Hogan- Flair Wrestlemania 8


Since we are about at this point with the observer flashbacks I figured I’d ask a question I don’t believe has been addressed regarding why they didn’t run Hogan Flair as the main event. Now sure it might not have been drawing well at the time but the observers really bring to light that nothing was drawing at this point with the business being very cold. Is it possible they didn’t run Hogan vs Flair because they had no way to book it? Hogan was leaving and Flair was staying so Vince might have been hesitant to have Hulk go over. Would Hulk have even been willing to do business? On the other hand if Flair goes over doesn’t it say oh ya the NWA champ was better than our champ for all of those years?

​To a certain degree, yes, there is something to that. That being said, Hogan wasn’t known to be leaving until very close to the show, so you could almost go with the urban legend of "Hogan v. Flair was booked as originally announced on TV, but then Hogan decided to leave and they switched it to Sid instead". I still don’t think that’s the case, but it’s not unreasonable. ​