WWE 205 Live – April 4th, 2017


Tonight on 205 Live, hoo boy, have we got a deal for you! We’re going to have a Fatal 4-Way match to determine the #1 Contender for Adrian Neville’s Cruiserweight title, as Jack Gallagher, TJ Perkins, Austin Aries, & Mustafa Ali will face off!

Now, I know what you might be thinking – between Raw, 205 Live, & PPV, Neville is a combined 9-0 against that troupe in televised matches so far! And there’s a ton of guys that might be ready to step up to that spot (Did they just lose Gran Metalik somewhere?), so maybe it’s time to try out someone new! But fear not, because THIS time will be different!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

WWE 205 Live – 4/4/17

Video package of the Cruiserweight title match from the Wrestlemania preshow. Best match on the show. Yeah, I said it. Better than everything on ‘Mania, too.

We are LIVE from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, for the very last show of Wrestlemania weekend! Your hosts are Tom Phillips & Corey Graves.

And there’s the music of Akira Tozawa to start us off! Let’s go back to last week where Akira once again got ‘taught a lesson’ by Brian Kendrick, because nothing gets a guy over like continually looking like a moron! “I’m a man with a plan!” Why, that’s the entrance theme of “The” Brian Kendrick! He makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand. “Akira Tozawa. Buddy, I can’t believe you asked for this rematch!” Tozawa really doesn’t get it, does he? Lesson #10 – it’s not about athleticism; it’s about psychological supremacy!” Yeah!

“The” Brian Kendrick vs Akira Tozawa

No handshake. Akira charges, so Kendrick just bails to the floor. He looks to get back in, but steps back out when Tozawa charges. Joy. Let’s stall. “This is what the Brian Kendrick does best!” says Graves. Spot on, Corey. A little too spot on. Akira leaps from the ring to give chase, Kendrick slides back in and tries to ambush Tozawa, but Akira fires rights to take control. Irish whip by Akira, bicycle kick by Tozawa! Kick to the chest of a seated Kendrick and a leaping senton gets two. Back up and Kendrick decides he wants a chop battle, which might be the dumbest thing you can do against Tozawa, for real. Akira goes to fire another chop at Brian, who covers up – Akira waits him out and goes for the big shot, but Kendrick ducks and rolls him up for two. Tozawa gets back up and clobbers him anyway. Akira charges Kendrick against the ropes, Kendrick kicks him away, Tozawa back at it as the ref tries to pull him off, Kendrick with the Greco-Roman thumb to the eye. Heel kick by Brian gets two. Kendrick with crossfaces and he goes for the Hook, but Akira is too close to the ropes and Brian switches to a Camel Clutch, gouging at the eyes and nose of Akira.

Tozawa gets back to his feet and frees himself with elbows, Kendrick with a shot to the back, Brian off the ropes, dropkick by Akira! Back up and it’s Akira with rights, Kendrick with a kneelift and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex, Akira goes over the top and lands on his feet, straight right knocks Brian down. Cross-corner whip by Akira and he follows that in with a forearm, then another that he follows in with a kick. A third attempt and Brian moves, Kendrick off the ropes, ‘rana by Tozawa sends Brian to the apron, and a forearm sends him to the floor. Tope by Akira! He tosses Kendrick back in and goes up, but Brian crotches him on the top. Superplex attempt, Akira nails Kendrick to stop that. Kendrick complains to the ref that he was thumbed in the eye, then charges the corner, Tozawa leaps over the top of him and lands awkwardly on the knee. The ref keeps Kendrick back as Akira pulls down his kneepad, Kendrick goes after him again, and it turns out that Tozawa was FAKING IT! That cad! And that results in a rollup that gets the 1, 2, 3 as Akira finally puts one in the win column against Brian. (Akira Tozawa over “The” Brian Kendrick, pinfall, 5:24)

WORTH WATCHING? – Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking; Akira has ‘learned’ from Kendrick and faked the knee injury to get the pin. Shocking! I suppose that advances the story a bit, but the match itself wasn’t much. NO, I’d skip. Brian Kendrick does nothing for me on any level at this point, and watching guys slow down to let him keep up doesn’t help anyone, least of all Akira. So, now he’s going to start winning using the tactics that he’s learned from Kendrick? Is that where we’re going? I’m sorry if I don’t want to see that, but Tozawa is an excellent wrestler that has enough charisma to get over on this show by just running through dudes left and right, and he’s been mired in this story with Kendrick for literal MONTHS, when he should have run through him like a hot knife through butter in 3 weeks, max. We’ve got a main event tonight to crown a #1 contender for Neville between 4 guys that Neville has beaten like drums; what would it look like if Akira had been a worldbeater up to this point? Neville would have an actual fresh challenger that the crowd likes and wants to buy into. Oh well, let’s bring on more matches with Kendrick, I suppose.

