BoD Daily Update: March 23, 2017

All rumors and innuendo blatantly stolen from CageSide Seats.

Obligatory Hardys Update

It’s possible the Hardys show up at WrestleMania. Keep an eye on the angle from this week’s Talking Smack with The Usos lobbying for a match on the show.

Talent Impact from WWE/Sinclair Negotiations

One of the hold-ups on several acts like Kyle O’Reilly and War Machine rumored to be going from Ring of Honor (ROH) to WWE could be the discussions about buying the promotion from Sinclair.

Former ROH Talent Backstage at SmackDown Show

Former ROH and current independent wrestler/manager Veda Scott was backstage at SmackDown this week, and could be talking about joining WWE.

Memphis Library Whereabouts

Jerry Lawler confirmed on his new Dinner with the King podcast that he owns the bulk of the Memphis tape library and said it will “absolutely” one day be on WWE Network.

Lucha Underground Star Denies Retirement

Contrary to reports, former Lucha Underground champ Sexy Star told Fightful she is not retiring from wrestling.