1995, WM 11, ugh

I always argue that WrestleMania 11 is actually the worst Mania, because it’s totally forgettable in every way. Mainly, the Bret Hart storyline. All signs pointed to him and Owen having a final blowoff. Owen won at WM10, lost at SummerSlam and then… they never had a proper final match. Instead we got the 9-minute I Quit debacle with Backlund, and Owen going into the tag division. So my question(s):
1) did the Kliq politic Vince to keep a sure fire 5-star match off the card with Shawn/Nash at the top?
2) was there ever thought of doing a Bret/Bulldog vs Owen/Backlund match?
3) which is worse: Mania 11 or Mania 9? Is it better to remembered as a spectacular dumpster fire… or not remembered at all?

I can see 11 as the worst. 9 has somehow developed a weird cult apologist following, like Braun Strowman, but you don’t see many people defending 11.

But rehashing Bret v Owen again? No buys. To be honest, I have no idea what to do with Bret on that show. Maybe Bret vs Undertaker?