WCW Invasion …. WITH A TWIST

Hey Scott,

Just thinking ,if the AOL/Time Warner Merger had happened at ANY TIME prior to 2001, do you think WCW would’ve gone out of business?

As a related question, and I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this, but if the AOL/TW Merger HADN’T gone down, what do you think would’ve happened to WCW?

​For the first question, I don’t think so, because WCW was still a ratings generating machine until 1999 and Ted Turner didn’t really need to protect his baby until Russo killed it off.

For the second question, I think Turner would have pulled the plug eventually because the business was changing and so was the TV landscape. TNT or TBS would have rebranded at some point with or without Billionaire Ted’s say-so, but WCW probably would have been like TNA where it was still bouncing around from station to station and mostly unkillable. I don’t think that they’d ever be in a position to challenge Vince again, though, without Turner backing them.