Quick questions for da Blog vol 24848

Hey Scotty,

Put your brain-bulge to these, then:

1) Do you think that turning one of the tag divisions (Smackdown for preference) into a "Tornado Tag" division could help individualise the division and maybe help it seem a bit fresher?

2) What do you think of the concept of tornado tag matches in general? For or against?

3) Will 205 Live have a ‘special event’ like Takeover at some point in the future?

4) Which of the non-main shows (Heat, Velocity, Main Event, etc etc) was the best one, in your opinion?

5) How impressed have you been at Jericho’s astonishing ability to reinvent himself and stay relevant time after time?


​1. No, that’d be like having a "cage match" division or something. Keep things special.

2. Against in general. A tag match has a certain rhythm and formula that doesn’t work if you start messing with it. Isolate the babyface, get the heat on them. Works EVERY time.

3. No, because the show is one of the lowest rated on the Network, according to Meltzer.

4. Never watched any of them.

5. His last run was kind of a bore, but this one was AMAZING. Still, kudos to him for having the courage to keep shedding his skin and trying new gimmicks and personas. He clearly loves the business and would have been a great booker back in the day.