Highspots Shoot Interview with Lex Luger

This was filmed in either 2004 or 2005

The interviewer is unknown

It runs at two hours and forty minutes long.


Luger talks about getting a football scholarship to Miami University then while playing for the Tampa Bay Bandits of the USFL, he noticed how popular wrestling was in Florida. Luger said he was not a fan and decided to give wrestling a shot as he laughs about thinking it would be easier for his body. He trained with Hiro Matsuda and put over how he broke Hulk Hogan’s leg and how rough he was as Luger talks about how Matsuda was great to him. He talks about how you did bumps and ran the ropes for several weeks before even learning to do any holds. Luger also said Matsuda stressed the “less is more” philosophy.


He is asked about working with Wahoo McDaniel as Luger talks about how hard his chops were and how during one of his first matches he had no idea how to fall to the floor and did not grab the rope, which is what you do to help break your fall.


Luger talks about Barry Windham and how helpful he was to him in Florida. He also said they traveled a lot while together in WCW. Luger also said Windham ribbed him in Florida by telling him to call out Wahoo’s bald spots during his promo as that was considered a no-no.


He credits Ric Flair for bringing him to the Crockett’s as Flair was shocked he didnt know how to do simple moves such as a sunset flip and that he would learn more there instead of staying in Florida.


Luger then talks about how you can a push a wrestler down the fans throats as much as you want but at the end of the day its the fans who make the wrestlers.


We go back to Florida where Luger is asked about his infamous cage match against Bruiser Brody. Luger said Brody stopped working and he asked if he did something wrong as Brody wouldnt answer nor sell anything. Luger said he was scared as Brody had a blade in his hand and didnt trust him to keep his body safe as Luger told the ref to DQ him after refusing to break in the corner. Luger said the cage door did not open so he had to climb the cage. After the match, he spoke with Brody, who told him the match wasnt working for him as he was a babyface in Dallas while Luger was the babyface in Florida and Brody was not mad at all.


Luger talks about how some guys hated him due to his guaranteed contract as Luger talks about how it ended up being a good thing for wrestlers to have.


He credits Ricky Steamboat for teaching him how to call a match in the ring as Luger thanks him for taking the time do to that.


On meeting Sting, Luger said it happened when Crockett bought out the UWF as Sting is a great man who he still keeps in contact with today. He did say when they first met, Sting tried to break the ice but Luger, who talks about having a dry sense of humor, came off as cocky and arrogant when talking about traveling with Flair and partying when Sting wanted to know how to deal with the travel.


Luger talks about how Flair would party all night, barely sleep, then just splash some water on his face and board the plane to work an hour long match that night.


He said the original plan for Starrcade 88 was for him to win the title but it was changed and Luger has no idea as he talks about never being privy to the booking meetings. Luger did hear rumors about how Dusty wanted him to win the belt but that Crockett, Flair, and Jim Ross did not want it to happen. He also mentioned that Jim Barnett got involved in that too.


Luger is asked about the Horsemen. He puts over Arn Anderson as being quick-witted and one of the funniest guys in the locker room. Luger also said Arn helped him out a lot. He talked about arguing with Tully Blanchard a lot but that Tully also helped him out in the ring at times and he calls Tully a fantastic worker. On Ole Anderson bashing him, Luger said he has nothing against him and that Ole never said anything to his face.


He didnt take it personally when Flair refused to put him over as he knew Flair was looking out for his family and wanted a good deal. The interviewer then brings up Dave Meltzer writing about how when Kevin Nash was on the booking committee when Flair’s character was going crazy it was due to Luger’s influence as he calls it a total lie. He then goes on a mini-rant on Meltzer for helping put together a narrative that he was a difficult person to deal with and how others have met him while thinking he was that type of person and came away thinking he was great.


Luger talks about his staph infection from 1991 as his leg was twice the size it should have been but he still made it to the cage match at Wrestle War as he was taught from Matsuda if you could walk you could wrestle.


On his confrontation with the Junkyard Dog, Luger said he could be moody and the fans were ragging on him so he decided to give JYD the hot tag and they almost walked into each other after that as JYD thought he embarrassed him on purpose as Luger said they tussled on the floor briefly and it was over after that and made up.


He’s asked about winning the WCW World Title after Flair got fired as Luger did not know how to fill his shoes as the champion and even talks about having to use a fake belt until they made a new one as Flair left with it when he came to the WWF.


