we’ve been joined by Jay Lethal on commentary. Lethal doesn’t give a damn about the relationship going on with the Bullet Club, he only cares about regaining the ROH World title. We’re now reminded that wrestling has more than one royal family, as here comes Cody Rhodes! Jay bemoans having to wrestle Cody again, but Ian correctly points out that they’re even now, as each guy has won once against the other. And there’s the music of Dalton Castle and the crowd roars, as they are wont to do when Dalton enters. He’s out with the Boys as Lethal says that he’s probably the next guy to be added to the title match. It’s nice to hear an ostensible face legitimately complaining about something instead of just shrugging and fighting through it; gives Lethal more layers to work with. And then he betrays that for apologizing for complaining, saying he’s just going to work through it. “Worship us! NOW!” Hey, it’s the ROH World champion…..of the world! Lethal congratulates Daniels for winning while still bitching about Daniels adding Cody into his title shot.

Cody grabs a mic. “This is not an 8-man! Get the Boys out of here!” He wants them gone! Now that’s a DEFINITE way to get heel heat against Castle. The Boys aren’t leaving, so we’ll see what happens when we return from these great ads!

We’re back!

Bullet Club (Adam Cole & Cody Rhodes) vs Dalton Castle & Christopher Daniels

The Boys are still at ringside, as Dalton and Cody start us off. Lethal is STILL bitching about Cody being in the triple threat. It’s kind of awesome, although I’m becoming more and more convinced they’re going to change the title on Friday. Lockup goes to the corner and Dalton grabs a headlock, Cody shoots him off, Castle runs through him with a shoulderblock. Cody shoves him, they both duck each other before Castle clotheslines Rhodes to the floor. Dalton runs the ropes and stomps to pose, so Daniels comes in and fans him off. Cody wants Daniels, so Dalton tags him in. Lockup and a headlock from Cody, Daniels with elbows, Cody knocks him down with a shoulder, they run the ropes and Daniels scoops him up for a slam, then an Arabian moonsault for one. Rights from Daniels, but Rhodes stops an Irish whip and drops to the mat, then delivers a right hand to the face of Chris. Cody kicks the middle rope to snap it against Daniels, and now Cole wants a tag. Cody isn’t sure, but ducks Daniels and Chris eats a shot from Cole on the apron, so that convinces Cody to tag Adam in. Cole in and he fires kicks to the midsection of Daniels in the corner, then gives us a ‘Bay-Bay!’. Cross-corner whip by Cole, Daniels over the top on a blind charge and he chops Adam down. Daniels runs Cole into the buckle, then tags in Dalton. Double team now, as they hit stereo shots to the midsection of Cole, then Daniels hits a swinging neckbreaker and Castle covers for two. Waistlock by Dalton and he throws Cole down to the mat, then picks him back up, Cole goes to the eyes to break before spitting at Daniels, drawing him in and allowing the Bullet Club to double-team as the ref escorts Chris out. Double clothesline attempt misses, however, and Castle flattens both guys with clotheslines. He goes for a German suplex on Cody, who grabs onto Cole, then Cole grabs the ref to distract and allow Cody to hit a low blow on Dalton to free themselves. Cody and Cole share a hug and a ‘too sweet’ before Cole runs Castle into the buckle and tags in Cody. Cody stomps away on Castle on the ropes before taunting Daniels, then runs Dalton into another corner. Back to his own corner and a tag to Cole, Dalton fires back at Adam but gets dropped and Cole comes off the ropes with a Shining Wizard. 1, 2, no! Cole runs Dalton into Cody’s boot in the corner, and there’s a tag to Rhodes. Snapmare into a butterfly facelock for Cody, Dalton fights out with rights, Castle tries to come off the ropes but Cole catches him with a kick as Cody sends Daniels from the apron to the floor. Adam holds up Dalton for Cody, but Castle moves at the last second and Cole takes the Beautiful Disaster from Cody as a result. Cody runs Castle back into the corner and asks Cole for a hand, but Adam is pissed about the kick and he walks out on Rhodes! But I thought everything was okay in the Bullet Club? WAS IT ALL A LIE?? Cody beats on Dalton in the corner as we are gonna need a few minutes to process all this, so let’s check out these great ads!

We’re back now and Cole is still nowhere to be seen as Cody goes for a clothesline on Castle, but Dalton catches it and hits elbows, then a belly-to-back suplex that was almost an Angle slam, to be honest. Dalton crawls for his corner, hot tag to the champ! Daniels comes in with clotheslines on Cody. Irish whip into a leg lariat from Daniels! He sends Cody to the corner and puts him on the top rope, Iconoclast from Daniels! 1, 2, NO! Daniels goes for a uranage, but Cody stops that with elbows, then catches a kick from Daniels and drives Chris’ face into the mat. Dropkick from Cody sends Dalton to the floor, then he hooks Daniels up to try for his own version of Angel’s Wings (or maybe the Pedigree, depending on whether or not he wants to be a dick about it), Chris gets out of it and hits the uranage. Best. Moonsault. EVER. attempt, but Cody moves and Daniels lands on his feet, Cody catches Daniels on a blind charge with a boot, but Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Rhodes. Daniels with a kick and he goes for Angel’s Wings, but wait a second! Adam Cole is back in the ring! Superkick to the back of Daniels’ head! Last Shot from Cole! He points at Daniels, then tells Cody to finish it, and Cody hits CrossRhodes to pin the ROH World champ. (Bullet Club over Christopher Daniels & Dalton Castle, pinfall, 10:54)

WORTH WATCHING? – For the commentary alone, to be honest. But YES, this was a fun main event with good professional wrestling, and I always appreciate that type of thing. I was reasonably sure that Cody was winning the title on Friday, but him pinning Daniels tonight gives me some pause on that. Meanwhile, Jay Lethal was awesome complaining on commentary, justifiably pointing out that Daniels deciding to add Cody to the title match hurt him just as much as anyone and it wasn’t fair. Meanwhile, they’re still playing up the idea that Bullet Club has a ton of tension within, and that could go a variety of ways. I was more than fine with this one.

Post-match, Cody and Cole share a hug, as this was all apparently a setup! A screwjob! They hornswoggled us! The Bucks come out to join Cody and Cole, and we get a four-way ‘too sweet’. The Bullet Club take their leave together as Jay Lethal says that he’s going to the ring to ask Christopher Daniels himself why he added Cody to the match! Indeed that seems to be where Lethal is heading, as he gets in the ring and helps Daniels up, then launches into yelling at Daniels, who tells Lethal that if he’s that good, he should just take it from Chris! They go nose to nose, but here’s Rhodes from behind! He knocks both guys down, but Lethal fires back with rights, then comes off the ropes with a double Lethal Injection on both guys! Lethal is the last man left standing in the ring this week, holding up the ROH World title as a promo for War of the Worlds finishes off ROH TV this week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: The main event was a good piece of business, especially as it related to the PPV this Friday, and I shockingly liked the Bucks’ match at the beginning. Nothing much else this week, but that isn’t a bad average for any hour of wrestling.

This Friday, it’s War of the Worlds! And that can only mean that this Friday, it’s the BEST DAMN PPV Preview of War of the Worlds, as written by yours truly! Going up on finer Blogs of Doom everywhere Friday afternoon! See you all then!

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