JBL (Vince’s avatar) & Bring It To The Table

Hey Scott, did you watch the newest edition of BITTT?

– JBL would rather be captured by ISIS than have dinner with Sami Zayn

– Jinder’s push is well-deserved (mostly JBL and Rosenberg of this opinion) because "land of opportunities" yada-yada…oh and JBL mentioned the 1.3 billion Indian market (and Vince picks Jinder??)

– JBL hates NFL/hockey in general

– Roman vs Braun from Payback is a MOTYC according to the 3 muppets

– after 3 weeks on RAW, Alexa is the top woman of WWE

– people booing Roman are WRONG cause he delivers in the ring y’know. Also all his detractors are fat slobs whining on their couch (yes Rosenberg said this…Rosenberg)

– Cena/Orton BJ’s every 5 minutes…GREATEST OF ALL TIME

– IC title scene is FINALLY restored and prestigious and important, look who’s competing for it at the moment! (note: not cause the Universal champ is nowhere to be found, NO SIRRE!)

– House Of Horrors match was great on TV (mostly Rosenberg and JBL), but not enjoyable for the live audience…

– more b-------


To be honest, that show isn’t even worth getting worked up over.