NWA World Championship Wrestling, June 14, 1986

The Four Horsemen strike again, the Cold War over the U.S. Title gets even hotter, the in-ring return of the Minnesota Wreckin’ Crew, a significant debut, Khrusher is back, and another confrontation between Jim Cornette and Baby Doll. That and more on this week’s program…

The opening clip is the Rock & Roll Express getting the better of Ric Flair & Arn Anderson in a tag team match. The R&R whip Flair & Arn into each other, then deliver the double-dropkick to Arn, then Flair. That prompts an Ole Anderson run-in as we go to the show open…

Tony Schiavone & David Crockett are our hosts once again. Jimmy Valiant comes out. He says they took his hair, his tail, his brain (I believe it), and now he’s going to take somebody’s skull. Graphic. We see another picture of the photoshopped picture of a bald Paul Jones. Valiant wins the Nostradamus of the Week Award when says everybody’s gonna be bald before it’s over.

To the ring, Arn & Ole Anderson vs. Pablo Crenshaw & Lee Peek. Our first look at Ole in the ring since his big return. Ole hammers away on Crenshaw, tags Arn and they double-team the poor jobber. Arn delivers the hammerlock bodyslam and tags Ole. He drags Crenshaw to his corner so he can tag in Lee Peek, who gets destroyed with efficiency. Arn tosses Peek to the corner so he can punish Crenshaw some more. They work on his arm. Funny moment as Crenshaw is in the Andersons’ corner, and he reaches up for the tag like he thought he was in his own corner. Arn holds Crenshaw’s arm out and Ole comes off the ropes with the flying knee. Ole applies Hold #978: ARMBAR! Andersons win by submission.**

Ole & Arn join Tony at the podium. We see more of the clip they showed off the top. The Rock & Roll Express hit a double-dropkick on Arn and Ric Flair, which prompts Ole Anderson to rush the ring. He pounds away on the R&R. Tully Blanchard & J.J. Dillon join the frey, and it’s a Four Horsemen beatdown! Dusty Rhodes comes in to save the day, but he gets caught and Ole goes to work on the American Dream. Finally Magnum T.A., Manny Fernandez and others come in for the rescue, but the Horsemen ride high again.

After a break, the Andersons are still with Tony at the podium. Ole has a prediction: sometime in 1986, Dusty Rhodes is going to announce his retirement (only missed that one by 15 years or so). Ole says when he does, it’s going to be a great day for the Four Horsemen and Ole will buy beer for everybody to celebrate. Ole says they’re going to take all the belts and if anybody wants to get in their way, come and try them. Another really good promo from Ole. This one was very calm, but serious. Great stuff.

To the ring, National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard w/ J.J. Dillon vs. Kent Glover. Glover controls early on with a headlock, but Tully powers out into an armbar, then delivers a fireman carry takedown. Basic wrestling early on. J.J. says Tully is giving America a wrestling lesson. Blanchard delivers the slingshot suplex for the win. Afterwards, Dillon grabs Glover and holds him so Tully can land some punches. Sending a message to Ronnie Garvin. *1/2

Tony plugs the ridiculous Rock & Roll Express Super Summer Sizzler Tour & the look-a-like contest.

To the ring, it’s Ron Garvin vs. Paul Garner. A single leg trip, followed by a big chop to the chest and a unique submission/punishment hold from Garvin. He lets Garner out and applies a modified abdominal stretch. Garvin lights up Garner’s chest some more. Another painful-looking, unique hold applied by Garvin, working his back, neck & arm, while slapping him at the same time. Garvin lets him up and Garner tries to mix it up with him. Big mistake. Chest chops, punches, and then the KO punch for the win. *3/4

We see an interview with Dusty Rhodes & Baby Doll from the syndicated NWA Pro Wrestling program. Dusty talks about the Horsemen trying to take the American Dream away from the people.

“It’s gonna take more than four men, more than a million men, more than 20,000 martians coming from outer space. As long as I breathe & walk, crawl, roll over, and reach out for my people, they gonna be there Four Horsemen. Ole Anderson, if it comes down to me and you, let it be! That’s the way it should be. That’s the way it’s gonna be!”

Back to the studio, the Warlord w/ Baby Doll vs. Brodie Chase. This is Warlord’s TBS debut and he looks extremely jacked. His original theme music was “War Machine” by KISS, which was perfect. Baby Doll is decked out in leather, including a throat collar. Chase tries a shoulder block and just bounces off Warlord. Warlord lifts Chase on his shoulder, sets him down and uses the press slam for the quick pin. DUD

Magnum T.A. joins Tony at ringside. He still has the U.S. Title belt, even though it was stripped from him by the NWA. Magnum says it’s a sad day when someone is reprimanded for standing up for his mother. Magnum says the NWA can claim they’ve stripped him, but everybody knows no one has beaten him for this belt. Magnum hypes the best-of-seven series at the Bash and says Nikita has never put his shoulders down for the three count, and until he does that, the belt isn’t going anywhere.

