WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event – November 25th, 1989

November 25, 1989

From the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, KS

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, we will see the Ultimate Warrior defend the Intercontinental Title against Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan vs. The Genius, and Dusty Rhodes vs. Big Bossman

We get a video recap of the Andre the Giant and Ultimate Warrior feud.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Andre the Giant w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Ultimate Warrior (c)

Andre goes after Warrior and chokes him out in the corner. He now chokes Warrior out against the ropes as Jesse says he can feel the Intercontinental Title slip away from the Warrior. The Warrior fights back and tries for a running clothesline but spills outside after Andre moved out of the way. Back inside, Andre puts Warrior in a standing surfboard but Warrior eventually breaks free and clotheslines Andre through the ropes. Warrior follows out and lands a couple of punches then heads back inside as we head to break. We return as Andre tries to get inside then grabs a hold of Warrior and chokes him out as the announcers tell us that Warrior kept going outside during the break, which is why Andre did not get choked out. Andre is back in and puts Warrior in a bearhug. Warrior gets out but Andre puts him back in ans Andre is on one knee as Warrior pounds away to no effect. Warrior gets out and nails Andre in the stomach then chops away but Andre grabs his hair and lands a headbutt. Warrior ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own as Andre is now tied up in the ropes. He charges but Andre gets his foot up then we see Heenan grab the belt and head into the ring. Warrior fights him off as the referee tries to untie Andre. Warrior then picks up Heenan and throws him at Andre as he got out then the ref calls for the bell as Warrior is disqualified (9:57) *1/2.

Thoughts: Despite the fact Andre could barely move here and these two never had chemistry together, I enjoyed the story of the match as Warrior was able to overcome Andre’s size at the end, despite losing by interference. They also protected both guys in how this ended and wrapped up their feud and the Heenan’s storyline of wanting to reclaim the Intercontinental Title for his family.


The Genius vs. Hulk Hogan

Genius extends his hand then pulls it back and puts out his other hand and takes that away before stretching out in the corner. The Genius now prances around to avoid Hogan then they lock up as Hogan shoves him through the ropes. Back inside, Genius gets shoved down again but kips up afterwards and poses. Hogan uses a hip toss and a slam but Genius is able to avoid a big boot and head outside where he writes out some sort of mathematical equation on his scroll. Genius goes back in and prances around after taking Hogan down with an armdrag. He then slaps ogan across the face after a break in the corner and hides behind the referee then does some more prancing and cartwheels. Hogan has had enough and hits a pair of clotheslines before ramming Genius into the corner then he mocks the Genius’ prancing. Hogan stays in control and even rakes the eyes with his boot. He hits some mounted punches as we see Mr. Perfect at ringside, saying Hogan is not a perfect champion then puts his gum on the title belt. Hogan heads out and backs Perfect up but that allows Genius to head out and dropkick Hogan into the post. Genius is in control now then hits a moonsault but Hogan kicks out at two then starts to hulk up. Hogan fires away then hits a big boot but Genius rakes the eyes and starts raking the back. Hogan now gives the Genius a taste of his own medicine before slamming him outside of the ring. Perfect tends to the Genius as Hogan heads out to get him out of the way. Hogan rolls Genius inside but Perfect nails Hogan with the belt behind the referee’s back and Hogan ends up getting counted out as the Genius gets the surprise victory (8:37) **. Perfect is inside of the ring with Hogan’s belt then flees with the Genius backstage.

Thoughts: This was enjoyable and it did a good job establishing Perfect as a credible opponent to Hogan. The Genius winning this was one of the biggest shocks in WWF programming of the decade too.


We get a video package on the Dusty Rhodes and Big Bossman feud.


Big Bossman w/ Slick vs. Dusty Rhodes

Dusty starts a chant to get Slick tossed out as the referee shows him Slick’s manager’s license. Dusty tosses it away as Bossman attacks. Dusty fights back but Slick distracts him from the apron as Bossman beats him down. Slick chokes out Dusty behind the ref’s back then Bossman heads out and yells at Dusty’s female superfan before hitting Dusty from behind after Slick provided another distraction. Back inside, Bossman works the arm. Dusty makes a comeback but Bossman cuts that off with a knee smash then goes back to the arm. Dusty avoids a charge in the corner then hammers away but misses an elbow drop as Bossman is back in control. Bossman then asks Slick for his nightstick but Slick gets distracted by the female fan and that allows Dusty to sneak up from behind and roll Bossman up for the win (4:47) *. After the match, Bossman is livid and smacks the nightstick out of Slick’s hand before yelling at the lady. Dusty then invites her into the ring and they dance as Jesse makes fun of them.

