In the Observer recap you said about Barry Windham:

"Anyone else would have ridden that sucker all the way back to the main event, but Windham was too lazy by that point to even do it consistently afterwards."

Was that Windham’s thing? Hew never really made it super huge because he was lazy? I always thought he was really talented and i just wondered why he never became a bigger name in wrestling.

Yeah, Dusty used to talk about it when he’d do shoot interviews and the like. Basically Barry was incredibly talented and Dusty wanted to make him his protege and push him to the moon, but Barry just didn’t have the motivation or drive to take himself to the next level. He was a lot like Brad Armstrong — blessed with incredible amounts of natural talent, but just too laid back to be the top star for any length of time. And hey, speaking as someone who’s pretty chill 99% of the time myself, I can totally understand that not everyone wants to be the rock star.