NWA World Championship Wrestling, August 9, 1986

The Four Horsemen do some damage to new NWA World Champ Dusty Rhodes, the war rages on between the Rock & Roll Express and the Andersons, a classic Ric Flair promo, and there’s a new World Junior Heavyweight champion, That and much more on this week’s edition…

We open with the Andersons jumping the Rock & Roll Express in the ring. They dump Ricky Morton outside and double-team Robert Gibson, working on his back and ribs, which are already taped up. Finally, Morton comes in with a chair to run the Andersons off, but the damage is done.

We go to the TBS Studio. Tony Schiavone & David Crockett are our hosts this week. Jim Cornette, wearing ridiculous sunglasses, and Big Bubba come out. Cornette said his mom went to a royal wedding in England and hobnobbed with Elton John, who gave the glasses to her as a present for Jim. Cornette is still feuding with Baby Doll and says Dusty Rhodes is bound to lose his title soon. Cornette is sticking around for color commentary, thank goodness.

To the ring, it’s the Kansas Jayhawks vs. Bill Mulkey & Pat Meyers. Dutch Mantel cracks his bull whip, to the delight of the crowd. Quick tags from the Jayhawks as Mantel and Jaggers work over Mulkey Mania with brawling tactics. Meyers doesn’t fare much better. The Jayhawks win it with Jaggers holding Meyers in an elevated bear hug and Mantel coming off the second rope with a clothesline. Much like the Hart Attack finisher, except it’s off the second rope. *

The Rock & Roll Express come to the podium, and Cornette disappears quickly. Gibson vows revenge on the Andersons and they both vow to be the next NWA World Tag Team champions, taking the belts off the Midnight Express very soon…

We get video of the continuation of the fight from the top of the show. As the Andersons were giving an interview, gloating, the R&R Express attack with chairs. We’ve got fisticuffs, which Morton and Gibson get the better of, as the fight continues into the arena tunnel.

Magnum T.A. joins Tony. The best-of-seven series for the U.S. Title rages on. Nikita still has a 3-2 edge. The most recent bout ended in a double DQ. Magnum says he doesn’t care what the Kremlin dictates or what the NWA says at this point. He’s doing this for himself and all the people that have backed him through this whole thing. Magnum says the U.S. Title is coming back home.

To the ring, the newly bald Jimmy Valiant vs. Tony Zane. Valiant is wearing a do-rag to cover his baldness. Usual brawling crap, with no wrestling moves in sight. Valiant applies a nerve hold that Randy Orton would think is too much stalling. Valiant wins with the elbow drop. DUD

“Captain Redneck” Dick Murdoch joins Tony at the podium. Murdoch says he’s here to help Dusty, Magnum, Ron Garvin and the others. Baby Doll comes out comes to thank Murdoch for being here and having her back against Jim Cornette. She plants a kiss on his cheek as well.

To the ring, it’s the Warlord w/ Baby Doll vs. George South. Cornette reappears at the podium, with Big Bubba, and calls Baby Doll a fat hog and a big, fat sow. Warlord overpowers South repeatedly and puts him away quickly with an over-the-shoulder powerslam. DUD

After a break, we go to video from Kansas City, for footage of Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair for the NWA Title. This is the start of Crockett Promotions’ infiltration of the Central States territory, which was a colossal mistake, but that’s another story for another day. The ring announcer introduces special guests, former Central States Champion (back in 1984) Tully Blanchard & J.J. Dillon. Tully says he can see the people in KC haven’t changed much, but they can see that he has. Tully says he’s the #1 contender as the National Heavyweight champion, and issues an open challenge to Dusty if he’s fortunate enough to retain the title tonight…

We jump to the final seconds of the match. Rhodes pounds away on Flair in the corner and sends him reeling with an elbow to the head. However, Flair kicks the back of Dusty’s knee, which he’s injured before. Flair charges Rhodes in the corner, but Dusty delivers a clothesline, covers and gets the three count and the win, but Flair’s left foot is clearly under the bottom rope. Dillon comes out to argue that the pin shouldn’t have counted. Then Blanchard comes in with a steel chair and does a Tonya Harding on Dusty’s knee. He pounds it repeatedly with the chair, then stomps on it over and over. Flair locks in the figure-four and Tully comes off the top rope with the knee into Rhodes. Blanchard then drops elbows on the champ before the faces finally come to the rescue.

