RF Video Shoot Interview with Dan Spivey

This was filmed in 2007

It is hosted by Eric Gargiulo

It runs at two hours long


Spivey talks about being a fan of Dusty Rhodes as a kid then talks about playing college football at Georgia University and played a season for the New York Jets. Spivey said that Joe Namath was there in his last season and very cool and would take some of the guys out drinking and pay the tab. He then talks about Dusty Rhodes getting him into wrestling but that he started out late at age 30 and was on borrowed time.


He puts over Barry Windham and Ricky Steamboat for helping him out the most when he started off in Florida. Spivey teamed with Scott Hall as part of American Starship.


Spivey talks about going to Kansas City to work for Bob Geigel and was making little money. Spivey said in Kansas City you would drive 250 miles for a $50 pay day. He also talks about working against Bulldog Bob Brown and said he was lazy and would take advantage of young guys.


Before the WWF, Spivey wrestled for Crockett. He credits the Anderson’s work helping him out and then said he dislikes Ric Flair and calls him a backstabber who fucked several guys over, including himself. Spivey also said that Dusty never booked him though and when WWF booker George Scott called him up to be Barry Windham’s replacement in the U.S. Express he left the Territory to team with Mike Rotundo.


Spivey said Vince was always good to him. He had to get a neck fusion surgery after Paul Orndorff dropped him on his head and Vince took care of the surgery.


He puts over all of the great workers in the company and how he did not care if fans viewed him as a replacement as he was in the WWF. He puts over Dynamite Kid for what he could do in the ring. Spivey said he knew of Hulk Hogan before he was in the business as Hogan’s band played some clubs where he was the bouncer. Spivey talks about working with the Iron Sheik and how Sheik would put him in a bearhug and only use one arm. He talks about having bad chemistry with the Hart Foundation and that Bret Hart once buried him for something. He really wanted to work against Ricky Steamboat and calls him the greatest wrestler ever and once again put him over for helping him out when he was breaking into the business. Spivey said the Ultimate Warrior looked good but after his entrance the match was over as he was the shits in the ring.


Now, he talks about when he beat up Adrian Adonis in the locker room. Spivey said that Adonis would take advantage of Lanny Poffo, Scott McGhee, and other young guys in the company in the ring. Spivey said he had a TV match against Adonis at an “All-Star Wrestling” taping and Adonis was getting ready for a run against Hogan. Spivey said Adonis was kicking him hard in the ring and backstage, The British Bulldogs and Scott McGhee calmed him down as Spivey wanted to go after him. They had a match in Flint, MI a few days later and George Steele was scheduled to work with Adonis but was in the hospital so Pat Patterson told Spivey he’d be wrestling Adonis tonight. Spivey said he did not want to work against him and Adonis apparently said the same but Vince had them wrestle anyway. They had the match as Spivey said Adonis was roughing him up and was going to choke him out with the sleeper as Spivey got out and knocked him out as the ref was screaming how this was not the finish and Spivey told the ref to change the fucking finish instead as Adonis got 200 stitches and lost out on a run against Hogan, which ended up going to King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd as those two thanked Spivey afterwards. After the match in the locker room, Adonis tried to tackle him but Spivey kept punching away.


Spivey puts over the road schedule in the WWF at this time and once spent 90 straight days on the road as he said you did not get paid if not on the road.


Once Rotundo left the WWF, Spivey did not do anything for several months then Vince let him go as he told Spivey its not his fault he was 6’6 with blond hair and thought he looked too similar to Hogan. Along with Steele, Spivey tried to get a program against Hogan with him as a heel but it got squashed. He went to work for All-Japan as Terry Funk put in a good word for him. Spivey liked it in AJPW better as there was less pageantry and it was treated as a sport along with less politics.


He talks about the culture shock in Japan for a bit. Spivey said that Tenryu beat the crap out of him but they respected each other and had some good matches. He also claims to have used the DDT in Japan for the first-time ever and Tenryu said he got hurt during the move.


Spivey talks about some of the other talent he worked with. He called Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat the greatest team he ever saw but could not get over in America as they worked too stiff for the other teams as Spivey says Bret Hart said he worked too stiff when doing the Waylon Mercy character. He also says Brutus Beefcake is an alright guy but cried all of the time in the ring and did not respect that from guys.


We get back on AJPW as Spivey learns that Kenta Kobashi has cancer and said he got the crap beat out of him when he started out but turned into an excellent worker. Spivey also puts over how great Jumbo Tsuruta was then talks about how Tsuruta would work much harder for bigger shows, unlike Tenryu. He also jokes how Johnny Ace had his nose up Mrs. Baba’s ass and would always run errands for her as he calls him a terrible worker and could barely lock up. Spivey said that he teamed with Ace in Japan and worked for 15 minutes then tagged out to Ace, who did one move and tagged right back out. He then said that Baba told Ace he could either go home or stay and take a pay cut as Spivey mentions that Giant Baba pretends to not speak English but does and was told that by Race and Funk.


