NWA World Championship Wrestling, June 21, 1986

The Road Warriors are beaten down like never before, Ric Flair in action, Baby Doll suplexes MulkeyMania, and a textbook example of how to get a monster heel over.

The opening video clip shows Jim Cornette in the ring with Big Bubba, about to showcase his skills against Randy Mulkey. The crowd erupts as Baby Doll comes to the ring. And we go to the show open montage…

Tony Schiavone & David Crockett are our hosts. The Koloffs join them. Nikita says he will take the U.S. Title and he can’t wait to get in the ring with the Road Warriors again. Ivan says Nikita will punish and humiliate Magnum during the best-of-seven series at the Great American Bash.

To the ring, it’s the Rock & Roll Express vs. Ray Aaron & Mike Simani. Double-back elbow followed by the double-dropkick for a quick win.*

Interview time for three of the Four Horsemen. Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and J.J. Dillon join Tony. Make it all four. NWA Champion Ric Flair comes out as well. Tully says no one can stop the Horsemen. Arn says they don’t make promises they can’t keep. Flair says Dusty and his friends have a hard time finding their way to the television station when they know the Horsemen are there. He calls out Dusty for sitting in Charlotte and sending videos. Flair mocks Road Warrior Hawk, calling him “Big Bird”.

“When we get done with you, Hawk, we’re gonna stretch that big neck of yours about a foot longer. And they’re gonna call you Road Warrior Big Bird Hawk. You know why? Because we say so. We told Dusty Rhodes we were gonna break his leg, and we broke his leg. We told Morton & Gibson they were gonna get hurt, and they got hurt. In other words, this elite family has got the distinction, WHOO, of doing what they say they’re gonna do. So whether you like it or not, learn to love it because we’re gonna be here for a long, long time. One more short note. If there’s a woman in the world that’s between the age of 18 and 28, that’s not wearing a training bra, that wants to find out what a real man is all about, then girls, what’s causing all this? WHOOO!!!

After a break, we get the pre-recorded interview from Dusty Rhodes that Flair alluded to earlier. Dusty hypes the Bash and mentions living in the Promised Land, that’s what the American Dream is all about. Dusty says he and Ole Anderson have to end this thing between them that’s gone on for years. He says it might be Ole’s swan song. “The Four Horsemen, they need to ride on another planet, because I reserved the stratosphere for me and you.” Dusty ends with the “living on the end of a lightning bolt” line.

To the ring, Jimmy Valiant & Manny Fernandez vs. Pat Myers & Clemant Fields. Valiant attacks before the bell, rams Myers into the Ragin’ Bull’s knee and tags in Fernandez. He delivers the Flying Burrito on Fields and it’s over quickly, thank goodness. DUD

Jim Cornette & Big Bubba join Tony. Cornette says he can’t get Baby Doll off his mind. He bought a used car last week, and he found a used dress in the back seat. He unveils a dress that would fit a very large woman, then tells Schiavone to take it home to his wife. Cornette calls for a video, which they don’t roll, and Cornette mocks the Mickey Mouse operation. Finally we go to the video…

Like we saw off the top, Cornette & Bubba in the ring. Cornette’s about to try to derail MulkeyMania. Randy Mulkey and Cornette appear set to lock up, the crowd goes nuts as Baby Doll comes to the ring…and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex on Mulkey! It wasn’t a real great one. Bubba grabs Baby Doll and shoves her aside. Dusty Rhodes comes out. Dusty smashes a wooden chair over Big Bubba’s head. It has no effect! It didn’t even knock Bubba’s hat off! Bubba dislodges the chair from around his neck and takes off his jacket and tie, readying to fight Bubba. Magnum T.A. comes out with two shovels. He hands one to Dusty and Cornette is finally able to convince Bubba to leave. We see a shot of Dusty who is absolutely stunned, and that perfectly sells the whole angle. Big Bubba is an indestructible monster. Great stuff.

Back live, Cornette says a guy broke into Baby Doll’s apartment last week. She yelled,” Rape!” He yelled, “NO!!!” Tony shakes his head at the totally non-p.c, but still funny crack. Cornette says Baby Doll is ugly and that’s why no one wants to be around her. Then he introduces his team…

NWA World Tag Team Champions Midnight Express vs. Sam Houston & Rocky Kernodle. The MX attack quickly, but Houston & Kernodle counter as they exchange fisticuffs. Houston sends Beautiful Bobby to the floor. Kernodle shoulderblocks Loverboy Dennis. Rocky runs the ropes, but Bobby trips him from the outside, allowing Dennis to drop the elbow. Dennis tags Bobby, lifts Kernodle into belly-to-back suplex position, but holds him for Bobby to nail coming off the top rope, and it’s another quick squash. *

Baby Doll joins Tony & David. She says she’s gotten cards and letters from all across the country encouraging her to beat Jim Cornette. She hypes the six-person tag matches at the Bash, with her partners Dusty & Magnum, the Rock & Roll Express, and the Road Warriors vs. Cornette & the Midnight Express…

Magnum T.A. is here too. His forehead is a scarred mess. He says nobody beat him for the U.S. Title and for seven long months he took on all challengers. Magnum says Nikita claims he’s superior.

Well you have never proven anything to me. Not with a chain. Not with the help of Uncle Ivan. Not with the help of Baron Von Raschke. I still stand here and I’m still fired up. And I’ll stay the way until I put you down. They say it’s gotta go four matches. Well I predict this: I predict after the first one there won’t be enough of you left to continue. You’ll have to forfeit all the rest of them to me.

