Mid-South Wrestling – August 26th, 1982

August 26, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Skandor Akbar

This week, Ted DiBiase will defend the North American Heavyweight Title against Dick Murdoch. Plus, Iron Mike Sharpe, Buck Robley, and Mr. Wrestling II will be in action as well.


Akbar tells us he will conduct himself as a gentleman on commentary and promises to not interfere in any matches as Pierce warns him not to act as a sounding board during the matches.


We are shown footage from last week’s show where Iron Mike Sharpe defeated Killer Khan for the Louisiana Heavyweight Title when Akbar’s decision to make Khan try to piledrive Sharpe instead of covering him after hitting his finishing move backfired. After that, Akbar tells us that Buck Robley had no right to interfere and he was just minding his own business on the apron when Sharpe tossed him inside of the ring. After that, we are shown footage from the same show where Akbar challenged Robley to a match that led to One Man Gang and Killer Khan ambushing Robley. Akbar now tells Robley he better be on the lookout as he will eventually get his revenge.


Mike Bond vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe dropkicks bond after a leapfrog then follows up with a pair of arm drags as Akbar says Sharpe is not smart enough to be the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion. Sharpe lands a few punches then puts Bond away with a piledriver (1:41).

Thoughts: Quick win for Sharpe as he is getting pushed as the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion.


Killer Khan vs. Coco Samoa

Khan rakes his forearm across Samoa’s face then hammers away as Akbar says he will remain at the desk during his client’s match to show his men are able to think for themselves. Samoa fights back but Khan cuts him off with an eye rake then stomps away. Samoa fights back and lands some chops but gets caught and hotshotted into the ropes. Khan takes Samoa down with a double chop then sets up for the flying knee drop and gets the win (2:18).

Thoughts: Khan gets a dominating win over a fairly credible opponent to get some heat back after losing the Louisiana Heavyweight Title last week.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Frank Monte

Monte tries to use his speed but Duggan grounds him and works a reverse chinlock after a nice matwork sequence. Duggan now hammers away in the corner as the announcers put over the face he does not have regard for anyone, including himself, and was kicked out of football due to spearing. He puts Monte in a front facelock then hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count after pulling him up. Duggan targets the back again hits a vertical suplex but pulls Monte up again before the three count. He continues to beat on Monte until ducking his head on a backdrop attempt. Monte manages a brief comeback but gets tackled then Duggan picks Monte up and rams him into the turnbuckle a few times before hitting a backbreaker for a win (4:10).

Thoughts: A longer squash match to showcase Duggan. He is being pushed as a wildman who is a threat to himself and others. I thought this match put him over quite a bit.


North American Heavyweight Title Match: Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Dick Murdoch

These two start brawling before the bell rings as Murdoch wins that battle. DiBiase bails and walks around the ring before coming back inside. Akbar keeps mispronouncing DiBiase’s name as DiBiase takes control after cheap-shotting Murdoch after a break. Murdoch fights back and bites DiBiase in the corner. Duggan now comes out to ringside as Murdoch works a chinlock. Murdoch sends DiBiase into the corner then gets distracted by Duggan, allowing DiBiase to kick him in the midsection. DiBiase targets the back and gets a nearfall with a slam. Backbreaker gets two. Murdoch fights back and uses a single leg takedown as both men are on the mat. Murdoch is up first and works the leg until DiBiase is able to kick him away into the turnbuckle during a figure-four attempt. DiBiase gets knocked outside as Duggan tends to him but Murdoch tries to kick him as Duggan walks around the ring and distracts Murdoch long enough for DiBiase to attack. Murdoch manages a reverse rollup but DiBiase kicks out and Murdoch collides with Duggan, who was standing on the apron. Murdoch comes back with a crossbody but in the process the ref gets knocked outside. Murdoch is in control and sets up for the brainbuster but Duggan runs in for the spear as DiBiase fall on top then the ref crawl back inside and counts to three (9:08) **1/2.

Thoughts: This match was alright but the longer it went the less heat it had. Also, Akbar continuously mispronouncing DiBiase’s name really came off as bush league, IMO. He’s holds the top title in the company and you cannot get his name right? The finish seems to be leading to a Duggan vs. Murdoch match.


Billy Starr vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling takes control to start as he sends Starr outside with a knee lift. He then slingshots him back inside and works a side headlock on the mat. Starr catches Mr. Wrestling with a knee smash then hits a slam but misses an elbow drop as Mr. Wrestling hammers away. Mr. Wrestling hits a suplex then gets the win with a running knee lift (2:48).

Thoughts: Easy win for Mr. Wrestling II as he is now here in the territory and seemingly in line for a push.


Tug Taylor vs. Buck Robley

Pierce announces that next week, Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia will defend the Tag Team Titles against Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Mr. Wrestling II as the special guest referee. Robley works the arm then hammer away as Akbar calls him out for using illegal moves then Robley gets the win with a sleeper (2:34).

Thoughts: The action was nothing special as they pushed the Akbar vs. Robley feud on commentary. The big news was of the Tag Title match next week, with Mr. Wrestling II as the special guest referee.


One Man Gang vs. Vinnie Romeo

Gang hammers away to start as Akbar once again says he is a gentleman who does not interfere in matches. He stays in control until putting Romeo away with an elbow drop (1:37).

Thoughts: Easy win for Gang, who needed a dominating TV win after doing nothing of note for the past several weeks.


Pierce wants us to tell everyone that next week we will have a Tag Team Title match with a special guest referee then Akbar tells Sharpe and Robley to be careful as he has declared war on them both.


Final Thoughts: Decent show this week. We had a title match and the matches featured guys they were trying to push. Akbar was okay pushing his feuds on commentary but that was all as he was one of the worst guest commentators they used. Unfortunately, next week’s show is not available in the UWF archives or on the WWE Network so I’ll have to go ahead to the 9/9 show. Right now, the company is putting things in motion and its getting more interesting as a result.


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