RF Video Shoot Interview with Eddie Guerrero

This was filmed in December 2001

Rob Feinstein & Doug Gentry are the hosts

It runs at one hour and forty-eight minutes long


Eddie’s said he has always wanted to be a pro wrestler for as long as he can remember. He grew up with a ring in the backyard and wrestling has always been a part of him. Although never pressured to enter the wrestling, Eddie said he put pressure on himself to uphold his family name. He talks about being the youngest of his brothers and how he only saw the end of his dad’s in ring career.


He received a wrestling scholarship somewhere in New Mexico but he got hurt and when he was ready to come back they got rid of the program. He then trained in pro wrestling with his two friends but also received guidance from his father. He also credits his brother, Chavo Sr., for learning wrestling psychology. Eddie also talks about incorporating all of his brothers’ styles into his wrestling.


Eddie said there was a lot of jealousy among the other wrestlers in Mexico as they felt he did not pay his dues as he was starting off in higher profile matches in major cities like Juarez. He also said he struggled with listening in Spanish at first so he had to speak to his family again in Spanish to familiarize himself with the language.


On teaming with his brothers Mando & Chavo as a trios team, Eddie said it was where he learned the most. He also said that Negro Casas & Atlantis befriended him when others would not and took him under their wings.


Eddie left EMLL and went to AAA as Paco Alonzo never delivered on his promises and he wanted to do stuff instead of wasting away. AAA also offered him more money and he was scared to move over as he was always loyal then talks about how wrestling is an independent business and cites Bret Hart in the WWF of what happened to him and he was extremely loyal to the WWF.


He talks about EMLL being run more professionally and its organized like the WWF whereas AAA was an outlaw promotion for the most part and was like a family as they were trying to get the promotion over.


Regarding the travel in Mexico, Eddie said that its a lot of bus trips.


Eddie got into New Japan when Negro Casas recommended him for a Jr. Heavyweight tournament. He said his brothers were telling him to get into shape for Japan as Eddie said he ran and worked out a ton before going over so he was prepared.


His memory of Japan was meeting Chris Benoit, who knocked him out in their first match. Eddie said Benoit is his best friend today. Eddie talks about some of the Japanese guys roughing people up but he wowed them with his dives.


On the 1993 Super Junior Tournament, Eddie said he remembers Benoit, Fit Finlay, Too Cold Scorpio, Dean Malenko, and X-Pac wrestling every day and still getting up early in the morning to work out.


Eddie returned to Mexico and teamed with Art Barr after turning on El Hijo de Santo. Eddie said he disliked Barr and that they always butted heads at first. At first, Eddie hated the Los Gringos Locos idea (It was originally going to become the “American Machine” but the fans christened them with that name) but Barr convinced him to do it then Antonio Pena liked the idea and it ended up getting over despite his struggles with Barr in the ring. After a while, Eddie became more understanding of Barr and said he was one of the most beautiful people on the inside he has ever met. Eddie said he was the workhorse while Art was the charisma of the team as Eddie jokes he still probably does not have charisma today.


He liked Konnan a lot as a friend but disagrees with some of the business methods, saying he is out for himself and has heard rumors of him “snaking” people out of jobs.


Eddie said it was easy to get heel heat in Mexico for himself as he was raised in America and wore the American flag despite being of Mexican heritage. He talks about how vicious the fans were as he was maced twice, had piss and shit thrown at him, and even rocks thrown at him too.


Originally, Eddie was going to wrestle El Hijo de Santo in a mask vs. hair match at the “When World’s Collide” PPV but they could not come to an agreement and Barr came up with the idea for a tag match and everyone involved was in agreement.


On talk of going to ECW with Barr to feud with the Public Enemy, Eddie said that Barr talked with Heyman but it never materialized then he passed away.


Eddie is asked about Barr changing but said that he was the one who changed and when something is going wrong, you have to change yourself to adapt.


He chokes up a bit when asked about how he found out of Barr’s passing. Eddie got called up by his wife while on tour in Japan saying that “Art” was dead. Eddie thought he was referencing a friend from El Paso at first but she said it was Art Barr and it was due to an overdose as Eddie said he could not believe what happened. He still thinks about his death today and said that he knew Barr did not want to die as he loved his son and had another kid on the way. Eddie said Art’s death made him more appreciative of his life at that time and scared him away from pills and drugs at that time, something Eddie stresses while discussing the topic. From a business perspective, Eddie said it lit a fire under his ass to make more money just in case anything ever happened to him so his family could have something.


