Rocky Maivia vs. Roman Reigns

Hey Scott,

So why the reluctance to repackage Reigns? He’s DOA now in terms of his live reaction across the board, even casual fans are sick of him.

There’s a lot of comparisons to a certain "Rocky Maivia" way back when, he also got booed out of the building until a little ol’ refresh and we know what happened there. Is it just because Dwayne Johnson has 87.5% more natural charisma? Is it because he was allowed to build his own character? Is it because Vince was more hungry for stars due to competition from WCW?

Or is this just a simple cause-and-effect of Vince truly believing he’s the guy that creates Stars and not the performers themselves?

​I feel like Roman would have done a lot better if he had been allowed to be himself and let his real personality through, instead of sabotaging him with the "Sufferin’ Succotash" stuff and over-writing his promos. Really, he’s just damaged goods now, and yeah, a good repackage would do wonders for him. We’ve been saying FOREVER that Corporate Roman, who suddenly started wearing suits and acting as silent badass killer for the Authority, would have worked so much better than Rollins in that kind of role. You have to admit, Roman and Joe as a samoan wrecking crew working for HHH is a pretty rad concept. ​