Cruiserweight title at Mania

Hey Scott

Was wondering if there were any rumours about who Neville would be defending against at Mania? Obviously I know it’s waaay down on the list of priorities, but I actually thought of a potential show stealer watching the Rumble.

Obviously at the minute Neville is a division killer, so do they try and build one of the Cruisers up or does that leave you with the risk of 10 minutes of silence at Mania?

Or do they have Neville continue to run roughshod and dominate until Sami Zayn decided to step in? I believe Zayn is just over the 205 limit (I know, like the WWE pays attention to these details) but you could turn it into an angle where Neville dodges him until he makes weight. Play off their NXT history, there’s plenty to go at.

I’d be damn up for a Neville/Zayn 20 minute title match, probably more so than any of the other projected matches.

​I’m thinking that if it even makes the show at all, which I doubt, it’ll be a 10 way schmoz on the pre-show or something along those lines. Maybe a ladder match with all the cruisers? That’d be a pretty good use of them, actually.