WWF Wrestling Challenge – October 1st, 1989

October 1, 1989

From the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are Roddy Piper, The Widowmaker, Demolition, Rick Martel, and the Bushwhackers


Demolition vs. Craig Reilly & Don Champ

The crowd goes nuts for Demolition, who start off the match beating down Champ. We then hear from the Brainbusters in an insert promo as they talk about not being intimidated by Demolition and that they will be the Tag Team Champions forever. Back to the match as Demolition remains in control until the put Reilly away with the Decapitation (2:15).

Thoughts: They put over the Demolition and Brainbusters feud here. Oddly enough, the Brainbusters actually gave notice the day after this show aired at the “Superstars of Wrestling” TV tapings in Wheeling, WV.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We see the coronation ceremony of Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri from this past episode of “Superstars of Wrestling.” Hayes then tells us that Hacksaw Jim Duggan poses a viable threat to Savage’s reign. Just a segment to push Savage as the new king and that is feud with Duggan is not over.


Bob Bradley vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

Snuka beats on Bradley as the announcers talk about how he will be wrestling Mr. Perfect at some point. Perfect is then shown in an insert promo telling Snuka he will beat him the same as all of his other opponents then Snuka gets the win with a Superfly Splash (2:27).

Thoughts: They were trying to push a Snuka/Perfect match but I don’t think fans cared too much about that. Perfect was still not that over as a heel and Snuka only seems to get pops when doing the Superfly Splash.


We hear a promo from The Genius that took place at SummerSlam to hype the Coliseum Home Video release of the PPV.


Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Tony Diamond

Haku beats the crap out of Diamond to start. He continues his assault as the announcers point out Heenan’s paranoia as he is constantly looking behind his back. Haku stays in control until he gets the win with a thrust kick (2:39).

Thoughts: Not much to talk about here as Haku was without a program as the announcers put over Heenan’s paranoia over guys like Roddy Piper and the Ultimate Warrior.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center to promote the 10/13 Nashville Auditorium show.  Greg Valentine & Jimmy Hart run down Ronnie Garvin to hype their match as Valentine promises to put him out for good. Jake Roberts tells Ted DiBiase he is the reason why he returned to the WWF.


We are shown a clip from a match that aired on “Prime Time Wrestling” as Rick Rude gave a lady the Rude Awakening but she kept pushing him away and was not satisfied as Rude was livid.


Barry Horowitz vs. Roddy Piper

I believe this is Piper’s first match on Challenge. Horowitz yells at Piper then cheap shots him. Horowitz now spits at Piper, who becomes crazed and knocks Horowitz down and mat slams him several times for the win (0:48). After the match, Piper grabs the mic and calls out the “hot mama” who was dissatisfied but Rude and asks why she did not enjoy the kiss. She says Rude had bad breath then Piper gives her the “Rod Awakening” and kisses her a few times as she becomes smitten and they walk up the ramp together.

Thoughts: A fun segment as we saw Rude get some comeuppance as Piper was able to steal his gimmick and satisfy the woman that Rude was unable to make happy.


Mooney is back in the Event Center for the 10/13 Nashville Auditorium show. We see the clip of Rude attacking Piper from the “Brother Love Show” then Piper gives us a crazed promo about how he can also get “rude” himself. They are really hyping up their house show matches a lot.


The Widowmaker vs. Butch Mayo

Widowmaker slams Mayo a few times then hits an uppercut. We hear from the Widowmaker in an insert promo as he talks about having supreme confidence but the main goal has yet to be attained as he calls out Hulk Hogan. Widowmaker smiles as the crowd rags on him then puts Mayo away with a superplex (2:25).

Thoughts: The Widowmaker is calling out Hogan now but it never amounted to anything as he was gone from the company in about a week or so.


An ad for Survivor Series appears.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Jake Roberts to the interview platform. He asks Jake about returning to the ring too soon. Jake talks about his physical ailments and how it has nothing on his hatred for Ted DiBiase. Okerlund tells Jake he saw the doctor’s report and it makes him nervous that he is wrestling and that it is too soon. Jake then says let DiBiase grab a hold to the snake to see if he is ready or not and promises to take him out of this world and that he needs to dial 911. Good promo here by Jake. The story is that everyone is telling Jake he should not be returning to the ring and is risking seriously injury but his hatred and obsession with DiBiase has consumed him.


Rick Martel w/ Slick vs. Tony Durante

Martel takes control early but is upset over the fans chanting “Tito” at him as the announcers were talking about his feud with Brutus Beefcake. We then hear from Beefcake in an insert promo as he talks about loving his shears and that they are a part of him and will soon be part of Martel. Back to the match as Martel climbs up top and his a flying knee drop for the win (3:01).

Thoughts: Funny, as the announcers were putting over Martel’s feud with Beefcake but the fans kept chanting Tito here. Six months after their split, the feud still has not been given a proper blowoff.


The Bushwhackers vs. Chris Duffy & Mike Williams

Butch lets the fans rub his head before he heads into the ring, where he proceeds to lick Luke’s head. The match starts with Luke beating on Duffy as we hear from Mr Fuji & Powers of Pain as Fuji says The Bushwhackers are nothing but dessert to his team. Back to the match as The Bushwhackers stay in control until they put Williams away with a Double Gutbuster (3:29).

Thoughts: More hyping of the Bushwhackers vs. Powers of Pain feud.


Mooney is back in the Event Center to hype the Nashville Auditorium show. Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant tell the Ultimate Warrior he will pay as the Bushwhackers promise to cut down the Powers of Pain.


Next week in action are The Rockers, Powers of Pain, Brutus Beefcake, and Rick Rude. Plus, an interview with Jim Duggan and more!


Final Thoughts: We had a good promo from Jake but other than that it was more continuation of the current TV feuds. It was more enjoyable than most episodes of Challenge, IMO.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:


Sunday: Mid-South Wrestling 7/15/82

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling  10/7/89

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/8/89

Tuesday: WWF Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens 10/8/89

Wednesday: WWN Style Battle Season One, Episode Two

Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD

Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling in London, England 10/10/89