Why was Mabel/Viscera given so many runs?

Hi Scott, Blog poster Jabroniville here again.

I was curious about the relative longevity of the WWF/E career of Nelson "Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V" Frazier, who seems to have stuck around for years, despite never being what anyone would call "great", or what most people would call "good".

Now, I have an unapologetic love of Big Fan Monster wrestlers, and I was a HUGE Mabel fan as a kid- to an embarrassing degree. But I was clearly in the minority. Men on a Mission were a pretty lame team (and only held the Tag Titles for a few days), "King Mabel" was a disaster of a push (who goes from Main Eventing SummerSlam to fired in six months?), and he was never that over in any persona.

So why was he around for so long? Sure, Monsters always get pushes here and there in wrestling, but most guys would be gone quickly if they weren’t that successful. Yet this guy got a WWF job almost as soon as he debuted (1993 was his first year in wrestling, and he was in the WWF already), got a push as King Mabel, and had a three-year run overall. Then he returned only two years later, having another two year run as a Jobber To The Stars. Then he all of a sudden returns AGAIN, getting a four year run out of his "World’s Largest Love Machine/Big Daddy V" thing. On top of that, I’ve heard he was reckless and often hurt his opponents (an issue in his run as King Mabel). That’s about a nine year run, all things considered! And much of that was him past his prime!

So why was he brought back so often, and kept around for so long each time? Surely better wrestlers didn’t enjoy runs nearly as long. Granted, he had some value as a huge guy who was nonetheless perfectly happy jobbing for years (thus making guys look good, especially as he could go up for suplexes), and I’ve heard he was a nice guy… but STILL.

​I think you pretty much nailed it. He was a nice guy who tried to make guys look good and did whatever stupid stuff was asked. ​