To the ring, it’s Baron Von Raschke w/ Paul Jones vs. Vernon Deaton. Baron tosses Deaton outside so Jones can beat on him. Jimmy Valiant joins Tony at the podium and talks nonsense. Valiant hypes the “loaded black glove” that Jones and the Baron keep using. Valiant pulls a Hogan and says he knows for a fact that it weighs 30 or 40 pounds, which is just ridiculous. Jones tosses the glove in to the Baron. Valiant comes to the apron to tell the ref. Jones nails Valiant from behind. The Baron applies the claw to Valiant. Ron Garvin, Sam Houston and Denny Brown come in for the save. 1/2*

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair joins Tony at ringside. Flair says the return of Ole Anderson marks a great day in professional wrestling. Flair taunts Dusty Rhodes for not even being here today. He sends a prerecorded interview because he doesn’t have the guts to show his face around the Four Horsemen. “And as sure as I’m wearing $15,000 worth of Rolex watch with a diamond bezel is because he hasn’t got the guts to back up what he tells all of you he’s gonna do.” Flair hypes his 14 challenges during the Great American Bash and runs down all the cities. And ends another signature classic with this:

“We’re talking about professional wrestling at its best. And the world champion, because he is the best, because he’s custom made, because he’s a kiss stealing, wheelin, dealin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’ son of a gun, WHOO, that just happens to be the greatest wrestler alive today. I’m gonna beat all 14 of ’em, from Dusty Rhodes to Road Warrior Animal to Road Warrior Hawk to Wahoo McDaniel. And then, I watch every woman in the world today, because I am one of the Four Horsemen, they say, Secretariat, you are more man than we ever imagined one man could be.’ In other words girls, what is causin’ all this? WHOO!”

After a break, Tony hypes the Miss Rock & Roll Express contest. Then to the ring…

Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khrushchev vs. George South, the Italian Stallion & Rocky King. This is Khrusher’s return match after a knee injury at the hands of the Road Warriors that sidelined him for six months. All three Russians take turns manhandling South. King tags in and Ivan throws him into Nikita’s knee. Nikita manhandles Rocky. King tries a crossbody block, but Nikita ducks and King sails out of the ring. Ivan nails him outside. Back in, King ducks a clothesline from Ivan and comes off with an attempt at perhaps a leap frog. Looks like mixed signals, and King nearly got dumped straight on his head. Stallion tags in and catches Ivan in the airplane spin! The crowd loves it. Ivan is excellent at always giving the jobbers a little offense and the fans some hope…But Stallion bungles a splash attempt. Nikita tags in and drops Stallion across the top rope. Finally, Nikita sickles George South, but instead of going for the pin he applies the cobra clutch for the win.*1/2

Baby Doll, sans leather dominatrix gear she wore earlier, joins Tony. She has some envelopes with her. Maybe it’s the mysterious pictures or whatever that was she was using to blackmail Dusty Rhodes…But then, that’s still over a year and a half away. Baby Doll talks about training for her matches with Jim Cornette…which prompts Jim Cornette & Big Bubba to come out. Cornette calls her a big, fat pig and he’s sick and tired of her running her mouth. Cornette says she’s frustrated because she wants to get married, have a couple kids and spend time sticking candy in that big, fat, hog face of hers, but she can’t do it because no man would have her. Cornette says he shouldn’t have to dirty his hands with her, and he might have his man Bubba put her in her place. That prompts Magnum T.A. to come out. “Oh sure, you’re a big tough girl when the odds are even,” Cornette says. Hilarious. Cornette vows to have Baby Doll taken care of before the Bash cards.

To the ring, Shaska Whatley & the Barbarian w/ Paul Jones vs. Mark Hawk & Pat Myers. Shaska manhandles both men. He headbutts Hawk and spits on him. Barbarian throws a dropkick. Shaska bodyslams Myers and the Barbarian finishes with the flying headbutt. 1/4*

Paul Jones Army joins Tony. “Hillbillies, all of ya,” Shaska says. Jones vows the Army will eliminate Valiant at the Great American Bash. The Baron vows to eat Valiant and his friends alive. Cannibalism, plus country music, coming to a town near you!

After a break, the Russians join Tony. Ivan calls Magnum T.A. a coward and a thief and says the U.S. title belongs to Nephew Nikita. Khrusher says he’s back, bigger and stronger. They show the video of how the Road Warriors injured Khrushchev. It’s Khrusher vs. Sam Houston. Khrushchev comes off the top with the Russian Sickle, But he comes up hobbled and obviously in pain. He goes for the pin, but Khrushchev keeps lifting his shoulder. The Road Warriors come out and jump Ivan. Khrusher dumps Houston over the top rope. Animal presses Houston over his head, over the top rope from the floor, onto Khrushchev and Houston pins him to win the Mid-Atlantic Title. Then they hit the ring and beat the crap out of the Russians. Back live, the Russians vow to regain the Six-Man Tag Titles. Nikita says he is U.S. champion.