Post-match, Akira get a mic. “Psychological supremacy?” That was lesson number one! Oh boy, I hope we get 9 more lessons and this storyline keeps going! Tozawa celebrates with a smile and some high-stepping; despite this anchor of a story, he’s gonna get over just off sheer charisma.

Next year, Wrestlemania returns to New Orleans! Let me give anyone reading this some advice – GO. FUCKING GO. New Orleans is awesome and was a great venue for ‘Mania, plus if it sucks, you can just go to Bourbon Street and drink it away. I’ve already started reminding my wife about how much we loved New Orleans when we went there for Wrestlemania 30 and how great it would be to go back.

We’re back now to the music of Rich Swann! Rich does some dancin’ down to the ring as we’re reminded that last week, he was set to face Noam Dar, but Dar has gone down to an injury. And here’s his opponent, Oney Lorcan from NXT! Where do they come up with these names? Anyway, the former Biff Busick and Swann have faced off before on the indys, so let’s see how this goes.

Oney Lorcan vs Rich Swann

Handshake is accepted. Lorcan charges Swann right after the bell with a European uppercut in the corner, then a body block in the corner. Another body block! He loads up a third one, but Swann gets out of the way now and he charges, Lorcan catches him with a back elbow and goes up, then dives over a charging Rich. They run the ropes, Swann with a dropkick that Oney swats away, and Lorcan follows that with a lariat! Turned Swann inside-out on that one. 1, 2, no! Oney mounts with rights and poses as the crowd chants for him. Chop by Lorcan, another, then a kneelift for Rich. Off the ropes, abdominal stretch by Lorcan. Swann elbows out and comes off the ropes, but a knee from Oney sends him back to the mat. This has been a shitkicking by Lorcan so far. Lorcan suplexes Rich onto the top rope and covers for two. Lorcan with a bodyscissors now. He works it until Rich elbows out, Oney charges Swann in the corner and runs right into a kick. Swann goes up, but Lorcan shoves him and crotches him on the top buckle. Lorcan looks for a top rope half and half suplex, Rich fires elbows to get out of that, Lorcan with a forearm to the back and he goes for it again, hits it, Swann lands on his feet! Spinning back kick by Swann, and he goes for a double underhook, Lorcan just picks him up and SLAMS him into the corner buckle! That sounded awesome. 1, 2, NO! Lorcan fires a European uppercut and a forearm, Oney off the ropes, backslide by Rich gets one. Back up and now it’s Rich with right hands and a pair of clotheslines, then he runs over the back of a seated Oney and hits a back kick. Neato. Swann with a chop in the corner, but he runs into a kick from Lorcan off a blind charge, Lorcan goes up, back kick by Swann to the head, then a ‘rana off the ropes by Rich! Swann goes up, Phoenix splash by Rich! That’ll do it. (Rich Swann over Oney Lorcan, pinfall, 6:44)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was tremendous fun to watch. Lorcan came out and just killed Rich with stiff shots, and he looked great doing it. YES, this one was a keeper to me. Rich sold his ass off out there to get Oney over, and his win didn’t hurt Lorcan all that much as it looked like Swann hit a few moves and got lucky while Oney looked like a killer in the early part of the match. Good stuff here.

Post-match, Rich holds his neck as he celebrates while we see the replays. Damn, those shots looked stiff as hell. And he’s got a mic! “Orlando! I gotta get something off my chest!” You see, for weeks, there’s been a pretty lady named Alicia Fox who’s been getting presents delivered to her! He’s here to tell the truth – Noam Dar has been taking credit for those gifts, but it wasn’t Noam giving her those gifts – it was Rich! Well, of course it was. Who wouldn’t want her – after all, ALICIA FOX IS THE STAR OF THIS SHOW. Rich heads to the back as the announcers debate this shocking turn of events!

In the back, Mustafa Ali is WALKING! But he’s stopped by Drew Gulak, who’s got on a suit and a big smile! “Thrilling match on Raw last night!” Once again, the WWE universe was impressed even in defeat against Neville! He wonders, though, would Ali have won if he, maybe, wrestled a bit more conservatively? Perhaps he should take that into account during tonight’s four way…..Ali interrupts, telling him that he can wonder whatever he wants, but in case he wasn’t clear last week, he’s not buying whatever Gulak is selling. Gulak tells him that whether he likes it or not, change is coming to 205 live, and the risky style that Ali is selling isn’t going to work on the new 205 Live, so Drew was just offering Ali the chance to be on the right side of history!