On the Black Tiger gimmick in Japan, Eddie said they first offered it to Fit Finlay but he turned it down due to his European commitments so he got the roll instead.


Eddie is asked about several of the talents he worked with in Japan. He loved Jushin Thunder Liger and how he works for the match and not for himself. Eddie said he is also a very funny person. Eddie teamed with the Great Sasuke and calls him a phenomenal athlete who was also humble.


He talks about the 1994 Super J Cup Tournament proving how the Jr. Heavyweights can draw as they sold out the one-night tournament.


On using the frogsplash as a finisher, Eddie said that Barr stole the frogsplash from him after he stole it from La Fiera.


Eddie was nervous in his first ECW match against Too Cold Scorpio but humbled by how quickly the fans warmed up to him. He was apparently supposed to wrestle Sabu but he left the week prior as Doug Gentry tells us this.


He went to WCW after getting called from Kevin Sullivan. Eddie was fearful of getting “jobbed out” due to his size but was promised that would not happen and he would get a chance to succeed. He loved his first year in the company and said he was treated great.


When asked about his match against Ric Flair at Hog Wild, Eddie said he screwed up and did not produce what he wanted to due to the pressure he put on himself.


They asked Eddie about several other WCW wrestlers. He liked DDP and said he was a hard worker but hated how he always scripted everything has different crowds react to certain things. Eddie also said he hated how he won the U.S. Title as The Outsiders gave DDP their finishers then he hit a frog splash for the win as Eddie said it was bullshit and just for DDP to get over, which he doesnt mind putting people over, but if that’s the case just have DDP win. Eddie also said he was disappointed in his ladder match at nWo Souled Out against Syxx as he never had a ladder match before and only got to go over things the day prior.


Eddie is asked about tearing his pectoral muscle at the Uncensored PPV. Dean was supposed to duck his dive to the floor but the railing was moved back for some reason and he forgot that Dean had neck surgery that makes it difficult to move his neck down as his arm whacked Dean’s head and he was out for over four months.


He asked Kevin Sullivan to turn him heel since he had been getting booed since his match against DDP at Starrcade.


Bischoff was the one who signed Chavo Jr. to a Developmental Deal as Eddie said despite their disagreements, Bischoff was always “straight up” with him. Eddie then said Bischoff threw coffee at his feet out of anger when he asked for his release.


Eddie is asked if he ever felt the fans would never take him seriously as a main-eventer if branded as a cruiserweight. He said that thought has cross his mind but today guys like Benoit and Chris Jericho are in the main event.


He loved his mask vs. title match against Rey Mysterio at Halloween Havoc. He puts over Rey a lot and says he also has the confidence to trust him as a base for his offense. He puts over Rey’s psychology for saying he is more than just highspots now.


At first, Eddie said Chavo Jr. was really defensive over his angle where he was being yelled at by Eddie as he did not understand at first this was going to get him over at the end and really grew as a performer during the angle.


On his Nitro promo where he yelled at Bischoff for holding back the younger talent, Eddie said he came up with it at the last minute and Bischoff liked it but went out scared for the actual promo as he wishes he had more time to prepare.


He talks about the “vanilla midget” label that Malenko, Benoit, and himself fell under. Eddie said that might be true that was what they were back then but at the same they were all taught the Japanese style as Eddie said he was also taught never to raise his hand or look for applause after a highspot. Eddie also said they were not midgets, either.


Eddie said that Konnan was originally going to be the leader of the “Latino World Order” but he joined the nWo Wolfpac the week prior and he got the role instead as Eddie said it was just the company “throwing him a bone.” He said it got over but ended after his car accident.


He speaks about his car accident. It took place on New Years Day in 1999 as Eddie said his drug problem was out of control. He took GHB and drove to the convenience store then fell asleep on the way back. Eddie was told he was going 130 mph at the time of the crash and shot out of the t-tops about 100 feet. They did not know if he would be able to walk again, let alone wrestle. He said training for a comeback was painful but he was driven to not lose his spot and wanted to get money as Eddie said that led to his drug problem getting even worse as he was in tremendous pain as he talks about what pain does to a person and how his addictive personality made it worse. He then said it kept getting worse until about six months ago.