To the ring, the Rock & Roll Express vs. Art Pritts & Larry Clarke. Gibson delivers a couple of arm drags and a hip toss. Morton, still wearing the nose brace, hip tosses Clarke and applies a wristlock. Gibson lands the over-the-top rope kneedrop. Quick tags continue as the R&R dominate. Pritts gets much of the same. A hammerlock, with kneedrops, by Gibson. Morton tags in and does the same. Gibson with the Irish Whip and shot to Clarke’s gut sets up a Morton DDT, followed by the double-dropkick for the win. *1/2

Time to hype the Great American Bash some more. Jim Crockett comes out to announce some new matches. He says Dusty Rhodes & the Road Warriors will defend the Six-Man Titles vs. the Russians in a cage. Plus, Indian Strap Matches between Wahoo McDaniel & Jimmy Garvin. That brings out Magnum T.A.

Magnum says he vowed to never give up the U.S. Title, but he trusts Jim Crockett and because of all the controversy, he’s putting the belt in Crockett’s hands until after the Bash & the best-of-seven series is complete. Then it will be back where it belongs. Crockett says he personally hopes he’ll be giving it back to Magnum T.A. That brings Ivan Koloff out. He says the belt belongs to Nephew Nikita and this is part of an American conspiracy. Ivan snatches the belt from Crockett’s hands, which brings Magnum back out. He slugs Ivan, grabs the belt and bashes the Russian Bear over the head with it. Magnum then hands the belt back to Jim Crockett. Ivan is pissed. He grabs Schiavone and demands the belt back.

To the ring, Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious vs. Tony Zane. Garvin takes down Zane and rides him amateur style. After a back drop, Garvin wins pretty quickly with the brainbuster. DUD

Garvin & Precious join Tony. Garvin says he knew before it was over someone would be raining on his parade. He did everything he said he was going to do. Why he’s being forced to be tied to an eight-foot leather strap, he doesn’t know. He didn’t know Wahoo would take it so personally. Garvin shows off Precious’ body for the cameras. Garvin says his skin isn’t in the mood to be strapped and he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong to deserve to get strapped.

After a break, Tony hypes the “Dream Date Contest” with the Rock & Roll Express. The small print warns ladies to use birth control, because Ricky Morton ain’t likely to pay his child support…

Jim Cornette & Big Bubba join Tony and Cornette is cracking up. He says Baby Doll wouldn’t be eligible for the Dream Date Contest because you couldn’t fit a picture of her in a 4X5 inch space. And secondly you’d have to be a depraved individual to go out with the Rock & Roll Express. He said Precious just showed what a real woman looks like. Cornette says Big Bubba is becoming a sex symbol and all the ladies want him, but they can’t have him because he’s guarding Cornette’s body. Cornette runs down Baby Doll some more and points out she has “a lot of men friends”. Then he introduces his team…

NWA World Tag Team Champions Midnight Express vs. Sam Houston & Denny Brown. This should be good. Beautiful Bobby starts with Houston. Houston lands a dropkick, flying headscissors and arm drag on Bobby. Houston flips over a MX double-team, and he and Brown hit dropkicks on their opponents. Brown tags in and nails Loverboy Dennis with a shoulder block. He scores a hammerlock and drops the knee on Dennis. Dennis rakes the eyes to get the advantage. He tags in Bobby who slugs away on Brown. Several criss-crosses result in Brown getting the advantage repeatedly. Brown slams Bobby. Dennis tags in and gets the advantage for the MX. Dennis powerslams Brown and tags in Bobby. Brown fires back and tags in Houston. Sam lands the back elbow on Bobby. Big hip toss and another flying headscissors, but Dennis grabs Houston and drops his throat across the top rope. They lift Houston and drop him across the top rope again, and pin him. Disappointed it wasn’t longer and we didn’t see any flying from Bobby. Still fun. **

Tully Blanchard & J.J. Dillon join Tony to hype the Bash matches with Ron Garvin. Tully says Garvin will be just like Roberto Duran, the other Man with the Hands of Stone, who famously said, “No mas,” and quit against Sugar Ray Leonard.

To the ring. Wahoo McDaniel vs. Thunderfoot. Wahoo takes the masked man down and tries to take the mask off. Thunderfoot bails and is not happy. Back in, Wahoo chops away. Snap mare, and Wahoo digs his fingers into the eye holds in Thunderfoot’s mask. Wahoo scores a single-leg takedown and works  on the leg. He kicks the back of Thunderfoot’s knee, lands some more chops and scores the pin.*

Paul Jones Army joins Tony again to hype the Bash matches vs. Jimmy Valiant, which will include pole matches, loaded glove matches, hair matches, etc. And all you hillbillies know that Jimmy Valiant is going down, says Shaska.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Another action packed show. Thanks for reading.