My idea for the Lance Von Erich Angle in WCCW

Here is one for the blog that’s kind of out there

So as most of us on the blog know in 1985 in World Class, we saw the introduction of Lance Von Erich into the promotion. Fritz thought they needed another Von Erich after David’s death, and I believe this was when Mike had the toxic shock thing happening too him so they were short on Von Erichs. So Fritz pulls a guy from the Dallas area, says hes Walo Von Erichs son, they bring him in to team with his "brothers", the fans s--- on it, Lance goes away.

But what if instead of bring him in as a face to team with his brothers, they instead brought him in as a heel? Say he is Waldo Von Erich son but portray him as the blacksheep of the Von Erich family compared to his brothers who are the goody goody two shoes all americans ( HAHA) and who they wanted to hide. They could have told the fans that they gave him the name Ricky Vaughn to grow up with to hide the fact that he was a Von Erich so than no one can question all that. Have him be a Free bird sympathizer all that s---.

I know crazy idea but I think they could have gotten some Kevin/Kerry/Mike/ vs Lance/Freebirds matches. maybe have Lance team with Gino and Chris to be a six man Dynamic Duo thing. Anyways just an idea

While an evil Von Erich is a cool character idea, unfortunately the whole thing was predicated on making a new superhero, and Fritz would never allow the family name to be soiled. But I agree, bringing him in as a heel first and then perhaps turning him later would have been much more effective.

That being said, it’s not like fans rejected him right away. It really wasn’t until Fritz himself exposed the character that he became a complete pariah.