Lightning Round: So what happens when Vince dies?

Ok, this is morbid but you said in a response to "banned words" Vince is just all kinds of crazy, so let’s say Vince, a man up in age drops dead. A) who takes over the running of the wrestling side of the company; HHH and Steph, or someone else.

Next; what happens to the following:
A) Roman’s push: continues or fades? Bonus: heel turn?
B) banning of phrases/moves:
C) blading: return or stay banned
D) more Mature content or stay PG
E) Brock and old timers: still around to dominate Mania, or reduced in usage
F) who do you think might get a push who is on Vince’s downside?

​I think HHH and Steph take over and sell to Disney or NBC Universal.

a. Roman will be pushed until they find someone better.
b. Totally a Vince thing, that’ll be gone.
c. Stay banned. That’s a corporate directive for sponsors.
d. PG. Again, that’s for the sponsors.
e. Old-timers will remain around as long as they keep selling out stadiums with that formula.
f. Cesaro, hopefully.​