Mid-South Wrestling – August 12th, 1982

August 12, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bob Roop


Roop talks about this being the third straight week of the Junkyard Dog not being here as he wants to know why that is okay. After that we see the introduction of a match between JYD and Nick Bockwinkel w/ Bobby Heenan from the Sam Houston Coliseum. The ring announcer here is Bruce Prichard. JYD was crowned the “King of Wrestling” here. After that, Roop wants JYD to stop sulking and act like the man he thinks he is as we go to break.


Ted DiBiase & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Mike Bond & Jesse Barr

DiBiase hits a slam then tags out as Duggan beats on Barr. He hits a swinging neckbreaker then works a front facelock before DiBiase tags back in and inflicts some punishment. Barr fights back and works the arm before tagging out as they are using quick tags to neutralize DiBiase. Barr gets his eyes raked and Duggan tags but he gets a dropkick. Barr then gets booted down and Duggan hits a knee drop. Bond tags in and fires away to little effect as Duggan knocks him down then DiBiase tags and gets the win with a figure four (4:02).

Thoughts: Good win to establish DiBiase & Duggan as a team. Its clear that Mid-South has huge plans for these two as a duo.


Tug Taylor vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Roop lets us know that Taylor holds the Texas State Bench Press record at 524 lbs as they fight over a lockup. They trade full nelsons then end in a stalemate. Taylor slams Sharpe but misses an elbow as Sharpe now works the arm. Sharpe fights off a comeback and works a reverse chinlock. Sharpe hits a dropkick then shortly after that hits a piledriver for the win (5:06).

Thoughts: An incredibly boring match. The announcers talked about Sharpe’s feud with Akbar over the piledriver but the fans sat on their hands watching this match.


We see the Dick Murdoch vs. Hangman Harris match from the 5/27/82 show . Murdoch will be back next week from a tour of Japan.


Billy Starr vs. “Precious” Paul Ellering

Ellering uses a drop toehold then Starr reaches the ropes. Ellering now works a side headlock on the mat then slugs away. He hits a standing dropkick then uses a headscissor takeover and works that on the mat. Starr fights back and rams Ellering into the turnbuckle but Ellering cuts him off with a knee smash then kicks Starr in the face. Ellering hammers away then hits a suplex for a nearfall before putting Starr away with a reverse neckbreaker (4:40).

Thoughts: Another dull match. Ellering was never any good in the ring to begin with but was in the midst of a midcard push.


Killer Khan w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Tommy Saxon

Khan backs Saxon into the ropes and hammers away. He stays in control and beats on Saxon until the flying knee drop gets the win (2:32). Roop now has to leave to catch a plane somewhere.

Thoughts: A dominating performance by Khan, the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion.


Ted DiBiase joins Pierce on commentary now as Jim Duggan is behind them wearing a pair of jeans, shades, and a bandana. Pierce tells us JYD will be meeting DiBiase next week in either a Tag Team Title match or a singles match for the North American Heavyweight Title. And we now have a huge match set for next week’s show.


Mr. Olympia vs. Vinnie Romeo

DiBiase tells us that Olympia should break out on his own instead of latching on to JYD. Olympia grounds Romeo after a fast-paced sequence as Duggan yells about JYD not having enough guts to show up next week. Pierce brings up Murdoch as DiBiase says he is a champion and no longer a rookie and demands respect from everyone. Pierce lets us know that Kevin Von Erich will be here next week as Olympia hits a pair of dropkicks then a pair of backdrops before a crossbody off the middle rope gets the win (3:46).

Thoughts: Mr. Olympia looked good at least as DiBiase did a great job on commentary getting himself over as a heel.


Pierce wants to know if he will face JYD as DiBiase says he has an open contract for JYD and wants a shot at the Tag Team Titles as if he loses the Tag Team Titles, then he will have to leave Mid-South as he has lost every title there is to lose. Duggan then tells JYD they are not hard to find and sign their name on the contract.


Final Thoughts: Really just a placeholder show with poor in-ring action but it did set up for a big show next week with Dick Murdoch’s return, Kevin Von Erich’s debut and a match between DiBiase and JYD and its something I am very much looking forward to seeing.


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