Spivey also puts over Stan Hansen’s cardio and how he worked very stiff. He also said that Hansen knocked Vader’s eye out and said it was due to the fact he was a huge bully. He also said Kawada liked to hurt people so you had to stick up for yourself.


He went to WCW when Ole Anderson was the booker. Spivey said he probably should have just stayed in Japan as he was happier there, even if the style was a lot rougher on his body. He said Jim Herd was an idiot. Spivey then recalls when he was calling a match while teaming with Sid Vicious and making about $250 a night while Sid was making over a $1,000 so he left to go back to Japan as they never did anything with the team and they never delivered on any of his promises. He also said that Ric Flair was the one who squashed the Skyscrapers and the Varsity Club.


Spivey is asked about working in Puerto Rico as he said its nothing but bad memories and worked against Bruiser Brody the night before he was murdered in a tag match and they were going to wrestle each other in a singles match the day he was murdered. Spivey said the way the headlines were first written suggested he killed Brody and was getting calls from people back in the states. Spivey said he never heard the reason he was killed and was in the opposite locker room as they wrestled at a baseball field and on different sides of the field.


Back to WCW, he talks about how they wasted the Undertaker and Steve Austin and let the WWF turn them into stars. Spivey told Mean Mark when he left to go back to Japan that he was leaving due to money and how they ended up wasting Undertaker in the Mean Mark gimmick to put over the Junkyard Dog. He talks about how he was sick of getting buried by the Road Warriors and left after “Clash of the Champions 10.” He also said the Road Warriors took advantage of Mark all the time as Spivey had enough and beat them with a chair.


He talks about returning to AJPW and was supposed to be under a hood for one match then reveal himself but Giant Baba nixed the idea. Spivey then returned to WCW when Dusty Rhodes returned and became the booker. Spivey said that Jim Ross, who he calls a “drugstore cowboy” was always bitter towards him.


Spivey talks about teaming with Kevin Nash and jokes how another guy he teamed with went on to become a star. He also said that WCW paid him part-time money but wanted him full-time so he gave them part-time work. He left again because he had to job to Rick Steiner & Tom Zenk, who was replacing an injured Scott Steiner, while teaming with Stan Hansen. Spivey believes they were testing him here as he had to testify at the Dr. George Zaharian trials and said losing to a replacement partner made zero sense. Spivey said Dusty fired him after getting pressured from everyone else.


On Mick Foley, Spivey thought he was a complete idiot. He tells a story of a last day on tour in Japan and how Foley would do stupid stuff that Stan Hansen and himself would laugh over and can only imagine how his body feels like today. Back to Ric Flair, Spivey thought it was bush league when he left WCW with the belt and brought it to WWF television.


He is asked about working for Herb Abrams as Spivey brought up how he was a crazy guy and booked a 13,000 arena that drew about 100 people. Spivey kept away from Abrams and said he would party and ring up a ton of credit card charges then cancel the card immediately afterwards.


Spivey said he only worked for about fourteen years and didnt even learn how to until he was about finished as he talks about being able to make more money if he started out at age 20 instead of 30. He did put over the great time he had and that he saw the world.


He got back into the WWF after Jerry Brisco called as they wanted someone to get Diesel over. They had dinner where Vince came up with the name Waylon Mercy and Spivey asked Vince if he ever saw the film “Cape Fear” and mentioned Robert DeNiro’s character and that he could pull it off. Spivey said he felt really comfortable with the gimmick but it ended up getting over as a babyface instead as he does some of that character. He said the tattoos were a pain in the ass as you had to get them put back on every few days.


Spivey talks about Bret complaining that he worked stiff then soon after that the company sat him out and were worried about his health as Spivey said he had a messed up knee but could still manage to get around. Spivey said he ended up needing a hip and knee replacement and was actually losing money on the road and ended up getting addicted to painkillers and ended up going home and told the office he was never coming back as they promised him stuff before. He said they had posters made up to hype their match scheduled for one of the PPV’s.


He talks about wrestling saving his life as he was involved in “crazy shit” during the 1980’s and it kept him active and away from undesirables.


On his injuries, Spivey talks about having neck fusion surgery, two hip replacement surgeries, and a knee replacement surgery.


Spivey closes by thanking the fans.


Final Thoughts: I came away from this interview liking Spivey. He seems like a decent enough guy and someone you would never want to mess with. He also said he was a stiff worker in the ring and did not appreciate guys who cried about people working stiff. However, this interview itself was not that great and the blame goes on the interviewer. The structure was poor and the timeline was all over the place. I’m not going to get on a wrestler for forgetting dates and years but some of the stuff Spivey forgot should have been picked up on easily by a guy conducting a shoot interview.

I wish they touched upon Spivey’s life before wrestling as he made it seem wild but the interview glossed right over that. A better interviewer would have made for a more interesting watch.

Overall, I’d pass on this but Spivey is still an interesting guy who I would like to hear more about.

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