Rob asks him what led to his WCW release. Eddie said he was ready to ask for his release before Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara came into the company but decided to give them a shot. However, things reverted back to what they were and the same bullshit kept happening as Benoit and Malenko approached him about leaving and they told Bill Busch, who saw it as a threat. He also said there were issues between Sullivan and some of the others but that Sullivan also helped them all too and that he fought for the Jr. Heavyweights. Eddie said most of the management treated them like the enemy at that point.


Eddie said the WWF was interested when they called up. When asked about Shane Douglas, Eddie said he has to provide for his family and cannot base that on whether the WWF hires Shane. On Konnan, Eddie said that he talked with him and Konnan said they were only interested in Benoit and himself as Eddie called up the WWF and found out they did have interest.


On his RAW debut, Eddie said he was not ready to perform due to injury but was asked and put pressure on himself to say yes.


He did not believe anyone held him back when he first came to the WWF as he believes Vince pushes who he wants.


Eddie liked being paired with Chyna and did not understand her near the end as she was going through a lot of personal things that effected her work and that she was just mad at the world.


He talks about getting the “Latino Heat” catchphrase from the film “Birdcage” when one of the characters said “Guatemalan Heat” and did it first in an interview and it got a great pop then the office ran with that.


When asked about Triple H and if he got special treatment due to his relationship with Stephanie McMahon, Eddie said to look at his work ethic and what he produces and that alone would get him special treatment. He puts over Kurt Angle for being hungry and he admires him for that.


Eddie is asked about his four-way match at the No Way Out PPV. He said they had about five minutes to go over things and it worked for the best.


He had no idea where they were going to go with his feud against the Hardy Boyz over Lita before he left the company.


When asked about Jim Ross, Eddie said Ross said stuff to him while in rehab that he did not like. Eddie said he went to rehab because he would have been fired if he had not gone. He then got a DUI after rehab and does not want sympathy for that as he puts over the company for rehab and his bills while he was away. Eddie said he has a lot of financial issues and his divorce as major stressors but the bottom line is that he was wrong to get drunk and he is paying for his consequences. He talks about being let go for the DUI might being for the best personally and spiritually for the time being.


Eddie is not sure if there is a door open for him to return to the WWF. He talks about staying sober one day at a time since the DUI with the help of friends and a program as when he does use bad things happen. When asked about the pressures of being a wrestler contributes to drug and alcohol problems, Eddie said it can but they are professionals and supposed to be able to cope with the struggles.


He spoke with people in Japan and Jimmy Hart’s XWF promotion as well as picking up some independent dates.


Eddie says his body has healed up physically since being let go from the WWF. He then talks about not achieving his goal in wrestling and one day wants to main event a PPV.


When asked if he has any regrets, Eddie says he has plenty of regrets and wishes he can do things over but cannot go back to do that so now he has to learn from his mistakes.


On who he wants to work with, Eddie wants to wrestle against Rob Van Dam and Super Crazy. He liked wrestling Low Ki too and wants to have a singles match against Jeff Hardy.


Eddie is asked about getting “ribbed.” He gives us a story when the Nasty Boys dropped a Halcyon in his beer during a flight then shaved his eyebrows off, cut his bangs, shaved a triangle in his head, and drew on a Hitler mustache as Eddie laughs while recalling the story. He was also told when he was passed out that his dick was in his hand so a stewardess put a blanket over him.


We end with some word association:

Lex Luger – great body

The Rock – strives for perfection and did some of the best interviews he has ever seen

Steve Austin –  a workhorse who saved the WWF’s ass.

Shane McMahon – a perfectionist who is also driven as Eddie admires his qualities

Stephanie McMahon – Intelligent


Eddie thanks the fans for their support and if it wasn’t for them their would not be a wrestling business.


Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a good interview. At this in his life, Eddie was starting to get his life back on track and you can tell here that he was in the recovery process and doing well. He made no excuses for his behavior and was not asking for any sympathy whatsover. He came off as a genuinely nice person too.

In terms of the content here, Eddie told some interesting stories, particularly when it came to his time in Mexico. I had no idea how a lot of the other wrestlers disliked him that much. His perspective on how it was damaging to him as a babyface with how he won the U.S. Title was also really good as he did not like that match layout at all.

Overall, I recommend this interview. It was an easy listen and breezed by and it also helps that Eddie is an engaging personality.


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