Scott Steiner and the Frankensteiner just did a great article on why Scott Steiner is an unheralded great and one reason was obviously inventing and popularizing the Frankensteiner. Was there EVER a more "interesting" finisher for the specific wrestler? Here’s a 275 pound muscle guy with legit wrestling background who spends 10+ minutes hitting every suplex in the book, then puts you away with a move based on agility, quickness and timing. I always found it so weird.

​I wouldn’t call Scott "unheralded" at all. People were heralding the shit out of him for years, and it’s just that he exploded from injuries and steroid usage in 1998 and was never the same again.

But yeah, the Frankensteiner was badass and one of the best finishers ever, no doubt. Fascinating too in that it looks devastating but it’s such a simple bump for the guy taking it — just do a forward roll, basically. ​