Luger said he left WCW as he needed a break and just had his second child. The WWF called right after he left and after Luger declined a wrestling contract, agreed to be part of the WBF. Luger then got into a motorcycle accident as he talks about he tumbled 175 feet and somehow missed every tree. He felt a burning sensation in his arm so he checked and a bone was sticking out of his arm.


On the WBF, he was not surprised that it failed but did feel bad for Vince McMahon as he put a lot of time into that as he puts over Vince as a person but that the bodybuilders all looked like freaks and nothing he would like to look like.


He puts over how strict the WWF drug testing policy was when he started and then discusses steroids as he first took them while playing professional football. Luger talks about going on a recruiting trip to school in the late 70’s where they had a vat of steroids in the training room. He did not state which school this was.


Luger said he was told they were going to stay with Yokozuna as champ for a while longer and that he did not have a problem with it although there was some disappointment in that the push did not result in a title win.


He then talks about trying to work out a contract with Vince McMahon after his expired and was working on a day-by-day basis for six months then WCW called and said they wanted him on the debut Nitro where Eric Bischoff told him he had to show up that day as Lex wanted to give some notice but Lex said he had to provide for his family and left. He then claimed to have wrote Vince an apology letter after leaving because that’s not the way he likes to do business.


When asked about the resentment Goldberg received and if it compared to what he faced in the beginning of his career, Luger said the resentment was ridiculous as no one should turn down money or fame.


Luger goes back to saying he was not in any meetings when asked about Bischoff. He also never had a problem with Vince Russo personally but did not agree with how he saw wrestling.


He was not surprised WCW got bought out as there were rumors flying around for a while. He did a pre-taped segment before the final Nitro and went home before the live show started.


After WCW closed, he spent time at his gym and stayed in shape in case something came along. His contract ran out 18 months after WCW was bought out and was paid to stay at home.


Luger liked the Australia tour with WWA. He did it at the recommendation of Sting but said the attendance was low at the buildings. He did become really sick with bronchitis his first day there and it turned into pneumonia.


He talks about working for TNA because Sting was going down to Nashville and wanted some company so he came in and did a run-in. Luger said he was not there long enough to form an opinion on the company but thought it was ballsy for Jeff Jarrett to run a company up against Vince McMahon.


On the Torture Rack finisher, Luger said that it was either Dusty or Flair who came up with that name.


The interviewer finally asks her about meeting Elizabeth. Luger said he respected her and that she was attractive and finally met her in WCW. Luger said his relationship with her finally evolved as his marriage had already deteriorated at that point but was still married for his children’s sake.


He talks about being pulled over for suspicion of a DUI and said he came from his mother’s house and refused a breathalyzer due to hearing about anything can be used against you even if innocent and said his car was an easy target for the police to pull over.


Luger is now asked about being arrested for domestic violence against Elizabeth. He said that the coroner’s report from when she died proved she did not die from any domestic dispute and claimed she fell while walking two dogs five days before a neighbor called the police citing domestic violence. Luger also said they made it try to look like she punched her but the medics saw the cuts and bruises were old. Luger continues to state that he never struck a woman and that the news made him out to be a monster and at the request of his lawyer and respect to Elizabeth’s family he kept quiet about everything after her death. He missed her funeral due to being in jail.


He talks about selling the townhouse and never went back there and that he had to change his phone number due to media outlets tracking him down.


On the WWE running pieces on Elizabeth’s death, Luger said he never saw it and stopped watching wrestling for a long time.


Luger says if he has wrestled his last match he’s fine with his career. On the celebrities he met that were closet wrestling fans, he said that Roger Clemens was a huge fan who knew all of the names. He also said Clemens was a quiet guy who was really nice to him.


Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a weak interview. Luger frequently said “I’m not trying to be evasive but…” then would give an excuse for not knowing why something took place or an answer to the question. I did feel bad for the guy when they discussed Elizabeth as he did seem to cry as they had to pause the interview and after that the interview did not really go anywhere.

This was before Luger’s health issues took over his life and at this point, Luger did not appear to be the most truthful guy. His substance abuse issues were never discussed and his story about getting arrested for a DUI seemed like total bullshit to me but at least today Luger seems to be in a better place mentally.

Overall, I’d pass on this interview and if you want to hear from Luger, check out his 1993 WWE Timeline or his “Reflections” shoot from RF Video as they are insightful and a lot better overall.

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