Okay, I gotta say that I was wrong in the beginning about all this, because Gulak was tremendous here as the smiling gladhandler with a bit of menace behind him. I’m intrigued.

Back to the announce table, as Phillips thanks everyone for the weekend, but they’d like to take a moment to reintroduce some familiar faces from the WWE network.

We cut to the stage, and the ring announcer asks us to welcome back the stars of the WWE United Kingdom tournament! We’ve got Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Wolfgang, & Pete Dunne! And now, music plays for the UK champ, as Tyler Bate makes his way out to give a bit of waving. Phillips tells us that they’ll be touring with the 205 Live crew in England, and that we’re going to have a weekly UK show coming soon to the Network!

Total Divas promo.

Tonight on Talking Smack, Shane McMahon and Renee Young will have Tye Dillinger and Naomi!

Fireworks! It’s time to hear from the champ! Neville makes his way out; I love how he just stalks to the ring and doesn’t do any posing, because FUCK YOU, CROWD. Outstanding. Give the champ a mic! “There is no one on the Neville level!” It feels good to be proven right, doesn’t it? Well, crowd, you wouldn’t know – you backed Austin Aries, and how did that turn out for you? He holds up the belt – this says it all, doesn’t it? Now, his monumental victory at Wrestlemania was a crowning moment in his already storied career. And for those of you that want to belittle his legacy – don’t think he hasn’t heard the rumors! That he gouged Aries’ repaired eye socket out of desperation? No, he did that because Austin deserved it!

God, I love this man so much. He was wasted as a face for far too long.

Neville calls for the crowd to give 3 cheers for the King, and they DO. You see, in moments of celebration, it’s important to give thanks; he’s a man of principle, so he’d like to thank the crowd! He’d like to thank them all for never believing in him! Because it lit a fire in his belly, so from the bottom of his heart, thank you all! He’d also like to thank Austin Aries; his sensational victory at Wrestlemania wouldn’t have been the same without such a detestable clown to obliterate! And finally, he’d like to thank the entire 205 Live roster, because their persistent and futile attempts at his crown have done nothing but bolster his reputation! So thanks, lads! So tonight, the circus continues, so he’s going to sit at ringside and watch this match, because it’s really just 4 more lambs to the slaughter!

Let’s take a moment, because that was great.

WWE Shop ad.

Thanks to Pitbull for Greenlight – it was an official song of Wrestlemania!

Main event time! Let’s get started with the music of Gentleman Jack Gallagher! He’s out with William the Umbrella.

Neville beat him already.

Who’s next? Why, it’s TJ Perkins! Power up maximum douche. He won the Cruiserweight Classic, you know!

Neville beat him already, too.

And there’s the music of Mustafa Ali, who’s out and fired up!

Neville literally beat him yesterday.

Rounding out our 4some tonight, it’s Austin Aries! He and Neville have a brief staredown before Austin hits the ring.

Neville beat him on Sunday.


Austin Aries vs Mustafa Ali vs Jack Gallagher (w/ William the Umbrella) vs TJ Perkins – Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender match

Handshakes all around. Here we go, one fall to a finish. Ali pairs off with Aries, while Jack and TJ go at it. TJ sends Jack to the floor and charges at Aries, who ends up flipping him into a ‘rana on Ali to send Mustafa to the floor, leaving us with TJ and Austin in the ring. Armdrag by Austin, he drops a knee on TJ’s arm for a one count off a knucklelock. TJ kips up and keeps the knucklelock on one hand, runs the top rope and comes off as Gallagher gets back in the ring with a knucklelock takeover on Aries and a headscissors takeover on Jack, which was pretty cool. Both guys hit the floor and TJ looks to fly, Ali comes in from behind and attempts to toss Perkins, TJ catches himself in the ropes. Ali charges and TJ moves, sending Mustafa to the floor now, and TJ follows him out with a twisting crossbody. TJ poses back on the apron, so Jack comes back in and just kicks him back down to the floor in a funny spot. Jack wants to fly so he gets his umbrella, but Aries cuts that off and attempts to suplex Gallagher back in, but Jack lands on his feet.

