What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – February 18, 1995

We get more developments in the Bam Bam Bigelow-Lawrence Taylor feud as Taylor’s attorney, Anthony J. Giampapa, announces that he is advising his client to take legal action against Bigelow and the World Wrestling Federation because he believes they are trying to goad Taylor into a match.  He demands that both Bigelow and the WWF “cease and desist” from further activities concerning Taylor.

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are doing commentary and the site of our tapings has changed to West Palm Beach, Florida.  The tapings were done on January 24.  McMahon says that in response to Mr. Giampapa, the WWF will cease promoting the idea of a future Bigelow-Taylor match.

Opening Contest:  Hakushi (w/Shinja) (5-0) defeats Buck Quartermaine after a springboard splash from the apron at 2:35:

Hakushi methodically works over Quartermaine in this bout, flipping and flying around to the amazement of McMahon.  The commentators continue hyping a possible Bret Hart-Hakushi encounter, with McMahon saying that it is becoming increasingly necessary for Bret to defend himself against allegations that he harbors anti-Japanese sentiment.

Stephanie Wiand continues hyping the Madison Square Garden card for March 19.  WWF Champion Diesel reminds the audience that he Jackknifed Jarrett at the last Madison Square Garden show and that he has not forgotten that Shawn Michaels superkicked him after the bout.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match:  The Smoking Gunns (Champions) (2-0) wrestle The New Headshrinkers (w/Afa & Captain Lou Albano) (2-1) to a double count out at 10:37 shown:

The Headshrinkers earned this match by annihilating Well Dunn on last week’s show.  The Headshrinkers are also still doing their silly “civilization” gimmick as Sione misses a dive off the top rope because he is not used to standing with boots on.  Although the men from the islands spam the clothesline a bit much, the Gunns keep the match going at a brisk pace and really sell the idea that they are in fight for the fight of their life against stronger opponents.  One of the highlights of the bout is a sick Tombstone that Sione gives to Billy Gunn as Gunn’s head is just mere feet from the canvas before the move is delivered and yet Sione follows through with it anyway.  The Blu Brothers come out to “scout” the match and cost the Headshrinkers the victory when they pull Fatu out of the ring when he has Billy covered for what appears to be the winning pin, thereby setting up a future feud between the Blus and the Headshrinkers and ruining the finish to what was the best tag team match in 1995 thus far.  Rating:  ***¼

Stan Lane hosts a segment with Bob Mitchell, the publisher of WWF Magazine, and Amy Stewart, a young fan.  Mitchell and Stewart give Bret Hart the “Award of the People” that was voted on my WWF fans in the summer of 1994.  Bret says he is humbled to win the award and says it is good to have the backing of the people.

Razor Ramon (3-2) pins Bill Payne after the Razor’s Edge at 3:01:

Ramon tells the ring attendant that “This is the only gold I have left for now!” when he hands him his chains.  He then proceeds to run through his usual offense on Payne as McMahon and Lawler prefer to discuss Diesel’s appearance at the NBA All-Star Game.

Lawler hypes the fact that Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett will finally get a title shot against WWF Champion Diesel on Monday Night RAW.  This segways into a video package segment that hypes the world titleholder.

Shawn Michaels brags that his popularity is growing after winning the Royal Rumble.  He promises to unveil his bodyguard this Monday on RAW.

Stan Lane interviews The British Bulldog, who says that the only way Michaels beat him in the Royal Rumble was to jump him from behind.  He promises that he will be gunning for Michaels in next week’s twenty man battle royal.

Kwang (w/Harvey Wippleman) (1-1) defeats Rick Santana after a spinning heel kick at 1:38:

Kwang has not been on television in nearly a month, last losing to Doink the Clown on a prior episode of Superstars.  Santana musters no offense against Kwang, who quickly chops and kicks his way to victory.

Stephanie Wiand keeps the hype on for the “In High Gear” Tour.

Catch Bret Hart on the next episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Bret Hart tells the announce crew that he feels special to have received an award from the WWF fans.  He tells Lawler that he thought he got rid of him a long time ago and that if Lawler does not shut up about him he will shut his mouth for good.  Lawler fires back that Bret is a racist and that he treats “racism like an Olympic sport.”

Tune in next week to see a twenty man battle royal that will feature Shawn Michaels, the British Bulldog, the 1-2-3 Kid, King Kong Bundy, and Jerry Lawler, among others.

The Last Word:  This show had to cram two hours of programming into one since there was no Monday Night RAW due to the Westminster Dog Show.  It did an okay job hyping the next RAW, reminding us of the big events taking place on that show, but it was the tag team title match that really made this broadcast.  The Gunns are putting together some nice title defenses to start their run but the dearth of quality heel teams is likely to hurt them over the long-term.

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