WWE Slam Crate #4 – “Masters of the Mic”

Hey, it’s once again time for my bi-monthly box of wrestling stuff from Loot Crate!  This month’s tenuous-as-always theme is “Masters of the Mic”, although there’s at least one direct tie-in item for that.

Here’s a link!

As always, I am assisted with the following pictures of stuff by my lovely child, who is an aspiring YouTuber and would really like to start doing these as videos instead of still photos.

Holy cow, it’s a box!  Let’s open it.

Pretty thrilling so far, huh?  Well, first up, you might notice that there’s a pretty spiffy Finn Balor t-shirt sitting on top of the box.  I don’t know what it means as such, but it’s pretty neat.  Model?

Look at that, it’s a tree or something on it.  And it says “Finn Balor” on the back.  Already wore it in public.

So this is a pair of microphone-themed plastic drinking cups, and they’re pretty nice, actually.

My wife immediately decided that the one on the right would be my favorite, and she was right.  It’s glasses!  You think they have this kind of hard-hitting journalism over at Cagesite Seats or Sportskeeda or whatever?  EXCLUSIVE STUFF HERE.

Anyway, next up is a Stone Cold Steve Austin figure.

What is with the deformed heads on all their figures?  Gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed they switched from the fancy metal ones to kind of a cheap plastic one.  I would have liked a Stone Cold to go with my Rock and John Cena from the previous crates.

Moving on, next up is a book!  Well, a mini book.

It’s a kind of “Here’s some cool facts and history of various guys” type of book, and it’s pretty OK.

Next up, my favorite part of every box of stuff, the pin!

Yeah, it’s the Universal title.  Whatever, I’ll still add it to my collection.

And finally, a foldout with all the info on the stuff, that gives you a poster of the Rock.

Or as Rosalie immediately recognized him, Maui.  Also, on the other side, there’s a mini-poster and profile of Alexa Bliss, and Rose was like “She looks like a real life princess!”  So there you go, your top heel woman on RAW.

Anyway, pretty disappointing collection of things this month overall.  I like the glasses and will use the standard WWE microphone design a lot, and I’ll wear the Balor shirt, but the rest is pretty weak sauce this time around.

If this kind of thing interests YOU, here’s a referral link. Buying this or any other Loot Crate makes me a few bucks, so if you’re looking to do so, I’d appreciate the business.