Thoughts: Not much of a match but this feud will continue. Bossman getting pissed at Slick after losing is something to keep an eye on going forward as well. The story with Dusty and not-yet named fan is also starting to develop.


Red Rooster vs. Mr. Perfect w/ The Genius

Perfect slaps Rooster across the face then shoves him against the ropes. Perfect then hammers away but Rooster comes back with a knee lift. Rooster struts around after hitting an arm drag then goes for the chicken wing after a tussle on the mat but Perfect reaches the ropes. Perfect hits a back suplex then takes control of the match. Rooster manages to get a nearfall with a sunset flip but Perfect punches him back down on the mat. He hammers away in the corner but eats boot on a charge as Rooster takes him down with a bulldog. Rooster uses a few mat slams then hits a backdrop for a nearfall. Perfect blocks a hip toss with a clothesline then puts Rooster away with the Perfect Plex (4:13) *1/2. After the match, Perfect calls out Hogan.

Thoughts: Slightly more competitive than their match at SummerSlam. This was all about getting Perfect over for a house show run against Hogan and it served its purpose in that regard.


Before the Rockers vs. Brainbusters match, Heenan is with the Brainbusters and argues with them as Okerlund tries to conduct an interview. Heenan is upset over the fact they lost the Tag Team Titles and that they do not listen or do what’s best for the family. We finally know what the dissension was about in the Heenan Family.


2/3 Falls Match: The Rockers. vs. The Brainbusters w/ Bobby Heenan

The fighting between Heenan and his team continues to start the match. Marty flips out of a hip toss and follows with a dropkick before working the arm. He then beats on Tully but gets distracted by Arn as Tully attacks from behind. Marty fights back from the floor and hammers away on Tully and slingshots in with a sunset flip. Arn grabs Tully’s arms for help him out but Shawn runs in and breaks that up as Marty takes Tully over for the pin as Heenan is irate (1:51). Heenan gets into it with his team and the Rockers nearly win the match with stereo reverse rollups. Heenan walks back to the dressing room as Jesse agrees because the Brainbusters are not taking advice. The Rockers run wild and take both men out of the ring with double dropkicks as Heenan says he is finished with his former team. He peaks out of the curtain as the Rockers stay in control. Arn runs over and distracts Marty on the apron as the ref orders Marty back then clotheslines Shawn on the rope as he tried a headscissor takedown then Tully covers and gets his team the second fall (4:13). Before the third fall, Jesse is backstage with Heenan, who says the Brainbusters are a disgrace and the worst team he has ever seen. Heenan then says tells them to stay in the ring and get beat and they are now “homeless.” The third fall starts with the Brainbusters beating on Shawn as Jesse is back in the booth. Marty breaks up a pin after Arn hit a spinebuster then Shawn kicks out of another pin attempt. Shawn tries a bodyscissors but Arn slingshots him into the corner as Tully hits a forearm smash. Tully tags in and tosses Shawn outside. Shawn fights back from the apron and hits a crossbody from the top for a nearfall. Arn tags and cuts off a tag attempt then collides with Shawn as both men are down. Shawn crawls underneath Arn’s legs and makes the tag as Marty runs wild. The Brainbusters try to double-team Marty but Shawn trips up Tully from the outside. Tully runs Shawn into the post but Shawn takes him off then hits Arn with a crossbody from the top and gets the win (7:55) **3/4. After the match, the Brainbusters shake their heads and look distraught.

Thoughts: Solid match but these two teams had much better that you can see from the televised house shows in this era. This match was more about burying the Brainbusters on the way out than it was putting over The Rockers.


Okerlund is backstage as the Genius prances around while Perfect smashes the WWF World Heavyweight Title with a hammer as he will destroy every belt until he gets a title shot. The Genius says they are expressing their First Amendment right and hopes Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave as Perfect says the Heavyweight Title will only be perfect when around his waist. Great segment here to put over the Perfect/Genius act.


Back from commercial, Okerlund holds the World Heavyweight Title belt that Perfect destroyed. Hogan holds it up and says The Genius beating him earlier is eating him up inside then tells Perfect he is burning in soul alive and spit in the face of Hulkamania. However, you cannot destroy the spirit of Hulkamania by destroying a material possession and the only thing left is the ultimate encounter and that will equal a perfect defeat for Mr. Perfect. Really good promo here by Hogan. He was somber and it wasnt the typical “what’cha gonna do, brother” stuff.


The announcers sign off with Vince telling us the show will return with January to kick off the new decade as Jesse declares Hulkamania will end in 1990.


Final Thoughts: The action here wasn’t much but they did a fine job in presenting Mr. Perfect as a threat and following up with other storylines too. A breezy episode of SNME to watch during Thanksgiving Weekend.


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