Bryan/Reigns and two World titles?

Hey Scott,

I was just thinking about the initial Cena/Batista pushes and how the WWE had two superstars and didn’t want to chose one over the other, and because they had TWO World Championships, and two brands, they were able to push them at the same time.

Fast forward to Daniel Bryan’s ascent at Summer Slam 2013. There were still two World Championships at the time. What if this scenario happened: Bryan chases the WWE Championship until WMXXX and fights HHH for the title. Meanwhile, Cena wins the WHC from Del Rio like he did, and defends it against Orton/Batista in a three-way. (Instead of absorbing it into Orton’s superbelt.)

Things go exactly as they did, injuries and all, but maybe when they’re ready to push Reigns, they have him fight HHH or Orton or somebody for the WHC at WM31, and Brock can fight Bryan for the WWE Championship. Fans get the Bryan push, and the WWE gets their Reigns push.

Then when Bryan has to retire, Reigns is still the World Champion, they could build up to his first WWE Championship against Brock at WM32.

I feel like having the two belts at the time would’ve eased some of the resentment, and WWE could’ve pushed both guys at the same time. Thoughts?

I find your views intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Merging those titles was a huge mistake. Especially since they just split them up again anyway! I give you permission to build a DeLorean and go back to 2013 and fix it. But for god’s sake, don’t​ give Biff the Almanac!