NXT – February 8, 2017

Date: February 8, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness, Tom Phillips

Tonight is all about Bobby Roode and his GLORIOUS NXT Championship celebration. In other words it’s probably time to find out who we’re going to be seeing as Roode’s first challenger, likely at Takeover: Orlando. I’m really not sure who that’s going to be as Shinsuke Nakamura is still down with a knee injury. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence, now prominently featuring Roode.

Sanity vs. Bollywood Boyz

Dain and Wolfe for Sanity here with Harv getting shoved around to start. Gurv comes in and has the same issues dealing with the monster Dain. The Boyz try some dancing and get their heads taken off with a double clothesline. A double backsplash sets up a One Winged Angel (I’m thinking that’s going to get its own name) for the pin on Gurv at 2:33.

Post match Nikki Cross demands Asuka but Eric Young cuts her off to say Tye Dillinger belongs to Sanity.

Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay

Billie gets taken down to start and Liv walks on her back, setting up a rollup for two. Kay grabs an armdrag and we hit the chinlock. Peyton tries to get on the apron for a distraction but Liv grabs a rollup for the pin at 3:40.

Rating: C-. Nothing to see here and I’m still not sure why I’m supposed to be interested in Morgan. She’s just kind of there based on charisma and the in-ring work is only average at best. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean the downfall of Billie and Peyton as they’re still a great act but with the title being dominated, there’s only so much they can do.

Tye Dillinger says Sanity hasn’t humbled him and he won’t join them. That brings Sanity in for the triple team but No Way Jose and Roderick Strong come in for the save.

William Regal announces a UK Title match next week with Tyler Bate defending against Trent Seven. Peyton and Billie come in and demand a match against Liv next week. Regal agrees and says Liv can pick her partner, which delights the Aussies because Morgan has no friends.

Shinsuke Nakamura’s knee injury won’t require surgery.

Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Machinery is Tucker Knight/Otis Dozovich. Knight shoulders Dash around a few times and bearhugs him over to the corner for the tag off to Otis. We hit another bearhug from Otis, who Percy describes as “Tugboat reincarnated.” Dawson comes in and snaps off some jabs to the face but Dash is easily kicked off at two. It’s off to a chinlock on Otis for a bit until the hot tag brings in Tucker. House is cleaned but Dawson makes a blind tag and DDT’s Knight for the pin at 3:46.

Rating: C-. Nothing to see here other than a reminder that the Revival is still a thing in NXT. To be fair that’s probably better for them as you could milk a little more out of them before calling them up to job to Cesaro and Sheamus. Heavy Machinery could be something down the road but for now they’re fine as the intimidating team that everyone beats.

Post match Revival says they’re the top guys around here and want a shot at the Authors of Pain at Takeover: Orlando. Cue the Authors so Revival bails, only to sneak back in and jump the champs.

Video on Tyler Bate.

Here’s Roode for the celebration. Roode gets straight to the point with an I TOLD YOU SO. He’s proven his greatness over and over already and that includes defeating Nakamura. That man defeated everyone he got in the ring with until he got in the ring with Bobby Roode. It was the most glorious moment in NXT history because now NXT has someone who looks like a champion is supposed to look. It’s no longer WE ARE NXT because now it’s his NXT.

Video on Trent Seven, who is from a cabin halfway up Mustache Mountain.

Sanity vs. No Way Jose/Tye Dillinger/Roderick Strong

Sanity gets jumped in the aisle to start and we take a break before the opening bell. We come back joined in progress with Tye knocking Eric to the floor for a breather. It’s off to Jose vs. Wolfe with No Way taking over before Eric gets taken into the wrong corner for his efforts. Strong dropkicks Wolfe down but it’s off to Dain so Sanity can take over.

Tye gets beaten into the corner and Nigel wonders how many times he has to take a beating until he’s officially a 9. Dillinger easily escapes and the hot tag brings in Strong to clean house. Everything breaks down but Dain breaks up the Sick Kick, allowing Cross to get in a hurricanrana on Tye. Dain runs Strong over and Young gets the pin at 6:20.

Rating: C. This was fine but nothing all that great. Sanity getting a win is a good idea as the team hasn’t really done much of note so far. Then again NXT isn’t exactly a place for stables so it’s not like there’s a blueprint for how to pull this off. The trio was a good idea and I’m sure Dillinger vs. Sanity will keep going for a good while.

Overall Rating: C. This was a weird one with the last match being necessary to make the show run long enough but at the same time it made the show feel longer than it needed to be if that makes sense. In other words they would have been better off expanding some of the earlier matches and then having the Roode stuff close the show while leaving the six man for later. As it is the show feels a bit heavier than it needed to be but it was still entertaining enough. Not bad here but it needed some adjustments to really work.


Sanity b. Bollywood Boyz – One Winged Angel to Gurv

Liv Morgan b. Billie Kay – Rollup

Revival b. Heavy Machinery – DDT to Knight

Sanity b. No Way Jose/Roderick Strong/Tye Dillinger – Crossbody to Strong

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