WWF Superstars of Wrestling – December 2nd, 1989

December 2, 1989

From the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, KS

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This week in action are the Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase, The Rockers, Bad News Brown, and Jim Duggan. Plus, highlights from The Genius vs. Hulk Hogan match from Saturday Night’s Main Event” and more.


Ultimate Warrior vs. Al Burke

Dino Bravo is shown in an insert promo with Jimmy Hart & Canadian Earthquake calling out Warrior, who immediately beats on Burke then puts him away with the press slam/splash combo (0:54). After the match, Warrior paints Burke’s chest with the blood from his forehead then fishhooks him in front of the camera before carrying him to the back.

Thoughts: Easy win here for the Warrior, who was incredibly over with the crowd. They are going with Bravo as the challenger to the Intercontinental Title now, who now has the Canadian Earthquake with him in an attempt to get some heat.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We are shown highlights from The Genius vs. Hulk Hogan match from “Saturday Night’s Main Event” where Genius won by countout and Mr. Perfect stole the WWF World Heavyweight Title belt and smashed it with a hammer at the end of the show. We then hear from Hogan, promising to defeat Perfect as we get a freeze frame shot of the remains of Hogan’s belt. Hogan vs. Perfect is now going to be the company’s World Title feud.


Chuck Coates vs. Bad News Brown

Bad News attacks Coates from behind to start and stays on the attack. He is then shown in an insert promo saying he is a desperate man who cannot find an opponent and will resort to desperate things before putting Coates away with the Ghetto Blaster (2:16). After the match, Bad News tosses Coates to the floor.

Thoughts: Looks like Bad News is finally going to get a feud, after doing nothing of note since the beginning of the year.


Vince voices over an ad hyping the “No Holds Barred: The Match, The Movie” PPV.


The Rockers vs. Barry Horowitz & Conquistador #1

Jesse wants to know how they can tell that is in fact, Conquistador #1. Horowitz attacks Shawn to start and hits a knee lift. Shawn boots Horowitz after an Irish whip sequence then tags out as Marty is in control. Horowitz attacks Marty from behind after hitting The Conquistador as we hear from The Rockers in an insert promo putting over the success during the European Tour and being ready for everyone. The Rockers take control now then soon after that put The Conquistador away with the double flying fist drop (2:51).

Thoughts: The crowd went nuts for the Rockers here as they are going to be feuding with the Powers of Pain.


The Bushwhackers are shown playing the “WrestleMania” video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember that game as a kid and it really did suck. Tecmo Wrestling was way better.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Mark Regan

Virgil tries to pay Regan of to leave but gets the money slapped away. DiBiase orders Virgil to pick it up but that allows Regan to nearly put him away with a reverse rollup. Regan lands a pair of dropkicks but gets turned inside-out after running into a clothesline. DiBiase tosses Regan outside and slams him as we hear from DiBiase in an insert promo telling someone on the phone to send his furniture to his Winter residence. Back to the match as DiBiase catches Regan with a powerslam then puts him away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:58). After the match, DiBiase stuffs three $100 bills in Regan’s mouth.

Thoughts: Fun match here with DiBiase almost getting rolled up then destroying his opponent. Oddly enough, no mention of his feud with Jake Roberts here.


Rick Martel is once again modeling clothes on the interview platform as Lord Alfred Hayes gives us commentary. They are giving Martel a decent push with this gimmick but at the same time its coming off really corny at this juncture. Parading around in clothes isnt exactly a great way to get heel heat.


Red Rooster vs. Gene Ligon

Ligon lands a few shots but Rooster comes back with a pair of arm drags. We hear from the Honky Tonk Man in an insert promo upset that he was excluded from the 1990 WWF Calendar while the Red Rooster was added. Rooster now works over the arm of Ligon then hits a slam before putting him away with the Chicken Wing (2:11).

Thoughts: They are back to pushing the Honky Tonk Man/Rooster feud for the bottom of the midcard.


Brother Love Show with guests Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart. Valentine says he is a loving man for reinstating Ronnie Garvin as an active wrestler and promises to put him away with the figure-four. However, Garvin appears on stage holding something behind his back. Garvin tells Valentine he is a lucky man but then went to President Jack Tunney and got permission to wear his own shinguard to protect himself and will put him in a figure four of his own. This feud will continue and its been going on awfully long for something that was not really over with the crowds.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Scott Colton

Duggan beats on Colton then tosses him outside. We hear from Duggan in an insert promo as he tells Macho King Randy Savage is mission is to get revenge. Back inside, Duggan hits a slam then calls out Savage before putting Colton away with the Three Point Stance (2:07).

Thoughts: The Savage/Duggan feud has been solid and resulted in Duggan’s best in-ring work during his WWF run. This crowd was jacked for Duggan too.


We get the same ad for the “No Holds Barred” PPV. Its then followed by a promo from Savage, Sherri, and Zeus.


Tom Fuller & Brian Johnson vs. The Powers of Pain w/ Mr. Fuji

The Powers of Pain beat down Johnson to start as Jesse wonders why The Rockers signed up to wrestle them, comparing it to Notre Dame University against a high school football team. Mr. Fuji & The Powers of Pain are shown in an insert promo promising to destroy the Rockers then they beat on Fuller until putting him away with a lifting clothesline (2:14).

Thoughts: Once again they were pushing a Powers of Pain vs. Rockers feud.


In action next week are Jake Roberts, Big Bossman, Brutus Beefcake, The Bushwhackers, and Mr. Perfect.


Final Thoughts: Not a whole lot of excitement here. They showed highlights of “Saturday Night’s Main Event” to kick off the Perfect vs. Hogan feud but other than that it was just more of the same midcard stuff. They were hyping the No Holds Barred PPV and showcasing some merchandise for the Holiday season too.


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