We go to an interview with Dusty Rhodes following the attack in KC. Dusty says he’s gonna get justice for himself on this one and he’s got something Ric Flair will never take from him again, the World Title. No Nostradamus Award for Dusty this week. Dusty says as long as he can walk, as long as he can breathe, he will pick himself up every time. Dusty vows to start hurting people.

Khrusher Khrushchev & Nikita Koloff vs. Randy Bryant & Bill Tabb. The Russian sympathizer and the “Russian Nightmare” manhandle Bryant early on. Big Bill Tabb tags in and there’s a staredown between him and Nikita. Tabb’s physique is almost as jacked as Nikita’s, but Koloff lands a boot to the midsection and slugs him in the back, then tags in Khrusher for more demolition. They dump Tabb outside and Nikita drives him into the apron. The commies work over Tabb for several minutes. Finally, Nikita ends it with the Russian Sickle, which hits Tabb more in the face than the neck. 1/2*

After a break, Cornette interviews Paul Jones & the Army. They take great amusement at the fact Jimmy Valiant is now bald. Jones says he’s offered Manny Fernandez a lot of money to join the Army, and the offer is still open. Hmm… Shaska gloats for a bit as Jones pulls out a piece of Valiant’s hair. Cornette touches it and is immediately disgusted. Get that man some hand sanitizer.

To the ring, Dick Murdoch vs. Vernon Deaton. Cornette mocks Murdoch for driving pickup trucks, listening to country music and his other redneck tendencies. Murdoch decimates Deaton and puts him away quickly with a brainbuster, holding Deaton vertically for several seconds before dropping him on his head. *

Former NWA Champ Ric Flair joins Cornette for an interview. Flair says there was no conspiracy to attack Dusty in Kansas City. Dillon came in to dispute a bad call and Blanchard came in because he doesn’t like Dusty Rhodes.

Life is made up of two kinds of people: leaders and followers. In our sport, it’s champions and contenders. Right now Dusty Rhodes, you’re walking around the world with the greatest trophy of them all. I know. The World Heavyweight Championship around your waist. You’re the man. I’m the one that coined the phrase, to the be man, you’ve gotta beat the man. Well Big Dust, you’re still the man, but let me tell you how it is. You see, just yesterday, I went into Michaels in Kansas City, and my buddy Keith Michaels said, whoo, ‘Nature Boy, you are still stylin’ and profilin’. You are still Slick Ric from head to toe.’  And Tully Blanchard bought a whole bunch of clothes. You know why? Because we’re getting to you. Big Dust, we’re getting to you. We don’t like you and we’re gonna hurt you. And that’s the bottom line.

You see, when you’re the champion, you haven’t got time to think about the figure-four, because when you wake up, you’ve got to think about the belly-to-belly, and you gotta go to sleep that night thinking about the Sickle. And you’ve gotta worry about the Road Warriors, and Murdoch and the Garvins and the Wahoos, and pretty soon, some little chicky on your arm says, ‘You’re not from here.’ That’s what the World Heavyweight Championship is all about.

You’ve gotta learn to pay the price and tonight in St. Louis, or in Greenville, South Carolina, or in Columbia, or Nashville, you are gonna pay the dues back to me. That’s the way it’s gonna be. Because, you can bet your life on this. I am not walking in to the Los Angeles Forum with Deborah Shelton on my arm, Jack Nicholson leading the way, Magic, James and Kareem sitting in the front row, without that World Title. And that’s a fact of God! You understand that? WHOO! Ric Flair is telling it like it is!

