Indy Stars

So with the E being all about hiring and using the indy guys pretty decent. I got to thinking about who would of benefited from getting signed by the company now instead of before. Who do you think would of worked out better?

Colt Cabana/Scotty Goldman

​Colt is OK in the ring, but his strengths really would have been as a color commentator. He would have been doomed by the Punk association anyway. ​

Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne

​That was caused by external drug issues and had nothing to do with his abilities in the ring. ​

Frankie Kazarian

​Kazarian definitely could have flourished with an outlet like 205 Live at the time. Pretty sure the window is closed now. ​

Paul London

​He already ended up with a record-sitting tag team title reign, so it’s not like he was going to go much higher anyway. Plus he would have had a long term job with the company but didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and pretty much caused his own downfall. ​


​This is another one where it was all political and wouldn’t matter at what point he came in. He was gonna piss people off whether it was now or 10 years ago. In fact today they’re so conscious about lawsuits and guys getting hurt in the ring that he’d never escape NXT. ​