Great, fiery promo from Magnum.

After a break, it’s Magnum T.A. vs. Paul Garner. Dropkick, belly-to-belly suplex and it’s over in seconds.*

Wahoo McDaniel joins Tony. Wahoo mentions everybody’s in a hurry to get their matches over. Yep. Lots of quick squashes today. Wahoo hypes his Indian Strap Matches vs. Jimmy Garvin at the Bash shows.

Ron Garvin vs. Vernon Deaton. Garvin delivers open hand chops and headbutts. Deaton reverses the Irish Whip, Garvin stops and delivers the knockout punch. Another quickie.*

After a break, Ric Flair, in his wrestling gear, joins Tony. Flair says about a month ago Dusty Rhodes talked about being the number one sports attraction in the world today and he’s gonna wrestle in front of all the fans. Well today, the world heavyweight champion is going to wrestle on national TV for all the fans, and he’s not gonna charge them. He wants everybody to have the first-hand privilege of seeing him on national TV. Flair runs through the various 14 challengers he’ll face at the Great American Bash. He says all 14 of them are great, but they’re second best. Flair mocks Road Warrior Hawk and encourages him to watch tonight, because he hasn’t got the guts to show his face out here.

To the ring, it’s Ole & Arn Anderson vs. Randy & Bill Mulkey. The first clash between these two legendary teams! Ole manhandles Randy, working on the arm immediately as Mulkey is draped over the ropes. Arn tags in and pounds away. He delivers the hammerlock bodyslam and locks in the armbar. Arn goes for an elbow and Randy takes a bump after barely being grazed. He tags Bill Mulkey, who Ole flips over the ropes and into the ring. Arn delivers the spinebuster. He holds out the arm and tags Ole for the flying knee into the arm. Ole locks in the armbar for the submission win. *1/2

Jimmy Garvin, Steve Regal & Precious join Tony. Jimmy didn’t really think it was gonna happen. He can’t believe what he’s gotta himself into, being tied to an eight-foot piece of leather with a 300 lb. crazy Indian at the other end. Precious pouts and says Jimmy will be ok. Jimmy repeats over and over that he’s not scared.

The Paul Jones Army joins Tony. Jones rants. The production people show the photoshopped picture of Jones without hair, and he gets furious. The Baron says there’s only one way to stop Heir Valiant and that’s in the ring. He says he doesn’t need a loaded glove, but hypes the loaded glove pole match vs. Valiant at the Bash. And that’s all the people need to know.

To the ring, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs. Tony Zane. Wait…we hear a heavily distorted guitar riff, and “I am Iron Man” over the loudspeakers. Then the opening chords to the Black Sabbath classic, “Iron Man”, which can mean only one thing: the Road Warriors! (Of course, we get the cheap WWE overdub on the Network.) Road Warrior Hawk comes out! The crowd goes nuts. Flair throws Zane out of the ring and attacks Hawk as he tries to enter. Flair chops Hawk in the corner. But Hawk no sells and shoves Flair across the ring. Hawk delivers a huge flying shoulderblock. He presses Flair over his head. Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson come out, and Hawk throws Flair over the top rope onto them. Hawk shoves the ref out…

Ole Anderson attacks Hawk from behind with a big knee. That allows all Four Horsemen team up and pound away on Hawk. Road Warrior Animal comes out, but Flair & Blanchard jump him before he can get in. They ram Animal into the post, and dispatch Paul Ellering as well. Blanchard, with Flair & Ole’s help, delivers a spike piledriver on the concrete floor! The other three Horsemen help Arn deliver an enormous gourdbuster on Hawk. The Horsemen pick up Hawk and hold him while Flair slaps him. Hawk is down in the ring. Animal and Ellering are down on the concrete floor. The Four Horsemen celebrate and reign supreme again. Awesome, awesome angle.

They replay the whole episode. Finally, Road Warrior Hawk, holding his neck, and Paul Ellering join Tony. As the video rolls, Hawk cuts a very angry promo:

“Four Horsemen nothing! What they just proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is what the people already knew, is that they’re punks because one of them can’t get the job done. Animal and Hawk, we’ll take on two, three, just tell us. But we can’t fight four. Four to one. Gimme a break. All of my life and all of Animal’s life we fought and scratched for everything we had. And nobody has ever slapped me in the face in my life. My momma never slapped me in my face. My dad never slapped me in my face. But Ric Flair, with three guys holding me, he’s gonna slap me in my face. (Video cuts to Hawk’s interview) It don’t make no difference now Philadelphia. I don’t care about no stinkin’ belt now. I want Ric Flair and I’m gonna have him in Philadelphia. And it ain’t gonna be the Four Horsemen. It’s gonna be you Flair. It’s gonna be me. And for this, you think something good for you and the Four Horsemen? You think you’re a big man now? You did me a favor. You made me see the light. You brought the hate into me that I ain’t had in a long time. And now I know how good it feels. I’m gonna tell you Flair, the last town you’re ever gonna see is Philadelphia, the American Bash. Flair, the end of the championship is the end of the line for you. You can hurt me, but I get back up and I’m gonna hurt you like you ain’t never been hurt before. I’ve heard you talk about you’re gonna die with the belt. We’ll see in Philadelphia.”

And that ends the program for this week. It was an abbreviated edition, but a great one. Lots of interesting developments, including the Road Warriors being manhandled for the first time ever, and some money promos. Thanks for reading.