Pre-Show Match #2: ARMBaR

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

We’ve got Big Show, Braun Strowman, and a whole bunch of geeks and tag team wrestlers. Including YOUR Smackdown tag team champions. Braun throws out Kalisto and Simon Gotch right away, with Show tossing Goldust and an Uso and Konor. So then everyone teams up on the two giants and Show gets tossed by Strowman, who is then ganged up by everyone and tossed. Bunch of geeks all punching each other on the ropes for the next while. By the way, rumors of Titus O’Neil not being a part of this were LIES, as he’s in there and obviously the favorite now. Truth gets tossed while Dolph teases a bunch of eliminations and then puts out Rhyno. American Alpha teams up to put out a bunch of guys, but Jordan gets put out and then Gable. Tian Bing puts out both fashion police, and Mark Henry gets dumped by someone. Ziggler superkicks Bing off the apron to put him out. Epico goes up and gets booted out by Zayn. He deserves it for climbing to the top in this match. We’re down to some real heavy hitters now, like Titus and Jinder and Luke Harper in his new gear. And the fat guy from Sanity. Mojo makes Bo go. And then he puts out Ziggler as well, and Titus boots out Luke. Sami clotheslines Titus out, but gets dumped by Killian, as we’ve seriously just got Mojo, Jinder and Daine left. This might make the Worst of Wrestlemania list. Jinder and Mojo leave the ring for a brawl outside, which gives Jinder a chance to throw a drink at Mojo’s football buddy at ringside. This prompts him to jump the railing and get into the ring to shoulderblock Jinder, and Mojo makes the comeback and puts out Daine. So this leaves Mojo Rawley v. Jinder Mahal, and Mojo knocks him off the apron to win at 14:11. MOJO RAWLEY WINS A MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA. This was a thing that happened.