Best Matches That Could Happen But Never Did

Hello Scott,

AUSTIN VS. GOLDBERG, ROCK VS. SHAWN are great possibilities of feuds that for some reason or another never happened from guys who worked at the same time. What is your favorite dream match that never happened?

I think from a drawing power standpoint I would go with Austin vs. Hogan. From a match quality prospective I would go Shawn Michaels vs AJ Styles.


​From a drawing perspective Austin v. Hogan would have been huge, but as a match? WOOF. What a trainwreck that would have been.

I really feel like Brock Lesnar v. Daniel Bryan would have written itself, been a ***** match, and probably drawn as well. Talk about the ultimate David v. Goliath storyline, plus the storyline of the overpaid chosen one monster going up against the grassroots underdog, and Daniel knows exactly how to work a match where he gets killed and makes underdog comebacks.

Also, did Brock v. Shawn ever happen? Because holy s--- that would have been great as well for the same reasons.​