So awesome. That was a money promo from the master.

To the ring, it’s new NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Steve Regal vs. Rocky King. King with an early reversal, but Regal catches him coming in. Regal delivers a vertical suplex, but King keeps firing back. King nails a dropkick, but misses a second. Regal delivers the Russian Leg Sweep and the pin, and that’s over quickly. *

Nikita Koloff and Khrusher Khrushchev join Tony. Khrusher tells the Jayhawks to stop imitating their moves, and warns Dick Murdoch about calling out the Russians. Khrusher says Nikita has proven he’s better than Magnum T.A. and he is the U.S. champ. Nikita says the whole world will soon see him and U.S. champ and he tells Dusty that Ric Flair is ready for him. Interesting.

NWA World Tag Team Champion Midnight Express vs. Darrin Evans and Tom Pittman. Loverboy Dennis delivers repeated knees to the back of Pittman’s head. Beautiful Bobby dumps him outside and Dennis throws him back in. Bodyslam by Bobby, followed by a top-rope knee drop. Cornette mocks the jobbers, asking what their names are and says he’s never seen them before. He says they probably had to go out on the street and find a couple of people who are semi-retarded, because that’s the only people who are stupid enough to get in the ring with the Midnight Express. Not PC at all. Dennis slams Pittman. He tags in Evans, who is quickly brutalized. They finish him off with the Rocket Launcher. **

Tully Blanchard and J.J. Dillon join Cornette for an interview. Dillon again negates the idea that the attack on Dusty in KC was a conspiracy, as they show the video again. Dillon says Tully did it because it’s a personal issue between him and Dusty. Dillon says Rhodes is destined to be, at best, a 30-day champion. Tully says if Ric Flair doesn’t beat him to it, he’s going to take the World Title from Dusty Rhodes. Tully says he doesn’t like Dusty and it goes back several years and that’s the reason he came to the ring and beat him half to death with a chair.

To the ring, it’s the Rock & Roll Express vs. Pablo Crenshaw & Bob Burroughs. Morton backdrops Crenshaw. Cornette says the R&R are the challengers that make him the sickest and he wishes they would once and for all get out of his life. The R&R end it quickly with the double-dropkick on Burroughs*…

The Andersons jump Gibson & Morton again! Morton gets dumped out and they double-team Gibson. Arn goes to the top rope as Ole holds Gibson, but Morton catches Arn with a back elbow and saves his partner. The Andersons leave, but they’ve done more damage to Gibson.

After a break, Jimmy Garvin & Precious join Cornette. Garvin gives Dusty Rhodes 10 seconds to come out here and defend the title “against the greatest wrestler in the world today, which is Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, and by the way, it’s not my fault.” Garvin says Rhodes isn’t a very good champion and doesn’t have very good choice in women either. He refers to Baby Doll as “loose” and “sleazy” and mocks her for kissing up to Dick Murdoch, who ripped off his brainbuster. Funny stuff.

To the ring, it’s Buddy Landell w/ Bill Dundee vs. Randy Barber. Landell pounds away on Barber, delivers the corkscrew elbow and the figure-four leglock for a quick win. *

Cornette interviews Landell and Dundee. Dundee says Landell is the only “Nature Boy” and they’re mad they aren’t getting any title shots. He even says they’re the best tag team in wrestling and no offense to Jim Cornette, but if he disagrees, they should put the title up. Landell says that “bogus” Ric Flair can’t get the job done.

Cornette wraps up the show challenging Dusty to apologize to him, or he’s going to have to get in the ring with Big Bubba. If he doesn’t, something drastic is going to have to be done to Dusty, or maybe someone close to him. Cornette adds that the Rock & Roll Express or anybody else that has the guts, try to take the belts from the Midnight Express.

That wraps up an eventful show. The in-ring action wasn’t great this week, but the clips were very eventful, Flair’s promo was fantastic, and feuds continue to rage on or heat up in JCP. Thanks for reading.

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