NXT – January 25, 2017

Date: January 25, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Percy Watson, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips

It’s the go home show for Takeover: San Antonio and that means we’re in for the final push towards a card that isn’t the strongest in the world. However, that seems to be where NXT shines. They just know how to turn something that might not look the best into something that’s a lot of fun. Tonight’s focus seems to be on the Women’s Title match so let’s get to it.

Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan

They start faster than expected with some small packages getting two each. Morgan misses a charge into the corner though and Moon blasts her in the face with a jumping knee. It’s off to a Crossface until Morgan fights up and gets a bulldog. A guillotine choke has Moon in more trouble than she’s ever been in….so she throws Morgan over the top for a big crash. The Eclipse is good for the pin at 4:00.

Rating: C-. I’ve seen worse but I’m really getting behind the idea of Moon vs. Asuka in Orlando over Wrestlemania weekend. Moon has been treated like an unstoppable force and that’s the more than anyone else has been able to do in the division. Better match than I was expecting here and that’s encouraging for Morgan.

Andrade Cien Almas is in the back when Roderick Strong says he’s ready to go right now. Almas beats him down without much effort.

Long video on DIY vs. Authors of Pain.

No Way Jose vs. Kona Reeves

Jose dances out of a waistlock to start and the threat of a right hand sends Reeves into the corner. Reeves suckers him in with the offer of a dance and hammers away, setting up a Samoan drop for two. Some surfing on Jose’s back doesn’t really do much, allowing him to come back with a series of right hands. A pop up right hand finishes Reeves at 4:04.

Rating: D+. Not much to see here as the combination of somewhat goofy gimmicks didn’t do a lot of good. You had a dancer against a surfer here and since this isn’t GLOW, I’m not sure that’s the best idea. Reeves hasn’t shown me much and while Jose is one of my favorites on the roster, he needs something better than this.

Post match Elias Samson comes out with a song but Jose suggests something else and sings YOUR SONG SUCKS to the beat of his theme song. Samson gets punched in the face.

Chris Atkins vs. Eric Young

I’ve heard Atkins’ music (something about putting your hands up if you’re scared to fly) somewhere before but I can’t place it. A Sanity distraction lets Young jump him from behind and the beating is on in a hurry. Young chokes in the corner and drops a middle rope elbow to the back. The wheelbarrow neckbreaker ends Atkins at 1:54.

Young shouts about choices and Damo crushes Atkins again.

We look at the Revival destroying Shane Thorn’s knee. Thorn had surgery earlier this week and will be out seven to nine months. I love that WWE seems to be bringing back the idea of crediting someone with injuring wrestlers. Thorn was going to be out no matter what so let Revival get some heat on it instead of just letting Thorn go on the shelf and be forgotten.

Video on Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode.

William Regal is here to keep an eye on the four way interview to hype up the Women’s Title match. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce come out first and say you know what the two of them can do. Asuka has already taken a beating and Nikki is just crazy so there’s no way both of them are losing. Nikki doesn’t say anything and it’s Asuka coming out for the big showdown with Cross. The Aussies jump them from behind and that goes as well as you would expect. Security is easily dispatched and Asuka kicks Nikki in the head. Security pulls Asuka to the floor and Cross dives on the pile. Billie and Peyton look terrified to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. They pushed the card as much as they could but I’m not sure it’s enough. There isn’t one match on the card that seems like it could carry the rest of the show and I’m not sure there’s a way around the fact that the challengers all seem to have no chance. I’ve seen longer shots but I don’t really buy anyone as having a chance against Asuka and Roode doesn’t seem likely to win the title. Stranger things have happened and I’ll never doubt Takeover’s ability to surprise me but this is a long shot. They did what they could this week but I’m not convinced just yet.


Ember Moon b. Liv Morgan – Ecclipse

No Way Jose b. Kona Reeves – Pop Up Right Hand

Eric Young b. Chris Atkins – Wheelbarrow neckbreaker

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