Armdrag by Austin into a headscissors from Jack, Aries handstands out of that and hits a seated dropkick. Aries alone in the ring now and he decides to take a seat on the ropes. TJ comes back in and eats an elbow, whip to the corner by Aries, blind charge meets elbow from TJ. Jack back in, and he eats a clothesline from Perkins as Aries takes a bulldog. TJ drapes Austin across the middle rope, in and out dropkick from TJ. Ali back in, TJ hits him with a spinning back kick, Ali comes back with a ‘rana. He catches the leg of Perkins and a spinning heel kick gets two. Gallagher back with a wristlock, Ali reverses and sends him to the corner, Jack with a headstand on the buckles. Austin comes back and shoves him off, Jack with a forearm to Aries and Ali comes up from behind, standing switch, Jack goes for a suplex, Ali lands on his feet, TJ springs back in with a nice dropkick on Mustafa. TJ catches Jack next and slaps on the kneebar, Jack rolls over and Aries comes in with the Last Chancery on TJ.

TJ may tap! Or not, because Ali comes off the ropes with a dropkick on both guys. Ali and Jack now, and Ali comes off the ropes with a sloppy springboard crossbody for two. Mustafa goes after TJ in the corner, but gets alley-ooped to the apron and hit with elbows by Perkins. Jack comes over and TJ goes for the Detonation Kick, Jack turns that into a Dragon sleeper, now Aries is back in and he puts Gallagher in a Dragon sleeper, and Ali somersaults in with a neckbreaker on Aries to drop all 3 guys. Contrived, but cute. Ali covers Aries for one, then Gallagher for two and Perkins for two. Ali goes up, Aries cuts him off at the top, Superplex attempt is countered as TJ comes over and puts Austin on his shoulders, Aries wiggles free and crotches Ali on the top. Jack back in and now he and Austin go up, standing on the back of Perkins, and hit a double superplex on Ali! Cover on both Perkins and Ali, but both kick out at two.

Aries and Gallagher battle it out, with Aries getting a gutbuster and an STO, Pendulum elbow by Aries hits. They trade waistlocks and Austin rolls him up for two. They run the ropes and Aries goes through the middle rope with a double clothesline onto Ali and Perkins on the floor. Jack gets the umbrella now, and here’s the umbrella dive onto all three guys. Jack tosses TJ back in and charges in the corner with the running dropkick, TJ moves and hits a spinning back kick to Jack, Ali back in and TJ charges, but eats an elbow from Mustafa. Ali off the ropes, tornado DDT! 1, 2, Aries saves it. Cross-corner whip by Austin, Ali escapes to the apron on an Aries charge, Aries hits him with an elbow and attempts to suplex him back in the ring off the top from the outside, but moves out of the way as a running dropkick from Gallagher damn near takes off Ali’s head and sends him flying back to the floor.

Gallagher avoids a charge from Austin and gets a rollup for two, but can’t avoid the elbow a second time from Aries. Austin comes off the ropes, and runs right into a headbutt from Gallagher, who falls on top of Austin for two, as TJ saves it from the floor by pulling Aries out. Perkins and Gallagher slug it out in the middle of the ring now, Jack takes advantage with European uppercuts, but TJ comes right back with kicks and hits the Detonation kick, Gallagher bounces off the ropes and nails Perkins with a headbutt. Both guys are staggered from that, and that allows Austin to come back in and clobber TJ with a discus fivearm, and that makes Austin Aries the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight title. (Austin Aries over TJ Perkins, Jack Gallagher, & Mustafa Ali, pinfall, 11:27)

WORTH WATCHING? – Absolutely non-stop action, this one gets a YES, check it out for sure. Worth noting is that TJ looked like a star once again out there after several lackluster performances, and the match layout allowed everyone to get the advantage and get their stuff in. I was pleased that no one kicked out of any finishers, that saves were made from submission holds instead of them being broken, and the finish was clean but protected both Jack and TJ in doing so. Good stuff all around here.

Post-match, Aries and Neville have a bit of a staredown as the replays play. They jaw at each other and we’re done for the week here on 205 Live.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: The main event was great, and seeing Oney Lorcan was nice, especially considering how well he seemed to work with Swann. The seemingly never-ending Kendrick and Tozawa stuff might have some light at the end of the tunnel after all. I’m not especially excited about more Aries/Neville, but they did have a great match at ‘Mania, so maybe it’ll all be fine. I just think that the main event tonight showed that they still need a lot of work rotating guys into that top contender spot, so beating guys like Ali, which they’ve had Neville do twice already, isn’t really the best plan for the future. Have guys put together a hot streak and move up to challenge off that.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
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