Warrior’s WM 8 return

Hi Scott,

With the Observer recaps hitting the buildup to WM 8 I had a quick question that may (or may not) be answered by 1992 Dave: was there a reason why Ultimate Warrior’s return at WM 8 wasn’t advertised ahead of time? I have to think teasing his return would have added some intrigue to the event, not to mention additional buys and ticket sales. That has to be more valuable than the surprise return pop they ended up with.

And I’ll pre-emptively attempt to answer my own question by acknowledging Warrior’s flakiness and the risk you take advertising him ahead of time. But two things: the WWF took that risk four years later before WM XII and when have they eve cared about false advertising getting in the way of business before?

​Obviously we’ll get to Warrior soon, but it was REALLY last-minute so they couldn’t have advertised him if they wanted to. By the time they knew he was coming, all the media and print had long been sent out.