WWE in person

What does it say about the WWE product that I didn’t care at all to buy tickets despite a televised show being in my hometown, and then after seeing the show on TV, I’m very thankful I didn’t waste my money?

I know I probably say this a lot (especially to my editor at Sporting News when he e-mails me about doing a PPV recap and I reply with the e-mail equivalent of a blank stare) but I was reading the results of RAW and it was apparently the go-home show to the PPV and I was like "THERE’S A PPV ON SUNDAY?!?" Like seriously, wasn’t seven hours of Wrestlemania enough for the entire month of April?

Also, WWE posting an excerpt from a WWE.com interview with Roman Reigns where he equates his OLDER BROTHER DYING with taking a fake beating from Braun Strowman is pretty up there in ways to not make me want to watch this show.