WWF Superstars of Wrestling – October 7th, 1989

October 7, 1989

From the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, OH

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

In action this week are Jake Roberts, Akeem, Demolition, Honky Tonk Man, and Jim Duggan. Plus, The Genius on the “Brother Love Show” and more!


Demolition vs. Barry Horowitz & Tony Burton

Horowitz hammers away on Ax but that ends up failing as Ax beats him down. Smash tags and catches Horowitz in midair as Demolition stay in control. The Brainbusters are in an insert promo taunting Demolition with the Tag Team Titles. Back to the match as Burton gets beat down until Demolition gets the win with a double-team hotshot (3:19). After the match, Demolition yells into the camera and tells the Brainbusters that they are next.

Thoughts: Another TV match used to push the Brainbusters/Demolition feud.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This is a replay of Rick Rude getting brushed off by a woman while attempting the Rude Awakening then the same woman got called out by Roddy Piper and said Rude had bad breath as Piper gave her the “Rod Awakening” and she left with him afterwards. Rude is then shown with Heenan yelling at Piper for using the “Rod Awakening” then Piper asks Rude what is wrong.


Reno Riggins vs. The Widowmaker

The Widowmaker stays in control to start. He then calls out Hulk Hogan in an insert promo before hitting Riggins with an inverted atomic drop then getting the win with a superplex (2:53).

Thoughts: They might have been setting up an eventual house show match between The Widowmaker and Hogan but it never happened as the Widowmaker got a cyst removed from his chest then left the company after his brother and father got caught counterfeiting money in late December.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Alan Reynolds

Duggan immediately clotheslines Reynolds over the top rope then hammers away outside as Jesse is irate the ref has not disqualified him. Duggan is then shown in an insert promo telling Savage when he knocked him out, he opened is eyes and is now getting back to basis as he vows to get revenge. Duggan tosses Reynolds outside once again then slams him when he re-enters before putting him away with the Three Point Stance (2:04).

Thoughts: Duggan destroyed his opponent to show how irate he is over Savage knocking him out with a loaded purse.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center to hype tonight’s Boston Garden show. Rick Martel is with Slick as they run down Tito Santana to hype their match while Jimmy Snuka did not appreciate when the Honky Tonk Man hit him with his guitar and he should have finished the job because he will “Superfly” him in their match.


Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Red Tyler

Before the match, Red Rooster calls out the Honky Tonk Man in an insert promo, even saying he will take him out on a stretcher. Honky beats on Tyler and stays in control until putting him away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (2:25).

Thoughts: Looks like a house show program between Honky and the Red Rooster is in the cards going forward. 


Boris Zhukov vs. Hercules

Hercules interrupted Zhukov’s rendition of the Soviet National Anthem. They start off with a shoving match then Hercules hits a slam. Hercules locks on a bearhug but Zhukov breaks that up then rakes the back. Zhukov hammers away in the corner but Hercules fights back and hits a pair of clotheslines before he puts Zhukov in the backbreaker submission for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: At least Hercules is being used on TV to get some wins but his babyface run has been a flop.


Brother Love Show with guest The Genius. We get a promo from The Genius as he declares Mr. Perfect as being perfection then Perfect comes out, using the same theme music he used at Madison Square Garden. Perfect says we all know that he is the greatest and puts over his sports accomplishments, saying that Hogan is unable to do this. Perfect then says he is twice the man Hogan is and that when they wrestle, they will call him Mr. Perfect, World Wrestling Federation champion. If you want to listen to Perfect’s first theme, click here


Brian Costello vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jesse is disgusted at Jake’s ego thinking he can wrestle again. We hear from Ted DiBiase in an insert promo as he says Jake’s blind rage is going to cost him dearly. Costello hits Jake in the neck but Jake fights back and stays in control as Jesse thinks Jake had to return because his wife spends all of his money. Jake then clotheslines Costello and after that puts him away with the DDT (2:24).

Thoughts: The fans gave Jake a good reaction in his return. They showed that he can still compete in the ring but stressed how his opponents will go after his injured neck.


Hulk Hogan plugs the home video release of “No Holds Barred.”


Akeem w/ Slick & Big Bossman vs. Jim Merkel

Akeem beats on Merkel as we hear Bossman in an insert promo calling out Dusty Rhodes for being a thief then Akeem gets the win with a splash (1:08).

Thoughts: Akeem is still an afterthought as this was used to push his partner’s singles feud.


Next week in action are Bret Hart, Red Rooster, Bad News Brown, The Bushwhackers, and the Ultimate Warrior. Plus, Macho King Randy Savage & Queen Sherri as guests on the Brother Love Show and more!


Final Thoughts: The big news here was Mr. Perfect being managed by The Genius but other than that not much else of note took place.


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